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The Journey Part 1

Posted on 14 Jul 2018 @ 10:53pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
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Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Unkown Planet/Space
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 12


- Bridge -

Commander Sterling sat in the centre seat, while Captain Somers took the mission briefing usually their roles were reversed but for this mission, the Captain had taken a special interest. Cestus III had always held a special place in her heart.

"Status report all sections," Maia ordered.

Paul sat at the helm station checking that everything was fine and that the ship was still on the correct course, he said “Helm clear and on course,” as he hoped that nothing was going to go wrong this time.

Dr Cahill went to her main medical station on the Bridge. She was checking the environment settings. And also updating her medical reports. All was running great and she then started taking some astronomical shoots as we travelled. She was always looking for abnormalities that may affect navigation for star fleet ships.

And also checking scans for ships in the area.

"All medical stations are at 100 % and ready for whatever is needed Commander. Also environmental is at full levels and no problems at this time." Cahill said.

“Scanning, Commander,” K'Muss said from science. He didn’t know what else to do, having only worked environmental control really, so he took it as a learning experience.

Standing on the bridge at her station, Eleonorrhea was going through her mandatory security checks, checking in with every patrol that was spread out throughout the ship. Paying close attention to the LCARS section, Engineering, Phaser control rooms, and the ships torpedo bays. Each patrol would have to sign in and signal that all was well and secured to Eleonorrhea… “Ma’am” ships security reports that all critical systems are all locked down, and secured, right now we’re at normal condition Captain” replied Eleonorrhea…

"Anything on Sensors Ensign K'Muss?" Commander Sterling requested.

"Negative Commander". K'Muss replied.

From her engineering station, Nicci prepared the station for steady warp monitoring. She tapped several controls and swung to her right. Both engines within flight tolerances, she saw. oO Excellent Oo she thought, as she saw the plasma transfer conduits were within less than 0.00024% variance. They were in fact slightly over spec, she smiled to herself. oO Sometimes tinkering late at night does well to clear the mind Oo she mused to herself, as she thought for a moment about her LEGO habit. Impulse engines were not used while at warp, and the deflector was operating within 1.1% normal efficiency for this warp factor.

“Hah,” she said quietly to herself. “I can beat that for warp 8. Give me a day and I’ll halve that.”

- Engineering -

Dodd returned to his office in Engineering where he prepared PADDs for those who would be part of his mission and then prepared to use the observation lounge for his team meeting.

Having downloaded all the PADDs with the briefing materials, Dodd was prepared to send out a message to the members of his Away Team to have them meet in the observation lounge at 1400, but his sixth sense was buzzing and he headed out to the pool table to check things out.

- Bridge -

Now back on the bridge Somers retook the command chair and was pleased to see that they had arrived at their destination "YELLOW ALERT, Helm take up standard orbit. Science makes sure we have an early warning against Tachyon and Chroniton strikes on this ship. Tactical adjust shields to compensate for the emissions of those Tachyon and Chroniton surge," Somers said.

Paul replied " Standard Orbit, Aye Sir," replied Paul as his fingers darted over the helm console, he knew that he would have to find out all he could about those they might be facing as he was not sure that Commander Swiftpaws was even awake yet, and that made him the only active Intelligence officer on the Tomcat.

Even before anyone could say anything, Eleonorrhea was now handling her tactical console like a pro. Moving her fingers up and down the monitor, like a fine violinist caresses a Stradivarius, Eleonorrhea had already compensated the ship's shields, by reducing stern shields by 20%, giving an additional 10% power to the forward shields and 5% to the port and starboard shields. Any attack would come from the front, as the stern shields would not be needed, however, Eleonorrhea also knew that an attack on the starboard shields was not enough to bring down the ship unless their adversary could outmanoeuvre the ship and try a broadside attack, which had a 20% chance of success.

Making sure that they had enough redundant power, Eleonorrhea also knew that the ship impulse engines would not be used for any high-speed emergency manoeuvring, so tapping into the ships impulse drive, the Tomcat now had additional power rerouted to ships backup batteries. If an enemy vessel were to try to manoeuvre behind the Tomcat; the engines could automatically provide more than the power to her stern shields; which would catch any ship captain by surprised if they thought that the ship was defenceless from the rear.

"Captain", replied Eleonorrhea, the ship's shields have already been compensated, along with a 10% increase to the forward shields, and another 5% to both the port and starboard shields. "I've also tapped into other ships impulse engines drawing out enough power to give the ship more of a bit of manoeuvring power while protecting the stern of the ship" replied Eleonorrhea. " In essence Captain, the ship is virtually impregnable from a direct frontal attack, and her sides are well protected" ma'am.

oO that's funny, my fingers and brain acted before I even had time to physically react Oo thought Eleonorrhea... But then oO I wonder if it has to do with me being one of those so-called Eugenics children... Naw it couldn't be, but I wonder Oo as Elenorrheas mind began to refocus on the job ahead...

"Captain, sensors indicate no ships or weapons that I can detect, however, those temporal eddies are emanating from a point in the southern hemisphere of the planet below at coordinates Longitude 047, Latitude 094 well below the plane of the elliptical. There are ruins in the area and the atmosphere is 120 psi slightly thicker than our own with a slightly higher oxygen content. Gravity is 1.1 standard G's, slightly higher than earth normal. I am detecting a power source pulsing on the coordinates of the ruins. Radiation is normal as well. I am also detecting about thirty Gorn or maybe Tresaurian life signs. The area of the ruins is jungle like and is currently 30° C with a humidity of 90 per cent. Typical for a hot and humid jungle. A perfect environment for a cold-blooded reptilian species," Maia reported.

Maia turned to look Captain Somers in the eyes.

"Could be the Gorn sent their own exploratory research team", Maia speculated.

*shrugging* "quite possible Maia, send all the data you can to Lieutenant Dodd, he will be leading his first away mission. But Damn it is hot down there I agree, have Commander Cahill vaccinate the away team when assembled against the environment, I will leave it in your court to decide if they need to use EVA suits Commander" Somers said.

The planet is class M captain no EVA suits are necessary. Maia said.

Maia then sent the data to Mr Dodd.

After that, Captain Somers swivelled in her chair to look directly to the rear of the bridge "Lieutenant Taggert, get yourself down to Engineering and be ready to take over from Lieutenant Dodd in Engineering, tell him you are to remain on the ship, I need an experienced engineer," Somers instructed.

Taggert jumped up and gave a smart nod, tossing her long blonde ponytail about behind her head. "Aye Captain," she said as she tapped a few controls to enable auto-monitoring on her console before the next officer took over. She exited the bridge to the turbolift and turned to face the doors as they closed on the bridge, taking her down to engineering.

With the ACEO leaving she turned to Delfin, "El-tee just in case you are chosen for Lieutenant Dodd's Away Team prepare your replacement as the Tactical station," Somers said.

Automatically moving to her station depressing several buttons, and in a second a familiar name came up, one who had a lot of experience. Ma'am, I have Lt. Goodwin as my second" replied Eleonorrhea.

=/\= Dodd to Captain. =/\= Dodd tried to contact the captain. =/\= I may need to get my away team briefed in the shuttle on the way to the surface. From what I can see on the scans, the mine ruins are not being considered by Gorn or whomever they are on the surface, we will get to that location and start our investigation and I will modify the mission as I go, because we were not expecting anyone else to be here or even interested in this anomaly. =/\=

Tapping her Commbadge =/\= Somers here, I just found out, speak with Commander Sterling on the planetary conditions and such she will give you extra information on the planet you are going too, I know what I said in our talk, but after hearing what I have, assign two extra Marines to your team to make sure =/\=

=/\= Thank you, captain, I will notify my team and get with Commander Sterling sharply. I want to get on the ground and get his running so we can get untainted results if possible. =/\= Dodd replied to the Captain's response.

=/\= Ensign K'Muss, Ensign Thompson, Doctor Cahill, Ensign Tjaansz, Please report to shuttle bay one for departure on the away mission in 10 minutes. Dodd out. =/\= Dodd reached out to get his team on the move.

=/\= Lieutenant Delfin, please get yourself and two additional Marines and report to shuttle bay one for our mission. We launch in ten minutes. Dodd out. =/\=

=/\= Delfin Copies. =/\= the MCO said in response and left her station when a replacement officer took over...

Dodd then gathered all the gear he would need and was relieved he had already stocked the shuttlecraft with all the MREs and gear for the team. Even having arranged a few heavy duty weapons for any situation.

- Corridor to Engineering -

Taggert exited the turbolift near engineering and in her hurry to get down to catch the Chief, she almost collided with him in the corridor, crushing her chest a little.

"Chief!" she said in surprise. She sometimes rushed without thinking, for which she silently cursed herself. "Sorry about that. The captain wanted me to get down here and be ready to take over while you're off a ship."

"Glad you ran into me as I am about to head to the shuttle bay. I know you will bust your butt to keep engineering afloat while I am gone. Nelson and Pril will be your right and left hands, while I am on the mission. I am glad to have you on the staff because I never worry when I leave engineering in your hand's good luck." Dodd stated and then departed engineering.

=/\= Commander Sterling, I was advised to reach out to you about our departure for this away team mission. Would care to meet us in shuttlebay one as we prepare to depart? =/\= Dodd reached out to Sterling per the Captain's advice.

=/\= On my way =/\= Sterling said.

- Sickbay -

Dr Cahill went to sickbay and got her stuff. She notified Dr Alanda that she has sickbay while she was off the ship for the OA mission. She walked out the door and went to the Shuttle Bay. A chief put her gear on the shuttle for her and she stood by waiting.

- Counselling offices -

Iria left Jorie in charge of the counselling offices as she ran down the corridor. She wasn't on the team that was leaving soon. Tamara, Samuel, and Rhett were helping out in Sickbay. After she entered the shuttle bay Iria gave everyone a small smile then she walked over to Remington, "I wanted to wish you luck before you leave." Iria paused and then she reached up carefully to touch his face, oO I would like to give you a kiss for luck as well Oo she sent to him lightly she wasn't going to embarrass him without a little warning. It was only fair after all.

The embrace was tastefully done, and Dodd returned the kiss with a lot of passion as he held his Imzadi in his arms. "I will return to you, I promise and then we need to talk about the long future of our relationship. I will solve this mystery and return from this mission and we will set up any program you want to run for a date night." Dodd stated in response to Walon's kiss and that basically set his mind to make her his Imzadi which is a Betazoid practice in courtship.

Iria smiled up at him her face pink as she nodded. His words warmed her heart as much as his kiss had warmed herself and feelings. "Just be careful and have fun if you can." She said softly. Iria would make sure she had free time available for his return so they could talk about whatever he wished.

"I'd lasso the moon for you if you asked me too. I am always a sucker to have fun." Dodd replied to Walon.

He was not embarrassed in the slightest. He then turned to his team and gave the order to board the shuttle.

"Delfin and I will take the pilot and co-pilot seats. Once the rest of you have stowed your gear and gotten with Dr Cahill then get strapped in because we could have a rough ride with the stronger gravity of this planet." Dodd stated as the team got to work.

Dr Cahill went on board and took up her place in the medical station. She was planning to do some scans as they entered the atmosphere and also some scans of the planetary surface.

"Ready to go when everyone else is." She said as she took her seat.

Iria watched the rest of the team board the shuttle. She wished she could go as well but her fields of experience were not included for their current needs. She waved and then headed out of the bay and walked slowly down the corridor.

As soon as Jennifer hit the bridge, Eleonorrhea gave her a brief rundown, then said... Jennifer, you have the comm oO I've been wanting to say that Oo though eleonorrhea as she stifled a slight smirk, and in a few minutes, Eleonorrhea was in the turbolift on the way down Eleonorrhea tapped her commbadge =/\ Derrigo, me in the shuttle bay... YOU two have less than 5 minutes to be down here and ready to go for the Away Team detail. And if you're both not here, you can count in me using your heads as bowling balls=/\=...

- Marine Orderly Room -

In less than five minutes Eleonorrhea had picked up her Away team jacket, containing a few MRE's, several emergency water packs, a small wooden baton that was six inches long, a pair of ball bearings, stretchable nylon mesh, 50 feet of para-cord, and her Marine Combat knife and a few more survival items that were easily hidden in her jacket.

Putting on the jacket which a new wearable experimental environmental jacket, which had recently come out for testing, Eleonorrhea had been issued the jacket for testing on the Tomcat. The jacket kept the person cool in very warm, humid weather; and warm in cold biting chilly winter weather. After retrieving the items from her Office, TOP who already knew of the mission said 'good luck ma'am" thanks Top Replied Eleonorrhea, as she finally caught up with GSG Elva Derrigo, and SSG Jack Webb, a squad leader from her 1st platoon, as they were now making their way to the waiting shuttle from the company area.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
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USS Tomcat

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1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
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