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A Time for Scanning Part 2

Posted on 25 Aug 2018 @ 2:48pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & 2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Various
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 12.1a


- Counselling offices -

Iria walked in a smile on her face and she sat down at her desk. She picked up a PADD and started making notes as she worked she thought about Remy’s words and how he had said he would lasso the moon for her among his promises to return from the away mission. She silently wished him and the rest of the team well again as she got focused on her work. Tamara and Jorie walked in and out of the office several times dropping off PADD’s and talking quietly. Samuel and Rhett came back after helping in Sickbay…

Iria sent Samuel and Tamara to go help in sickbay while Rhett and Jorie got ready for their joint session with a couple of Petty officers that had been getting into trouble over verbal abuse. It wasn’t unheard of and it was usually kept to the enlisted. Either way, it wasn’t good conduct and it would not be allowed to continue. Everyone had the right to be safe and feel at ease while working. Having just behaviour go unchecked was wrong. So, while Jorie and Rhett did that Iria made notes on her PADD as she waited for whoever else would come in.

- Bridge -

“Captain I am losing my lock on the away team; the background interference is too high from this distance”. Cmdr Sterling reported. Maia backed up from her sensors and switched to long range sensors. “Captain picking up a ship on long-range sensors, a Gorn vessel, and from the way she is moving, it appears to be crippled,” Maia added.

“Confirmed Captain, my long-range scanners show the enemy ship at about 17.3 lightyears away from our position, and it seems to be sitting in space” reported Josefina who had already detected the Alien ship on her long-range scanners. oO At least she couldn’t be faulted for not reporting the enemy vessel, even if the other scanners had reported them also Oo thought Josefina.

Swinging around to look at her First Officer “a disabled Gorn Vessel huh! Hail them and ask if they need any assistance, but do not give away our position if you can help it, Commander, it could be a ruse trying to see if there are any other ships in the area and we are not in Federation space anymore” Somers added.

“Aye Captain Hailing the Gorn Ship Universal translator on. getting a response…”

A very reptilian voice answers, “This is the GRH Sith’tor our position is 111 by 274.3 by 14. We have been attacked by Tressaurian marauders, warp drive is out, life support failing request aid from any ship that can hear us. Mayday…”

“Captain I don’t think they heard us this signal is pretty weak, and it seems to be an automated distress call. Sensors indicate she’s on fire. May I remind the captain that the Gorn are our allies according to the treaty”. Maia said

Looking concerned “I know Commander, but are they rebels or actual Hegemony!” She said then she came to a decision and pressed the Comms =/\= Somers to Winchester, bring the CAP back in if it has launched, if not, hold off on the CAP, we have a distress call to answer =/\= she said then looked at Maia “Commander notify Dodd’s team that we will be leaving orbit to attend to a mission of mercy and they shall be on their own until we return” She added.

=/\=Roger that Captain, but do you wish fighters on standby ready?=/\= he replied.

=/\= Yes, but get your rear up to the bridge and man the helm, you can deal with the squadrons from the helm station if it is needed =/\= Somers said looking at the viewscreen as the ship broke orbit and headed out to the distress call.

=/\= Roger that Captain I’m on my way, Winchester out, =/\= as he closed the channel.

With the Channel Closed Alex returned to checking her duty reports.

Commander Sterling sent a tight beam transmission to Lt Dodd and his away team noting their departure and circumstances behind it “Message sent Captain,” Maia reported. Maia returned to her scanning. “Captain the distress call is sent wide beam requesting help from any Gorn Hegemony ships, I believe they are loyalists.” Maia was well aware of the Schisms in the Gorn Government. There was an ongoing civil war.

Looking at her First Officer “Excellent, I did not want to get in a fight with Rebel Gorn, their ships are thick skinned and too much trouble to deal with,” Somers responded.

“Their shields are three to four times stronger than ours too,” Maia said agreeing.

Then she looked at the replacement helm officer “Ensign the moment it is safe to do so, break orbit and set a heading for that ship” she ordered.

“Yes, Captain,” the Ensign responded and prepared to get underway.

“Break orbit Ensign, warp six when clear of gravity wells,” Somers ordered.

“Yes Captain,” the replacement helm officer said and did as told.

Somers pressed the Communications button on her chair arm =/\= Somers to Medical =/\=

- Medical -

=/\= Somers to Medical =/\=

Doctor Aldana knew there was an away team planet-side, s/he had been checking and stocking the medical supplies in case of an emergency. S/he had not been monitoring the bridge, however, so s/he was not aware of their current situation when the call came through. =/\= This Aldana Captain. How can I help? =/\=

=/\= I need you to prepare a Triage area in Cargo bay one and prep for Gorn treatments, we are going to answer a distress call of a Gorn Hegemony ship in trouble and there might be injuries, need it done ASAP =/\= Somers said.

=/\= I’ll get the M*A*S*H procedures into effect and get a team set up right away sir. Sir? Have we any idea how many wounded to expect? =/\=

=/\=Thank you Lieutenant=/\= Somers said as the ship went to warp on a heading for the Gorn distress call.

=/\= Understood, we’ll be ready, Aldana out =/\= As the channel closed Aldana could be heard speaking loudly to the sickbay staff giving them a heads up.

- Bridge -

As the lift doors opened and Paul returned to the bridge after making a quick stop off at his quarters to change his undershirt from Red to Grey, as he knew that the workload was going to be hard for him as he hadn’t been trained by Swiftpaws, as he strode over to the helm which was vacated by the duty officer.

He said, “Everything ready when you need it, Captain”

Looking at Winchester “Okay Lieutenant, set heading for the Gorn distress call, engage when Ready” Somers said “Yellow Alert” she added then justified her actions “They are Gorn, for all we know they could be Gorn rebels that captured a Hegemony ship, my crews safety comes first” Somers finished with a tight-lipped smile as the ship came about and entered warp when it was possible to do so.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

2nd Lt. Josefina (Joe) Macapuno [PNPC: Delfin]
2nd Platoon Leader
USS Tomcat


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