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Karma is a bitch..

Posted on 11 Jul 2018 @ 7:47pm by 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & 2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno & Gunnery Sergeant Ernst Rommel
Edited on on 01 Aug 2018 @ 11:13am

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: USS Tomcat Marine Levels
Timeline: After meeting the Captain


- Lower Decks -

Almost having herself thrown into the brig for being disrespectful to the Captain for her outbursts, things went rather well. Leaving the Captain with her orders, Eleonorrhea had contacted Major Donovan who entered her into the ships LCARS, acknowledging that Elonorrhea was now the COS, and after visiting with the Major, she decided to visit the officer's mess and grab herself a cup of coffee.

Entering the officer's galley, Eleonorrhea found herself all alone and seeing no one inside, she placed her order for a hot cup of "Mexican Cocoa, laced with four tablespoons of Cayenne Pepper, a dash of Cinamon powder, and topped with a mound of whip creme, then drizzled with melted chocolate.

With the cup of coffee in her hand, Eleonorrhea tapped her combadge and in a pleasant voice said =/\= Gunny and Jennifer; meet me in my office in 10 minutes =/\= Replied Eleonorrhea.

Seconds later both the voices of Gunny and Jennifer both came back.

=/\=We Copy =/\=

- Marine Deck - All areas -

There was always something refreshing on seeing Marines doing what they're supposed to do, and with their squad leaders watching their own squads cleaning their Phaser Rifles, which had the 24 hour batteries removed for safety purposes, Eleonorrhea stopped and watched as Gunny Hardway was now chewing out 2nd Platoons Staff sergeants and sergeants for an infraction that he had seen.

"People" if you folks want to screw around, "then I"ll show you by unscrewing your heads and pissing down your throats... NOW get back there and lead your troops" replied Gunny as he was fond of chewing on a piece of black plastic pipe...

Turning around, he suddenly saw Eleonorrhea standing there holding her cup of coffee, and said

"Ma'am by Marine Regulations, you're not supposed to be in uniform holding a cup of 'JOE''am" replied the Gunny. Suddenly realizing that she was in error, Eleonorrhea said.

"Gunny, you go ahead and quote to me Marine Regs" but when you're finished with chewing me out, Follow me, I have a job for you... Just about to salute Elenorrhea, she just turned on her heels, as his hand automatically went up and said "yes ma'am" then after giving the poor Staff Sergeant a list of things to do, Gunny Hardway said "Sergeant" this better be done correctly, and on time; or I'm going to be looking for a new Staff Sergeant" glared Gunny Hardway.

Leaving the Staff Sergeant, Gunny Hardway walked to the Marine Head Shed, and as he entered, he saw Eleonorrhea speaking to Sgt Kelso the 95th Rifles Admin NCO.

"Gunny have a seat till I call for you" replied Eleonorrhea as she turned around and watched the Gunny now taking a seat in the orderly room.

Opening the door Eleonorrhe saw both Gunny and Jennifer sitting in two chairs, as soon as Elenorrhea entered both were about to stand when Eleonorrhea said "You two can forget the formalities while the both of you are in my office, but as far as being outside, formalities do exist" replied Eleonorrhea...'Yes ma'am, as both replied in unison.

"Okay, let's get started" replied Eleonorrhea as she took her seat in her office chair.

First order of business, the captain liked my idea for a QRA team to be guarded for a period of 1-2 weeks, this will mean each platoon will lose a squad of three Marines from their own squad, who will be on the team with an NCO, and Lieutenant as Eleonorrhea was now staring directly at 'Jennifer.'.

"Ma'am, I am in full support of your QRA team idea. I would be glad to assist in helping with rolling that out." Goodwin replied following the stare from Delfin.

Looking at Jennifer, who had blurted out her comment before she was ready, Eleonorrhea was about to say something when...the soft four taps on the door jamb, then the door opened, and Sergeant Kelso stuck his head in and was about to say something when.....

"KELSO" WTF are you doing, barked Gunny"... "YOU KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THAT WE'RE IN CONFERENCE" barked the Gunny.

Taking this in stride Eleonorrhea quietly said "Sergeant Kelso you had something to say . . . just before GUNNY was about to head off"

"Yes ma'am *pause* " replied Sergeant Kelso.

Besides Gunny Hardway sitting in the front office" replied Sergeant Kelso; I have a 2nd Lieutenant also sitting outside in the front office who is raising holy hell for not allowing me to allow her to see the commander ma'am"

"Really?" replied Eleonorrhea, "and just who is this 2nd Lieutenant, Sergeant Kelso?" asked Eleonorrhea.

"2nd Lieutenant Josefina Macupono ma'am, she just walked up the gangway this morning, barking out orders" trying to tell me that as an officer I'm supposed to do what she says" replied Sergeant Kelso.

"Ma'am, I'd like to strangle the Lieutenant and throw ass out of the office ma'am. "That won't be necessary Sergeant, go back outside and tell her the Commander would be very happy to see her, and when I"m ready, "I"ll have TOP come out and escort the young officer inside for a little chat. Just as Top was about to open the door, Eleonorrhea said "please bring in Gunny Hardway along with you; I have another job for him that's up to his alley" replied Eleonorrhea

Jennifer" replied Elenorrhea this time in a serious, but softer and authoritative voice said, "this young officer thinks the Marines are her own playtoy, and that she doesn't need to conform to our regulations. She's also the niece of retired General Patricio Macapuno who is now living in one of the Marine Residential Care facilities on Mars" *pause* Now I've talked to her, so I know a bit more of her history than you; but I think she needs a taste of what the Marines are...we're not a babysitting service, we're a combat outfit that requires our officers to not sit in some library doing paperwork, but out in the field with a line unit, or in this case a ship full of soft Starfleet crewmembers.

"LT. Goodwin" replied Eleonorrhea, once I have finished giving you your final instructions; "I want you to go outside to the Orderly Room, and make sure the Lt. is going to be receptive to what I have to say, and I don't care how you do it...Next, you will march her young ass into my office, and have her come to attention, and after I have chewed her ass out, you will march the young Lieutenant down to supply to get her bedding, *pause* then you will take her down to ships stores and have the quartermaster issue her; her basic field gear, including her combat helmet, body armor, and with her arms full, you will then march her over to the Arms room where the armorer will have her hand sign for her issued rifle, and pistol, which will be then stored inside the officers weapons locker.

"Once finished" continued Eleonorrhea, with signing for her equipment; you will then have her run to her quarters, where you will watch her put her personal gear locker in order, just like Marine Officers basic. When she's finished and you're satisfied, have her stand by her room for a room inspection.

But before you do that, "Top; go outside and bring in Gunny Hardway, I have some bad news for him" replied Eleonorrhea.

Going outside to the Orderly Room, Top reappeared a few minutes later with Gunny Hardway now standing at attention as Eleonorrhea who was sitting at her desk had her back towards him, heard Gunny Hardway say

"Ma'am. . . Gunnery Sergeant Hardway reporting to the commander as ordered. . . ma'am", returning his salute Eleonorrhea said "Gunny you can stand at parade rest" replied Eleonorrhea as she watched the Gunny go to parade rest. *pause* "Gunny Hardway replied Eleonorrhea, in looking through your records I see that you've been 2nd platoons platoon sergeant for over two years and that you have recently lost your platoon leader...Lt. Sanches, who was transferred to the USS Carolina. a few months before I arrived to take command"

"Yes, ma'am" replied Gunny Hardway. Well, I have good news and some bad news. I'm putting 2nd Lieutenant Josefina Macapuno in as your new Platoon Leader, she just shipped aboard yesterday, she will guide you, and you will follow her orders, is that clear Gunny" replied Eleonorrhea "Yes ma'am" replied Gunny Hardway. "Ma'am you mentioned bad news, may I ask the commander what is the bad news" replied, Gunny Hardway...

Looking up and with a stare that could melt Duranium battle plates, Eleonorrhea said "Gunny..Lt. Macapuno flunked the Marine Corp Academy the first time, she barely passed the second time, she went to the Officers SOI, failed but then was recycled and barely passed, along with being sent to the 24th MARDIV where she passed her time doing paperwork in the Divisions Admin section. "Now does that answer your question Gunny, or should I make this much plainer" exclaimed Eleonorrhea.

"She's as worthless as tits on a bull, and since she's here my hands are tied, and until I can get me a real Lieutenant who passed her SOI with a reasonable score, and doesn' use her tits to keep the wall from falling", "I need a Platoon leader that we can mold to our own satisfaction" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Now, here is my plan Gunny, so listen well; because I'm only going to say this once" continued Eleonorrhea. Lt. Goodwin will go through her training materials, to find the Officers SOI course of instruction, along with the associated Holodeck simulation program. Every day you will have a lesson plan ready for Lt. Goodson to look at and approve for training. You can skip any phase of the course that does not apply to a Starship, such as land navigation.

"Next Gunny, you will make sure that she goes through the range, and you will personally train her to pass the course of fire during her ten days of training" continued Eleonorrhea. If you have any questions, Lt. Goodwin will be your OIC for this ten-day retraining" continued Elenorrhea.

"No ma'am" replied Gunny who was looking at the top for help; but who was now enjoying watching the Gunny being told he now had to babysit a Marine officer, and who would soon be his boss.

"As for you Top, you don't get off that easy, and wipe that smirk off your face" replied Eleonorrhea. "Sorry, ma'am" replied Top.

"Top you're going to be involved" replied Eleonorrhea; "your job is to make sure that Gunny doesn't kill the poor lieutenant, during training, you will monitor the training, making sure that Gunny follows the lesson plan he has made up and okayed by Lt. Goodwin; and if Lt. Macapuno gives the both of you some shit, you will inform the XO about the problem and she will correct the Lieutenant's attitude" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Now that we're all in agreement, "Lt. Goodwin go and bring in that officer", while the two of you stand to replied Eleonorrhea

- Orderly room outer office -

Lt. Josefina Macupuno who at first was sitting attentively, began to grow impatient as Top went outside the commander's office, and grabbed Gunny Hardway, then brought him back into the Commander's office. Now tired and impatient, and with a date waiting for him at the Officers club, she decided to sit and listen to a series of songs on her PADD. Pulling out her PADD, and flipping through the index, and found what she was looking for; old 1980's Reggae music. Pushing play, the music got too loud, and seeing that the Sergeant was now looking at her with cross eyes, she smiled and pulled out a pair of earbuds. Inserting each into her left and right ear, the earbuds cancelled the loud noise, allowing it to flow through the earbuds in her ear. Swaying her head to the beat of the music, LT. Macapuno closed her eyes and was now gently swaying from side to side, enjoying the lyrics and the beat of the music.

“Lieutenant, you are being rather rude,” Goodwin stated as she entered the room and saw Macupuno.

Me??? I'm being rude, I'm the same pay grade as you are" replied Lt.Macapuno

“You will cease your swaying and discontinue your music and stand at attention,” Goodwin ordered

"Okay, I get it, this is supposed to be my initiation to the Marines on the ship" replied Lt. Macapuno, who stood up, but not before complaining that she wanted to see whoever was in charge of the Marines.

"You know Lieutenant, you should really watch your temper, you might have a heart attack, so how about smiling" replied Lt. Macapuno...

"I am who you will be reporting to on this ship and you need to straighten up and get with the program. Smiling at for Marines. You need a serious adjustment. I am in perfect health and my heart is none of your concern. Now wipe that smirk off your face and shake my hand." Goodwin barked as she stood practically at attention and offered her hand for a handshake while actually starting to smile.

Not too sure of why the XO held out her hand Josefina shook it in a daily fashion; not too hard, and not too soft, besides she had her manicure to think about. Now finished Josefina said "Okay lieutenant, what now" oO I hope that when I get to see the skipper of the Marines, maybe he'll let me be another administration officer Oo thought Josefina. oO This place could use a female's touch around here, and the paint job, plus the military style window coverings are not what I'd call sheet, more of your typical Marine colours Oo thought Josefina.

Breaking out of her dream, Josefina said "Okay Lt. Goodwin, when can I see the old man" replied Josefina, as she waited to be let in to see the Marine Commanding Officer...

"Well, we certainly need to work on your overall attitude. What a poor handshake you have for a marine." Goodwin replied. "Lieutenant Delfin will see you when she is ready. Until then take a seat and someone will get you when she is ready."

Goodwin then exited the room and returned to Delfin's office. oO Apparently this lieutenant doesn't do her homework to know who her boss will be ahead of time. Oo

"Send in Lt. Macapuno" commanded eleonorrhea who had turned her chair so it faced the door to her office, and as she sat there she decided to clean her fingernails. It had been months since she had a good manicure and hoped that the ships beauty shop had a good manicurist. Hearing the door open, Eleonorrhea could see Top and Gunny beginning to fidget, and then she heard the voice of Lt. Goodwin, and a familiar voice.

"Sir, 2nd Lt. Josefina Macapuno reporting in for duty...Sir" Knowing that the whoever entered would be staying at attention, Eleonorrhea turned around and said "Welcome Lt. Macapuno" to the 95th Rifles" replied Eleonorrhea.

You could hear a pin drop inside the office, as Eleonorrhea turned her chair around, sat straight up and placed both of her arms on her desk, with her fingers gently locked together, and smiled at the Lieutenant. But it was the facial expression of Lt. Macapuno when she suddenly stared at the Devil, who was now her Company Commander, that brought forth a grin from both Top and Gunny, who knew that someone was going to get Ninja Punched". As for Lt. Goodwin she just stayed in the back, and then Eleonorrhea said.

Lt. Macapuno, funny that we should meet like this. From our first conversation, I'd say that you were a slacker and one who is a snowflake. Also, I don't like Lieutenants who come in here on my ship and think that for the next three years, that they're going to sit on their ass, doing nothing" replied Eleonorrhea. But before she could begin a message from LtJG Johansen the Tomcats Communication officer came over her intercom.

"Lt. Delfin... I have a message for you from Marine Headquarters, its marked priority" replied LtJG Johansen... "Johansen piped the message down to my office" replied LtJG Johansen. Within seconds the seal of the Marine Corp framed against a red & gold background could be seen, and seconds later the office of the Commandant of the Marines was now beginning to fill the large monitor, and there sitting at her desk was General Anselma Gonzalez Levitz. Framed by the small nameplate that was flanked by the UFP flag and that of the Marines, general Levitz sat there and said...

"Good morning Lt. Delfin, and I see that you have your staff along with Lt. Macapuno" replied the General, about to stand up and salute the General, she just said 'please no need to salute, this isn't a command, but one that General Macapuno has asked me" commented the General, as the room began to get bigger, and they're sitting at the right hand of General Levitz was General Macapuno in his former full dress uniform of a Marine General. Continuing General Levitz said "Because of General Macapuno's insistence, and as a retired Marine General Officer, he asked me to contact you, and as a courtesy, I am now informing you that whatever General Macapuno says to his niece that you take this as an official order by me" replied General Levitz.

Looking directly at Josefina, General Macapuno began to talk to Josefina her in her native dialect, which Eleonorrhea was able to follow and see that when he said something to Josefina, she would nod her head and verbally agree. After talking to Josefina, General Macapuno said "Lt. Delfin, I take it that you're also of Filipino Blood, which is good, since I have told Lt. Macapuno that she will follow your orders, and will not question them, and she will comply, if not, she will face charges of insubordination.

"Now as for her training, I believe that she had failed the first time at the Academy, then barely passed the second time, then failed her first time at the officers SOI. I've also talked to her Division Commander at the 25th in Cardassia, who all told me that she's a goldbrick, a failure, a person that tries to get over by finding someone to let her do what she wants" continued the General.

So, I want her broken down to its basic components, and I want her to go through any retraining that you may have, to include combat. Though she is a bit young, she has that Macapuno mentality that will make sure she does not fail the third time, which would be her death sentence" replied the General. So whatever you decide as to her retraining, then do it; but make sure in whatever she does, its either she carries her shield or on it" replied the General. Then the video switched back to General Levitz, who said

"Lt. Delfin, you now have your orders, and you will follow them to the letter" replied the General. I will be contacting the Captain of the Tomcat shortly on the content of this short message from General Macapuno to his niece, and then the video began to fade, and in seconds the Tomcats symbol appeared then disappeared and finally the screen turned black.

With everyone one in Eleonorrhea's office now hearing the words from retired General Macapuno, and those of the Commandant of the Marines,
Eleonorrhea said.."Lt. Macapuno, at 0600 hrs tomorrow morning your next 10 days of hell beings, and you will be personally trained by Gunny Hardway who will be your new Platoon Sergeant. Once you have finished your 10 days of retraining, you will be given 2nd Platoon, and you better be on your toes" commented Eleonorrhea.

Lt. Goodwin will be the OIC for your training, and if you complain about life being hard on you, may I remind you that your family members gave their lives and blood as Marines.

"So take it from me, you don't want to have me come and personally train you, because if you don't listen to the lesson plan, and Gunny Hardway, I will personally rip your head off your shoulders, and shit down your neck...Marine" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Yes ma'am", stammered Josefina, who by now realized that she was not going to be let off that easy, and for the first time in her life, she was going to do what she was told, whether she liked it or not, and with the Tomcat now about to pull away from her mooring, she was now being tasked with being an officer that had 25-30 men and women who would be depending on her.

Finally, Eleonorrhea said "Lt. you and Gunny Hardway are now dismissed". Saluting Eleonorrhea who by now had turned her chair away, Eleonorrhea could hear Lt. Goodwin beginning to order Lt. Macapuno around as all three left the office. With TOP now left inside the office, Elenorrhea turned her chair around, and said "TOP" what do you have for a headache" replied Eleonorrhea, just some ASA. Reaching into a small side desk, TOP produced a packet of two small white ASA pills, giving these to Eleonorrhea, she got up from her chair, went to the refreshment replicator and punched in the code for water. Standing there, Eleonorrhea popped the two pills into her mouth and said

"TOP, go outside and see Sgt Kelso, tell him to go ahead and have stores issue Lt. Macapuno her field gear, personal bedding, and also inform the Arms room that we now have a new Platoon leader" replied Eleonorrhea.


1st Lt. Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin [PNPC: Dodd]
Marine Officer
USS Tomcat

Gunnery Sergeant Edwin Rommel [NPC: Delfin]
95th Rifles First Sergeant
USS Tomcat

2nd Lt. Josefina (Joe) Macapuno
USS Tomcat NCC-62114
2nd Platoon Leader


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