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Posted on 22 Oct 2018 @ 10:01pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Paul's Quarters/ Various
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 12.1c


After finishing his shift, Paul had returned to his quarters and needed a drink due to him not having one for the last few hours, but he kept it light and ordered himself a coke. not only had he had to sift through all the intel that had been downloaded from the Gorn ship that needed analyzing but he also had to find the programs that his predecessor had left behind.

He sat down upon his couch for a few minutes rest before he started his new task, He said, " Computer, list all intelligence programs," as he took a sip of the cold liquid.

"Please insert Code," replied the computer.

"Paul replied " Winchester-Alpha 1 Beta 5 Gamma 7"

"Code not confirmed," replied the Computer, "Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester not recognized," it continued as his clearance had not been cleared with SFI but by the Captain himself.

"Dam," replied Paul, "Computer," he said taking a sip of his drink, "Did the Captain give me full access?" he asked once more taking a sip of his drink. as he thought to himself oO If this is one of that little mouse of ours tricks, the captain will throw a fit Oo

" Working" replied the Computer, as Paul was not happy with what had happened and how Swiftpaws could leave unidentified programs in the computer. Just then the computer chirped, "Access for Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester is Level 3, Level 4 and 5 to be granted by Lieutenant Commander Swiftpaws."

"Oh Crap," replied Paul knowing that Captain Somers was not going to be very happy with this news, he tapped his combadge and said, =/\= Captain, This is Winchester, It seems my access level has been hampered by our sleeping mouse as she has blocked me from Level 4 and Level 5 so it would seem =/\=

Somers was in her Ready Room when her Commbadge came to life, she tapped it to make a two-way connection to Winchester =/\= Has it, indeed, okay I will be right down now, Somers out =/\= she signed off and with a heavy sigh left the CRR and made for Winchesters Quarters.

It took her fifteen minutes to get to Winchester's quarters, she pressed the buzzer.

"Come," Called Paul as he sat at his terminal, this thing with Swiftpaws was now getting seriously upsetting and annoying to say the least, as now he was the only active intelligence officer at the moment on the ship, He thought to himself oO I wonder what the Captain will say, Oo as the door slid back.

She entered Winchester's quarters and headed over to where he was sitting "what is it Paul?" she asked.

"Your not going to like this one bit," replied Paul, it seems that our resident mousian left a nice surprise for us," He continued as he turned the screen around to face Somers, He finished, "She guessed that you would give me clearance for intelligence, but My codes are only Level 3," as he leaned back into his chair.

*looking extremely troubled* "You have level five clearance Paul, this should allow you to access things, but to counter any future issues," Somers said and paused. "Computer cancels all clearance and authorisation codes belonging to Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws and allows temporary access to level five clearance and Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester, any other codes placed by Commander Swiftpaws are to be cancelled Somers-alpha-nine-one-six-five-Sigma, break, break, break," she said.

"All authorised and un-authorised codes and clearances for Lieutenant Commander Swiftpaws have been cancelled" the computer responded promptly.

Somers looked at him "okay Paul you now have unrestricted access until we get a new Chief Intelligence Officer" she finished.

"Thank you Captain and I am sorry for having to call you from the bridge," replied Paul forgetting his manners, he asked "would you like a coffee ma'am?" as he knew that she must be parched after all that shouting on the bridge.

*smiling at him* "not to worry Lieutenant, I always knew Sheela had other codes installed, but did not know it was this many, but now you should be free to remove all the codes she put in and I want them cleared. Ah, a cup of tea two sugars pleases" Somers said sitting down.

"I take it no milk?" asked Paul looking at his commanding officer as he moved to the replication unit and started to tap in the commands for the drinks. He said, "Computer, list all intelligence programs," he continued, " Winchester-Alpha 1 Beta 5 Gamma 7" once more.

"Working" replied the computer once again.

Just then the screen lit up with a list of programs that continued to scroll down the screen, Paul waited for the drinks to arrive and wondered just how many there were. just then the replication unit produced the drinks as Paul picked up the Captains' tea and his beer and started to walk over to her.

As he got near to her he said," Here you go Captain," as he handed her the steaming cup of tea. and then glanced at the terminal.

Looking up at him and taking the offered cup as she crossed her legs "thanks Paul, with Sheela's clearances now cancelled you should be able to remove every unauthorised code she installed into the main computer" Somers said taking a sip of her Coffee.

"Yeah that I....." Paul stopped in mid-sentence as he moved to look at the terminal, He said, "Oh my god, there are over two thousand of these codes and programs and I don't even know if we can," as he wondered if some of them were tied into the systems of the ship.

*looks at Winchesters face* "If Sheela put them in, then they bear no danger to the systems of the ship, for all her abilities I have security safeguards in place that prevented her from making them life-threatening, so if you fear something bad, then do not worry, they can be wiped safely and with Sheela's clearances nullified and her codes rendered obsolete you should be able to remove them without any problem" Somers said.

Paul knew that this was good news, he took out a small stick and inserted it in to the terminal "Computer, Please download and then delete all programs by Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws," he said as he sat down on the stool next to the terminal and took a sip of his drink, He knew that any of these programs might come in useful if needed. he turned to face Somers "So Captain, how are you?" as he hadn't had an off-duty chat with his boss.

The computer responded "Working"

*shrugging, she took this change of topic in her stride* "as well as can be expected, not knowing what exactly happened out here is troubling but all is as it should be" Somers responded.

As the stick glowed as the computer worked its magic as all the programs then Vanished from the screen, Paul knew that he would at some point separate all the programs into different sticks to use when he needed them to, including the quick download program. He said," Computer check all ships systems," as he just wanted to be sure no harm was done in removing them.

Once more the computer gave its usual response to the command, "The programs have been removed Captain, but I have kept them for personal use," He said looking at Somers.

She looked at him sternly "only those that would benefit your work, most of them were exploitive and I do not want them around, this idea of personal use troubles me, Paul, the ones you keep are to be used for your work and only when I deem them to be used, do you understand?" she asked.

"Aye Ma'am," replied Paul, but he knew what she didn't know would not hurt her, but as an Intelligence officer, he knew that some of the programs that he had could be used to distract and maybe erase Information that the computer he was taking it from would be useful.

*nods* "glad to hear it, now how are you finding your new dual job, I know you miss fighters, but still, how are things holding up with that new arm?" she asked.

"It is a bit of a problem switching between the two on the bridge and at the moment I need to concentrate more on this than the flight," replied Paul as he knew the information that would be coming in and he had to meet those that worked in the department.

"Well, at the moment we need to get all those exploits of Sheela's out of the system, also I will be moving you more to Helm and Intelligence and taking out of CAG duties, with the workload you have you will need all the extra time, but for now you will need to be flexible with three duties" Jasmine said.

"As for the new arm ma'am it is at least better looking than the old model," as he rotated it, He continued," Most times I don't even know its there and just get on with the job at hand," as he looked back at her.

*shrugs* "well the temp one looked kinda retro with the remote control, but I hope you know why I moved you from fighters?" She asked.

"You're worried I might hurt myself?" asked Paul looking back at the Captain, "I understand your concern Captain and I will try my best at this new job," as he took a sip of his drink.

"Not really, it goes back to the days of early prosthetics and cybernetics, if a pilot had a replacement arm or limb, then no matter how advanced those replacements were the pilot with a mechanical arms reaction time will be off by a small margin, now flying a ship the size the Tomcat or shuttle and other ground work will be not a problem you know as well as I do that if a pilots reaction time is off even by a micro-measurement, that can mean a difference between life and death for his or herself and squadron mates. Similar for loss of a leg for those doing ground stuff. The safety of my crew comes first, this is my reasoning for taking you off flying duties and that you are now Intelligence anyway." Somers said.

"Wasn't there a pilot in WW2 who lost both legs and still flew?" asked Paul as he knew the answer himself, but he wasn't going to push her to reinstate him as he now had this one and he understood her point.

"yes, but back then a Spitfire was not as technically complicated as a Valkyrie fighter, the Spitfire did not have a warp core or highly volatile Impulse engines. But that is a moot point, you are now Intelligence, with the duties of CAG and Helm Officer" she said finishing up her drink "well I have to be getting back to work, I shall leave you in Peace Paul" she added standing and straightening her tunic as she headed for the Door, she paused on the threshold of the door "see you on duty Lieutenant.

"And you Ma'am," replied Paul who now understood her reasons for taking him off of flight duty and putting him into intelligence to test him, to keep that hunger that had when he was in the cockpit as he watched his commanding officer leave his quarters. Now he had to get used to this new role and now he had to find a way of gathering information and also read up on the information that he already had. As he sat back down at his terminal and called up the last data packet of intelligence reports.

With that Somers left the Intelligence Officer to his duties while she returned to the bridge.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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