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Spreading our Wings

Posted on 09 Aug 2018 @ 3:12pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Matthew Thompson
Edited on on 10 Sep 2018 @ 3:29pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Shuttle and Surface of Planet
Timeline: Mission Day 11

NOTE: Part One of the Away Team Mission to Xindaria


- Shuttle Interior -

"Alright, we are about to depart the shuttle bay." Dodd stated to his team. "We will get to the surface as quickly as we can and then the scout team of the three marines, will survey the landing area. However, while we are in the air, I will revamp the plans for the surface. We may have to remain as one team depending upon the scans we can collect and the recon from Delfin and her marines."

Dodd was nervous but did not want to let the team down nor the captain. He was honored to have been given the lead on this mission, but he was not sure why his signature was being transmitted from the old mine ruins. So he would do his best to work with what he had and deal with it all as best he could. Being able to read thoughts and emotions would come in handy but he had to only go with the random thoughts as he could not intentionally read the minds of others without permission. Emotions were different as those were sort of loud transmissions for a Betazoid to pick up on.

"Delfin, please pick a good place to land as unnoticed as possible and try to get close to the mines as we will start there." Dodd requested of his teammate.

Dr. Cahill smiled, "As soon as we clear the shuttle bay i will commence scans of the general area. As we get closer I will narrow the scanned areas. And do a final scan before we land to determine any life signs close by.

If attacked I can treat the marines here on the shuttle. Then send them by transporter back to the Tomcat."

Suddenly waking up from her short nap, Eleonorrhea was now fully awake, and said "ME" land the shuttle? Sorry Sir but I've never piloted a shuttle in my entire career. I’m an infantry officer, and I usually have a subordinate do my flying" replied Eleonorrhea (which was her usual remark to something that she didn't like. Not that she did not know how to pilot a shuttle craft, but she had been grounded a few times for flying one of her platoons approximately 3-5 meters off the deck and won a decoration, but was told in uncertain terms that the next time she gets caught pulling a stunt like that, she'd find herself working in one of Marine Penal Planets as a platoon leader).

"Sir, if you're dead set on me landing the ship, then I hope you don't mind a very rough landing on he surface" continued Eleonorrhea

"Doctor, you may just get your wish and instead of just the Marines, you my have an entire landing party being treated" replied Eleonorrhea, who had this funny grin on her face.

Ensign Thompson once dismissed went to the shuttle to check his gear. He was excited and a bit anxious after all this was his first away mission as a science officer. He had studied up quite a bit on the Avian Xindi culture and knew they were somewhat xenophobic he also thought that the so-called builders, mysterious as they were, had them exterminated. He made sure his tricorder, phaser, communicator and universal translator were fully charged and made sure he had extra battery packs for each. He might have been totally green, but he left nothing to chance. He knew for this ride he was just a passenger. He skipped dinner as he had already eaten a big lunch, so he went out to see if he could help with some of the larger equipment.

Dr. Cahill could sense some tension from Ensign Thompson. She leaned over, "Relax, everyone gets butterflies when a new mission starts. You will do fine. Just remember your training and it will get you through this.

"Please call me Matt. Are you some kind of empathic, Doctor? Because if not you instincts are spot on. I'm a bit anxious, yes. This is after all my first real away mission as a science officer, but I am ready. Don't worry I will do my best, just want to get down there and do my thing so we can successfully finish our mission is all. I have checked and double checked our equipment. I am ready". Ensign Thompson said.

Dr. Cahill smiled, no not an empath. I have just learned to read the body actions of others. It also helps when I need to determine the proper treatment for my patients. All you need to do is trust your training.

"I will. I'm a pretty positive person most of the time, I will do my best, but you Murphy's Law right. However I have triple checked my equipment, and I know that good preparation can greatly attenuate Murphy's Law. I have also studied the duties of the person above and below me so that I can fill in, in a crisis. Besides Lieutenant Dodd has the hard job and most of the real responsibility. I just have to do my best to serve adequately and contribute in the best way to him and the success of this mission. I just wish I had more experience but we all have to start somewhere". Matt replied.

Dr. Cahill smiled, "We were all green at one time with limited experience. But we always resorted to our Star Fleet training and came through it. I first got my combat training during wars with the Breen and others. But I was able to do my job and that is all I needed to do."

"Well, no worries lieutenant, I will land the shuttle." Dodd replied to Delfin. "I have done this before but thought you may like the chance to give it a whirl."

So upon some scans, Dodd found a clearing where he could safely land the shuttle and draw a little attention to the team as possible. Then he plotted those coordinates in the shuttle and turned to address the team.

"The original plan was to divide into two teams and cover the sites quicker that way. However, I want to modify the plan and keep the team together. So we will land near the mine ruins. This first part of the mission will be to locate and identify the source of the transmission, then deactivate and retrieve it for study. Once we have that, we will scan the ruins of the city and find a location to relocate the shuttle so we can see if any of those ruins can help provide a clue to the cause of the temporal eddies and if there is a way to end them." Dodd stated for his team. "So any ideas or questions about this revised mission, please share them now."

"How close to the mine ruins you want me to land this baby Mr. Dodd" replied Eleonorrhea. "If we're lucky, and I don't rip open the belly of the shuttle upon landing; I can put her down to within 25 meters from the mine entrance" continued Eleonorrhea.

"But, if you're dead set on having us up real close, I can maybe stick the nose of the shuttle up to the mine entrance" the choice is yours Mr. Dodd, just tell me where you want her, and I’ll accommodate you." replied Eleonorrhea.

Dr. Cahill smiled, "I am scanning the area of the mine with long range scanners now. Show some life signs about 30 kilometers from the mine area. Unable to determine whether they are humanoid of just some kind of wildlife species.

"I will handle the landing and we will get a close as possible, so within 15 kilometers if possible." Dodd replied. "I saw what looked like a rocky outcrop near the mine entrance on the most recent scan, it could actually be above the entrance and we could repel down to the entrance. Landing on the outcrop could also keep us out of the way of the detected life forms."

Once seated Ensign Thompson nodded off, suddenly he heard an explosion, the right nacelle of the shuttle blew and they shuttle seemed to be in a flat spin out of control and entering the atmosphere. The whole shuttle was breaking apart and the crew in the shuttle were rattled some pinned to the wall others to the roof, there was a huge bang and thump as the shuttle entered the atmosphere and started to burn off.. "Computer beam us to the Tomcat". He yelled over the din..."Transporters are off-line emergency protocol is in effect. As the shuttle broke up Ensign Thompson woke up, with a start. He looked around and breathed a sigh of relief they had just left the shuttle bay. oO What a crappy dream that was Oo.

The young ensign was wide awake after that, more anxious than ever and starring out the window of the shuttle as they entered the atmosphere safely.

"So we have entered the atmosphere, how are thing looking with the scans of the area around the old mine?" Dodd directed towards Cahill.

Dr. Cahill looked up. "I am picking up life signs that appear to be animal. I am adjusting scanners now to look for reptile signatures and other human type signatures. I see no signs that appear to be either with 24 kilometers. All appears to be safe right now.

"Thank you, Doctor." Dodd replied to Cahill.

"We will land as close to the mine entrance as we can within that area. Once we land the Marine compliment on our team will scout the area and then Tjaansz, Thompson and I will take Lieutenant Delfin and head to the mine to locate and collect the source of the Starfleet transmission. Once we return to the shuttle, we will try to get all of us to the ruins of the large city nearby. I would like to try to find a location to stash the shuttle so we can keep it close for a quick getaway." Dodd then stated to the whole team.

The aliens on the surface were focused more on the ruins of the city and ignoring the mine. So Dodd wanted to take advantage of that on this first half of the away team mission.

Dodd then focused on landing the shuttle so that Delfin and her marines can get prepared for scouting the landing site so they can clear it for the mission to move forward.

Getting up out of her seat, Eleonorrhea barked "Derrigo, Webb" get your gear on, we're going to be taking a short walk, once we land. "I want a short 360 survey of the landing area" replied Eleonorrhea. For Eleonorrhea, it was high time this group got underway, and now putting on her newly issued battle jacket, Eleonorrhea fingered the short bladed hooked knife she always carried around her neck, as she watched Derrigo and Webb also getting ready.

For Eleonorrhea a lot of things were going around her, and in a split second she let her guard down, which was a combination of nervousness, bravado, and hard headed oO I'm going to do what has to be done attitude Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she watched her two Marines now suiting up.

Dr. Cahill grabbed her gear and checked her phasers. She always carried 2. One hidden in her under garments and the other on her belt. She stepped up and went to Elonorrhea and smiled. “I always wear my tactical gear on missions. This allows me to better be able to assist with marine missions as well as the overall mission. Never know what may happen.”

She look at Lt Dodd, “I have all I need for the ruins. I plan to stay close in case the Gorn may have hostile intentions. In the past, the Gorn have shown signs of being hostile when they feel they own something and have what they consider intruders to their area.”

Matt grabbed his gear and walked down the ramp after the shuttle landed. Geez is was hot and humid here it took all of ten minutes before the young ensign was soaked. Still, he took his tricorder out and started the planetary survey. The atmosphere though hot and thick was within human tolerances and the plant life was abundant. He made sure to take several samples including soil samples.. He then reported to Lt Dodd.

"Sir, though a bit exotic there is nothing in the general environment that will harm us. I recommend we take plenty of water especially for a 15 KM hike". Ensign Thompson reported.

Dr. Cahill replied, "The current temperature is 92 with humidity at 81%."

"Than you, Doctor." Dodd replied. "Okay, Ensign Tjaansz, Ensign Thomson, Derrigo. You three are with me as we go to the mine. The rest of you will stay with the shuttle and be ready to take off as soon as we return. Take as many of the test and scans you need for research." Dodd ordered as he grabbed his pack and stepped out of the shuttle.

"Aye Sir", Thompson said slinging his pack and heading out with Lt Dodd. He wasn't out for 10 minutes and was drenched, His communicator beeped.

"Lt Dodd receiving a tight beam message relayed from the shuttle. The Tomcat is warping out of orbit apparently there is a Gorn Hegonomy ship in distress. They are responding". Ensign Thompson said wiping the sweat off his brow.

"Thank you for an update about the ship." Dodd responded, "I think all will be fine for now. The gesture might payoff if we encounter any Gorn while here on the surface."

For Gunny Derrigo, he wasn't that sure of what he and the party would find. It was kind of surreal; here they were out on a planet, far away from the safety of the Tomcat, and he was playing babysitter to a bunch of Starfleet Officers, as he walked with the other two, as he gripped the butt-end of his Commando knife which was secreted in his jacket. But orders are orders, and he sure as hell wasn't too keen on the Lieutenant making his life as miserable as she could; not when he would be processing out to become a civilian in two months. oO All he wanted was a mission that was cut and dry Oo thought Derrigo to himself. oO please God, let's get this mission on, get what we need, and get out in one piece Oo thought Derrigo as he was continuing to scan the area for any signs of trouble.

The four members of the away team departed the shuttle and started the hike to the mine. Dodd took the lead and Derrigo took the rear. The temperature was hot and it was very humid. Dodd knew Tjaansz was longing to swing in the trees and enjoy the jungle. oO Damm jungle Oo, thought Derrigo as he brought up the rear, feels like Urbania V, when we had problems with their endemic population, commented Derrigo under his breath as he continued to scan behind him and to the sides of the party as they neared the mine entrance.

At least on Urbania V, we knew who we were going to fight; not some half-baked ghosts stories, of some g-dammed bird like object that can't even have the decency to fight like real men and women; continued Derrigo as he was now getting agitated at the entire idea of having to follow some greenhorn Lieutenant who never had in his lifetime led a combat patrol, thought Derrigo; but orders are orders, and so breaking out of his own fantasy dream world, he moved up closer to the main party....

"Ensign Tjaansz, feel free to get a better view of our path from above if you would like." Dodd stated to his purple engineer.

The Ensign took to the trees to get a different point of view and to enjoy the freedom that being in the tree canopy gave her.

Dr. Cahill took up a position near the door, if they did find any trouble she could give cover fire to help them return to the shuttle. And if needed could respond to aid anyone wounded. She kneeled next to the door and watch even though there was conservations going on behind her. As she watched she took a drink of water and still held her phaser in her hand. She had learned this from the marines she worked with in the past.

With the others now departed for the mine entrance, both Eleonorrhea and Webb had just finished the 360 degree scan and not finding anything to report on, except for the usual amount of rocks, barren dirt, some scrub brush, outcroppings of coal, some diamonds, and just a bunch of small non-venomous lizards that appeared to be as surprised as the humans as they were of them, as they tried to sun themselves on the warm rocks. Now finished readjusting their field gear, Eleonorrhea broke out a small Marine energy bar, and ate part of it, then put it away; while Webb reached into his own jacket, making sure that the small cylindrical baton was still secreted along with the commando knife. Finished Eleonorrhea signaled to Webb to join her and the rest of the party as they were standing around the shuttlecraft waiting for further Orders from 'Mr. Dodd'.


Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [PNPC: Taggert]
USS Tomcat

Ensign Matthew Thompson [PNPC: Sterling]
Science Officer (Alien Archaeology/Anthropology)
USS Tomcat

Senior Gunnery Sergeant Altuva Derrigo, E7 [NPC: Delfin]
95th Rifles
USS Tomcat

SSG Jack Webb, E6 [NPC: Delfin]
95th Rifles
USS Tomcat


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