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Defrosting the moment

Posted on 22 Jan 2019 @ 3:34pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 22 Jan 2019 @ 3:46pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Holo-deck 2 / Walon's Quarters
Timeline: About two hours after the away team was released from Decon


The away team had been retrieved and placed in decon. Now after a day or so, they were all started to be cleared from decon by sick bay. They had all be ordered to see a counsellor and to take two days of rest and relaxation before resuming normal duties to help them accommodate back to the present time since after all they had lived almost three months in the pocket universe.

Once Dodd was ready to Decon, he was handed a PADD with a message from Walon on it. She had already performed the first counselling sessions with the other away team members and she saved his for last. She wanted to be there for him and knew he would understand why she kept him for last. She arranged to conduct his session last and set it up as an invitation to join her in Holo-deck 2 after her normal duty hours. She was alright doing his session off duty and wanted to see him to help him acclimate back to the ship and the present timeline.

- Holodeck 2 - Sounded in the background of the skating rink as Iria skated and danced along in time to the beat and tempo. She was wearing with ladies skates in black. She speed across the ice a smile on her face as she danced, spun, and jumped with each crehendo of the music. was the next song that she started skating to, she didn't miss a beat as the second song started with a much gentler tones. She kept time with the swell of music and tempo and after the second song finished Iria called for a pause on the music and turned to face the entrance of the holo-deck.

Remy had been standing in the entrance watching the beauty of the ice dancing. He was not aware how graceful and breathtaking Iria could be. He was afraid he would melt the ice as hot as Iria was making him feel. Iria's flowing red hair and the dazzling bead work of the black dress worked well together. Remy was prepared for a date on the ice but clearly he was not dressed for the role he needed to play so he was able to have a wardrobe change out of sight to surprise his Imzadi more.

"I am sorry but you are so hot that I am surprised the ice has not melted away." Remy stated as he stepped into the light towards Iria. "I only came dressed in this." He was actually dressed in a men's skating outfit which resembled an ol' Earth tuxedo only a little more form fitting to allow for the movements needed on the ice. "I hope you don't mind, but I was picking up on your thoughts about dancing and ice but didn't realize what you had in-store until I got outside the holodeck. That is when I had a quick wardrobe change and slipped in without disturbing your beautiful artistically danced routine."

Iria slid over to him and than threw her arms around his center hugging him tightly, she looked up at him her eyes bright with tears of happiness, ~~I am glad to see you, I don't care if you came in dressed for work! You do look very handsome in that outfit, though my opinion is biased!~~ she reached up to touch his cheek lightly before she smiled up at him. "Did you have fun or were you too busy?"

"It was a mix of fun and hard work, but we were too busy worrying about keeping alive that we did not really have any down time. Getting stuck in the ancient past is no way to spend one's time in command." Remy replied and he smiled back at the lovely image of beauty in his arms. "If we are not careful the ice may melt cause it is getting very hot in here." He added as his feelings for Iria were starting to make his temperature rise.

Iria tilted her head up as she stood on tip toes in her skates, she gave his mouth a whisper soft kiss. "Do you want to skate or do you want to leave and talk?"

"Let's rock the ice, shall we?" Dodd replied as he pushed away and did a funky move followed by a triple axle and then stopped right where he started in front of Iria.

Iria blinked at him "That was a triple axle, do you know how hard it is for the professionals to get that one right?" she was delighted he could skate and knew a few moves that actually surprised her. "Let's dance." she asked the computer to change the music to something worth dancing too with a partner and fun.

So the Safari Duo song starts and Remy pushes off to start a routine to see if Iria will anticipate the next move and join him. He started to perform a dance scene from and old earth movie called “Lover Boy” that was really an African ceremonial tribal dance called the Anteater Mating Ritual. Then he recalled the final skating number from another old earth movie called “Cutting Edge”. He mentally controlled himself to make the moves and blend the two dances. He had never really skated before. But because he can read memories others, he used what he has picked up mentally from others he has met along his career.

“Don’t be shy, Iria, join in.” Remy stated as he looped around her and reached out his hand.

Iria laughed softly as she skated to him and put her hand in his, she thought she recognized some of the moves he had done but some where not ones she was familiar with. She had recently re-watched an old favorite movies of hers, The Cutting Edge, was a story of a figure skating and a (forced into retirement due to an injury) pro Hockey player. They get paired together and make the movie flare with some great skating, flirting and banter. Her favorite move of the movie was called the Pamchenco twist. She had never tried it with anyone else but she honestly felt she and Remy could pull it off.

"I am enjoying this and you would think I had been skating before." Remy mentioned as he was picking up Iria's thoughts of the Pamchenco twist. "I would be honored to give it a whirl but I don't want to injure you so we need to be sure the safeties are fully activated and that you would not be hurt if something went wrong."

Iria shook her head at him, "I am not one to remove the safeties Remington, if you are worried we can try to the twist another time after some practice." she took his hand and kept pace with him on the ice, "Let's see where our skates take us for now." she said just happy being with him, they did not have to do anything fancy, for her to know she trusted and loved him.

"The Pamchenco twist could work since the safeties are on." Remy said as he started the move and set his mind to the memory of the scene from the movie. He focused on Iria and they started the set-up of the move. Without another word between the two of them he thought of the twist and she pick-up on it and together they were able to pull it off. There was about three inches between her head and the ice but the safeties would have kept her from a serious injury. "We did it!" Remy exclaimed as Iria set her landing.

Iria wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a light kiss on his mouth. "That was fun, I can't believe we got it our first try!" The feeling from the brief flight in the air, to being caught close a moment, before standing on the ice with him again; had been one of the most amazing things ever.

~~ I LOVE YOU, and I want you to always be happy and surprised. I feel I can do anything when I am with you.~~Remy sent the thought to her, then he leaned in for a more passionate kiss as he slightly lifted Iria up hugging her close and making their hearts beat in unison.

~~ I want you in my life for as long as be both live no matter what. I would give my life for you and thus I want to make you my Imzadi and one day I would like to make you my wife if you will have me. ~~ Remy let his feelings flow as he really feels the bonds with Iria.

Iria made a purr of sound against his mouth as they kissed, his hold she felt secure in, her arms around his neck and she ran her fingers through his hair gently, ~~I LOVE YOU, Remy, I don't know what being an Imzadi entails but I will learn. I would be very happy to be your wife, friend and whatever we decide for our future together.~~ her feelings were as open to him as ever, she was happy, surprised, dizzy with emotion love and devotion, mixed up with the want to be closer to the one who held her so close, making her feel more alive than she had in her life.

~~ I have never felt more alive and since I met you, and you have helped me control my abilities, I feel more than I have ever felt.~~ Remy replied. ~~With you, I feel like I can do anything. You give me the strength to face the challenges in front of me. I would not have made it the ancient past of Xindaria without knowing I had to get back to you. ~~

"We will have time to get our relationship on the right track for us. Being Imzadi to one another is a large step in that relationship. I am willing to do what it takes for you to be as comfortable as possible with moving our relationship to that level." Remy stated as he again gave Iria a passionate kiss while still holding her tightly against his chest.

Iria gave a soft purring moan, against his lips as she snuggled closer to him secure in his hold. No one had ever made her feel this way and his words, knowing his feelings through their shared thoughts and more. The idea of sharing each day with him, from conversation, meals and more. If the passion between them was any indication things would never be dull.

The background music shifted to play, "Fly Me to the Moon" as sung by Frank Sinatra.

The two started a slow skate while still embraced and if there was any more heat between them the ice may start to melt. Remy was feeling like he had not felt in a very long time. After the events of the last mission and the fact that he and the away team are now almost three months older than they were when they left for the mission, he did not want to let another minute go by without acting upon his heart's desire.

"So will it be your quarters or mine tonight?" Dodd asked as the two skated together enjoying the time together. After all, it had been almost three months for him but only a few days for her.

Iria smiled up at him, "Well unless you have other plans for tonight I was going to say my quarters." She winked playfully and brushed another kiss against his mouth.

~~I am always open to possibilities, and your place is purr-fectly fine. I only hope I live up to your expectations of me. ~~ Dodd replied while she was kissing him.

Iria smiled up at him as she kissed him softly, "No expectations I gave my trust a while ago, before I noticed you had already caught a solid place in my heart."

"You really know how to get a guy in the mood." Dodd replied as a whimsical smirk appeared on his face.

Dodd then took Walon by the hand and started to lead her to the exit so they could go to her quarters. He had been cleared medically and was now on a two day recovery break to readjust to normal time, he was not going to do it all alone and certainly not going to let this moment go to pot. He was reunited with the one he loved more than engineering, jazz music or even ol' Earth comic books.

The couple exited the holodeck and headed for the first turbo lift that could take them to the deck where Iria's quarters were located. Remy was feeling like a young man who had just fallen in love for the first time and he knew Iria could sense it. It made him want to exploded into song and dance in the corridors but he held it back to save his energy for what was about to happen.

- The Cooridors of the ship and Walon's Quarters -

Iria lead the way to her quarters once they stepped off the lift and offered him a playful smile as the doorway parted, "I've been redecorating," The books shelves had been rearranged, and her bonsai plants had been placed on new shelves around the room. the crystals and prisms that hung from the ceiling still left dancing rainbows around the room, the stuffed comfy chairs were in hues of midnight blue, crimson, with silver and crimson throw pillows. There was also a new love-seat, in crimson, with silver and midnight blue throw pillows. There were was a crimson velvet and Sherpa blanket across the back of the love-seat.

Remy was not really paying any attention to the interior of Iria's quarters, but merely pulled her into his arms and planted a seductive kiss on her receptive lips and embraced her as only a lover could. His hands began to explore the terrain of her topography as well as motioning her towards the crimson love-seat so they could make their sparks start an explosion.

Iria wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers tangling into the ends of his hair, she gave soft purring moans against his mouth as they kissed, she hadn't felt this much passion for or from someone before now whatever came next was new territory but welcome.

The two were well wrapped around one another as they fell onto the loveseat. Remy hit first with Iria on top of him. He was so moved by what he felt that he slid his hands all over Iria as the purring sound she made really got him going. Soon he had managed to remove his shirt and pants while also getting hers off of her. They were in the throws of passion and it felt like something they both really needed for their relationship. They had grown to be very fond of one another and both had held back their deepest love for one another until this point. The explosion of love these two had for one another ignited a full bonfire of burning love that any fear of rejection had melted away and the magma of love now moved to the surface of both beings. Their flesh was now moist with sweat and the loss of friction between them was not replaced with the systematic rhythm of their love and not only did Iria purr but Remy was contributing his own variation of a purr to the mix of passionate sounds in the room. The heat of the moment was so intense even the windows of the quarters were steamed over from the intense lovemaking occurring.

After several passion filled hours of bonding and romance, the two were spent and fell asleep in a tangle of body parts and sheets in Iria's bed. The two yet somehow still bonded in the astral realm as their thoughts kept them together and enjoying the euphoria of love.


Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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