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The Journey Part 2

Posted on 14 Jul 2018 @ 10:59pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
Edited on on 20 Jul 2018 @ 10:33am

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: Tomcat/Various/New Xindus
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 12a


- Tomcat Shuttle Bay -

Watching the others loading their gear into the shuttle, Eleonorrhea gave a final short brief 'Listen, we're going to do what Lt. Dodd wants us to do, we follow his orders, and "Macpuno" as Eleonorrhea's pupils began to shrink in size; if you so ever screw up on this mission; and we do make it back to the Tomcat alive" I'm personally shove my boot up where the sun don't shine, and that goes for you too Sergeant" replied Elenorrhea.

With both saying "Yes ma'am" Eleonorrhea soon changed her voice to a softer tone and said "Okay let's board this pig style and settle in, "I can see this is going to be a very interesting away team" replied Eleonorrhea.

Dodd had yet to board the shuttle as he was anxiously awaiting Commander Sterling to meet him and go over intel she had for him and his mission. While he had the need to know Starfleet data, Sterling had other data about the current situation on the surface and what he and the team could be facing once they departed the ship. Luckily the shuttle Dodd was using was one that had been equipped with the stealth material from the previous mission so that could help deflect enemy scans. He watched the team get on the shuttle and was collecting his thoughts as well as those of the team.

=/\= Dodd to Captain. I have my team assembled in the shuttle bay. We are awaiting Commander Sterling to go over intel she has for team and me. Dr Cahill preparing to vaccinate the team after all gear is stored away in the shuttle. I will signal back to you from the shuttle once we are ready to depart.=/\=

On the bridge, Jasmine took another hail for her Chief Engineer.=/\= Understood Lieutenant, Commander Sterling should be on her way down to you, Somers out =/\=

Ensign Thompson got to the briefing with a little time to spare, He knew Lt Dodd was anxious to get underway. He took a seat next to his colleagues and kept his mouth shut for the time being.

Commander Sterling then entered the room and took her place at the podium and called the room to order.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, there are temporal eddies emanating from a point in the southern hemisphere of the planet below at coordinates Longitude 047, Latitude 094 well below the plane of the elliptical. There are ruins in the area and the atmosphere is 120 psi slightly thicker than our own with a slightly higher oxygen content. Gravity is 1.1 standard G's. slightly higher than earth normal. We have detected a power source pulsing on the coordinates of the ruins. Radiation is normal as well with slightly elevated Chroniton's in the immediate area of the ruins. We have also detected about thirty Gorn or maybe Tresaurian life signs. The area of the ruins is jungle like and is currently 30° C with a humidity of 90 per cent. Typical for a hot and humid jungle. A perfect environment for a cold-blooded reptilian species. Your orders are to determine what is causing the Temporal eddies and find out who put it there. Gorn is to be considered friendly, Tressaurians are not. This planet is not in disputed territory however it is a border world. Phaser II will be issued on a setting of 6. It's going to be hot and humid down there so take plenty of water. Dr Cahill will be issuing preventative vaccinations to all. Lt. Dodd do you have anything to add"? Maia asked.

"Yes, Commander. I would like to add that Starfleet has reported that the signals of the temporal eddies are very similar to the temporal energies from the Guardian of Forever. It was once rumoured that there were several of the structures like the Guardian throughout the cosmos. Starfleet thought there was one on the planet below, which sparked the push for this mission. However, the signal coming from a transmission originating at the old mining complex is actually Starfleet in origin. I was called up to be lead this mission because it is my encrypted Starfleet signature that is being transmitted. But the curious part is that the signal is over three thousand years old yet still functioning. We will need to split into two teams once on the surface. Team One will be me, Tjaansz, Thompson and Gunnery SGT Elva Derrigo. Team Two will be Delfin, Cahill, Staff Sargent Jack Webb and K'Muss. The plan was for Team One to go to the mine and Team Two to head for the ruins. However, the presence of the Gorn or Tressaurians does sort of put a kink in the plans. So I will work on altered plans as we are in flight. I have already stowed survival gear on this shuttle and even got weapons onboard. Plus Lieutenant Delfin and her Marines have brought a small arsenal with them as well. We can make a stand for what we need to do. Starfleet advised in their communications with me, that our team is to do what it takes to get the situation resolved. This was once a secondary homeworld for the Avian Xindi and maybe we could find out what caused them to abandon the planet and made a transmission with my signature. Time is not our friend on this mission. We will need to be cautious and through." Dodd addressed to the team and Commander Sterling.

Dr Cahill stepped forward and start giving everyone the vaccinations they needed for the mission. She monitored what Lt Dodd was doing even though she outranked him she under his command for the mission.

She was really interested in what they would find on this mission.

Dr Cahill smiled as Commander Sterling came aboard. She listened to the briefing and then went to her. " I need to give you the vaccinations so you will be safe on the planet surface. Did I miss anyone? "

She then gave her the inoculations and returned once she finished to the medical station. She started preparing to take off.

"Thank You, Mr Dodd. The Xindi is the collective term for six races originally discovered in the 22nd century. They are native to the planet Xindus in a region of space previously known as the Delphic Expanse. They consist of five species resembling familiar Earth animals and a sixth resembling humans. At first, they appeared as violent enemies wanting no interaction with humanity, but common ground gradually emerged as the crew of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise NX-01 discovered that the Xindi were being manipulated into this enmity by their Guardians. The Xindi-Avian species was an extinct member of the Xindi race, wiped out during a series of civil wars which was fought between the six Xindi species and which destroyed their homeworld, sometime in the 2030s. As far as we know, none of the Avian's fled before their homeworld was destroyed. We do know that the Xindi-Avian's were the only Xindi species that did not trust nor believe stories from the duplicitous Sphere-Builders". Maia said.

The XO paused to take a breath "are there any questions"? Maia asked.

Standing up among the crowded officer, Eleonorrhea said 'Mr. Dodd' May I make a suggestion that once this tub lands on the planet" replied Eleonorrhea. "Now What I'm suggesting is up to you, but for security sake" continued Eleonorrhea; "I'd like to take my two Marines, and do a full 360 degree sweep out from where the shuttle has landed, and outward to approximately 500 meters. In that way, if there is a sudden hostile surprise, the majority of the landing party is able to leave intact. We would give whatever hostile force that is dead set on destroying the ship and everyone inside, a big nasty surprise, without losing the entire landing party" replied Morgan, and since Marines are considered expendable, that' how we make our living.

oO I hope that Lt. Dodd takes this to heart, leading a ship full of officers and cadets is one thing, but a landing party is another thing, and right now I just don't like those odds of having a newbie Lieutenant making a mistake that may cause the entire landing party to lose their lives, all for a stupid signal that is over thousands of years old Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she just stood there watching Lt. Dodd.

Hopefully, he'd heed her warnings and let her and the other two Marines go out as they had been trained, and as far as Eleonorrhea was concerned, the safety of the landing party was of paramount importance to her than a bunch of Xindi bones...

"Lieutenant Delfin, I sense what you are concerned about. I will modify the original plan in flight and take your request into strong consideration. We are not here for Xindi bones nor are we here to start a war or be killed. I am not a newbie lieutenant and I will strive to get all back in one piece or I myself will die to try. This mission is a matter that Starfleet considers very important or they would not have set it in motion." Dodd replied to Delfin's response to Sterling question.

"Commander, I would like to depart as soon as we can get clearance to do so. Any other concerns you need to address with us?" Dodd asked of Sterling.

"You are scheduled to depart at 1700. that gives you approximately 45minutes to get to the shuttle check your gear and get situated. I have nothing further. Good luck". Maia said.

Dr Cahill replied, "I can run scans to see if they are any life forms within 20 kilometres of the landing site. If found we can adjust our landing to an alternative site to avoid them. It will prevent any sudden surprise attacks. This will allow you to have better recon Lt Delfin."

"No questions Commander."

"No other questions from me Commander" replied Eleonorrhea

=/\= Shuttle One to Captain. Requesting clearance to depart for the surface. =/\= Dodd sent the signal to the bridge to get Captain Somers permission to start the mission to the surface.

=/\= Permission granted Shuttle One, safe trip =/\=

=/\= Thank you, Captain =/\= Dodd replied to the captain's response.

Somers closed the line and knew that if anything was to go wrong it would be in the next few hours, she was too experienced to think any different.

"Shuttle One, preparing for departure. Shuttle Bay One is being evacuated and forcefields are in place. The shuttle bay doors are opening and so Lieutenant Delfin, take us out." Dodd stated to his pilot.

Not wishing to start a fight with the Lieutenant since this was his first mission leading an away team, Eleonorrhea sat down with her usual grumpy face, and as she looked back at Macapuno and Thompson, they nodded together that for now, they would let Starfleet scanners do their job. However Eleonorrhea was fuming inside, not that she was being told what she could or could not do by a Lieutenant with no combat experience. In her time of being in the Marines, and seeing enough action, she knew that scanners are only as-as good if they 'Worked'; and going down to a so-called dead planet, things could go seriously wrong.

But for now Eleonorrhea was content to let the Lieutenant run the away team as he saw fit, and maybe things would go as planned, but in all things she remembered that old Earth adage "Murphy's Law", which stated that "Things will always go wrong, when you least expect it; no matter how much we try not to let that happen" or something like that. Deciding to do what every Marine did for hundreds of years, Eleonorrhea removed her jacket, and used it as a pillow, and looking back she already saw Macapuno and Thompson doing the same thing; taking a short nap.


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