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Away team to Gorn Battlecruiser Slargh

Posted on 04 Sep 2018 @ 10:02pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: HGS Slargh
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 13


- Runabout Tiger’s Claw -

Maia decided to take a runabout, it was larger and more able to support damage control equipment and the wounded. They donned their environmental suits while it would make working harder the severe Gorn environment made it necessary to survive not only that but there were high levels of gamma and delta radiation. The team definitely needed protection. It took about 20 minutes to get everyone situated before they launched.

=/\= Runabout Tiger’s Claw to Tomcat request permission to launch =/\=

=/\= Tiger’s Claw you are cleared to launch =/\= Came to the reply from Conn.

Maia launched the Runabout and steered her towards the Slargh. She had never been aboard a Gorn starship before.

=/\= Runabout Tiger’s Claw to Slargh, prepare to receive us in your landing bay. =/\=

The Slargh was at least twice the size of the Tomcat with three nacelles and three large disc-shaped pods conjoined end to end. She bristled with weapons ports and her top nacelle was indeed venting plasma. After the Slargh acknowledged her signal she piloted the runabout to the landing bay and landed. There were three landing bays stacked on top of each other and two launch tubes presumably for fighters, Maia landed on the bottom bay. the other two were strewn with life pods and triage facilities for the wounded.

Once the shuttle was secured they exited the runabout with full helmets and life support on. Immediately the computer inside her helmet warned of lethal doses of Gamma and Delta radiation lethal exposure in three hours.

A well-armoured Captain Xeed along with aides and security greeted the away team. Xeed stood over 2.75 meters tall and looked more like a clothed velociraptor.

“I am Commander Sterling. First officer/ Chief Science Officer of the Federation Starship Tomcat. Greetings how can we be of assistance.” Maia said.

“Commander Ssssterling, welcome to the Ssssslargh, This is my Engine Master Ssloor please have your damage control teams follow him. This is my aide Stirgit please have your medical personnel follow him. The medical bay was at the center of the ship it was destroyed by sabotage. We have set up a triage station in bays One and Two. The ship is secured the insurgents have been neutralized. Commander Ssssterling please attend me. Our sensors are down, it is our hope that you may be able to assist in restoring them”. Captain Xeed requested.

-Triage, Landing Bay One-

Doctor Aldana, along with a small medical team, stepped over to the one referred to as Stirgit. “I am the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Aldana, this is my team. We’re trained in reptilian anatomy and physiology. Where would you like us to work?”

"Follow Doctor", The Gorn known as Stirgit said in a reptilian voice.

The Gorn Stirgit was almost 9 feet tall as well and seemed to be of the same type of Gorn as the Captain. He led you and your team to the triage area where there were multiple Gorn of different types mostly with severe burns. the Gorn were an extremely hardy race though. Most of the bodies were intact. Also, they seemed to have a natural ability to absorb radiation that would have killed a human, especially at the current exposure. The Gorn also had the ability to regenerate limbs.

-Deflector Control-

“I am at your disposal Captain Xeed,” Maia said following the large Gorn to the deflector control room where the damage was. The internal damage was pretty extreme. Maia passed several crews putting out fires and patching up equipment. The Gorn didn’t seem phased by the radiation but they were working on ways to attenuate it and restore normal life support. They were an extremely resilient species. Maia knew she would be dead inside of ten minutes without her suit on. The undamaged portions of the ship seemed greenish and golden with a hint of opaque jewels embedded in the walls. Maia wondered how the Gorn viewed it with their multifaceted eyes.

Captain Xeed led her to the deflector control room which was also their main sensor room. The Gorn utilized a combination of Gorn bio-neural gel packs, duotronic and positronic technology. There were several ruptured conduits which Maia and a Gorn team replaced. Then Maia discovered two EPS taps damaged, so she had those replaced. Then her suit reminded her “Danger Gamma and Delta radiation detected lethal exposure in two hours.” Maia worked faster in another half an hour the sensors both internal and external short and long range was back on-line. By then most of the deck fires were out and partial main power, as well as impulse power, had been restored.

“Commander Ssssterling, we have received a communication that the Gorn ship Varas, has been dispatched and will arrive within the hour. We know that Gamma and Delta radiation is harmful to your species. You and your teams have been of paramount assistance, much gratitude. But I must ask you to depart for your own good/health.” Captain Xeed said.

“Captain Xeed May I check in with my ship,” Maia asked.

“By all means Commander Ssssterling” The Gorn Captain replied.

=/\=Sterling to Tomcat, come in=/\=

“Captain Xeed has informed me that the Gorn Ship Varas has been dispatched to assist. Due to the lethal exposure of Gamma and Delta radiation Captain Xeed urges us to return to the Tomcat for decontamination. Do you concur" =/\=

Pressing the button on her chair =/\= Heed his advice Commander, and get back quickly, it was hard to find a replacement for Major Markov, finding one for you will be even harder, come back safe, Somers out =/\=.

Maia made the call to he away team to return to the t\Tigers claw and prepare to leave.

=/\= Sterling to damage control teams return to the runabout immediately =/\=

It took just 15 minutes to get the equipment and personnel squared away and the runabout launched to return to the Tomcat.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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