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Chat with the CWO

Posted on 14 Aug 2018 @ 4:33pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: USS Tomcat Mess
Timeline: MD2-08:00 Hrs

K'Muss had just left the CO's office, officially a Tomcat crewman again. He couldn't help but chuckle as he made his way through the ship. "A cat returning to the Tomcat." he laughed as he waved to people he remembered from his previous posting. Then he heard a soft growl.

"Oh right. Hadn't eaten since the starbase. "Wonder if I remember my way." he laughed to himself.

Turns out he did, hearing the familiar "swish" of the doors. Not in any real mood to wait he just took a chicken plate from the replicator with a side of rice and found himself a good spot to sit.

Paul had been rather pleased with himself after all he had gotten this new arm before they had left on the new mission, as he entered the Mess hall for some lunch, he noticed someone who hadn’t been on the ship for a while and wondered what he was doing back here? He thought oO I wonder why he is back here Oo as he walked over to the replicator and ordered himself a burger and fries with an ice cold Coke.

After a short, while his order arrived and Paul picked the tray up and headed over to where K’Muss was sitting, for one he had to find out why he had locked himself away and left Paul to run an investigation whilst he still ran the Flight deck and fly the ship at the same time. He walked over to the table and came to a halt, He said: “Hello Ensign, May I join you?”

"Of course!" K'Muss replied

As Paul took his seat he asked," May I ask what brings you back to the Tomcat?" as he still wasn't sure why the former Security officer had returned to the ship that he had not long left. as he put the food and drink on the table that he had gotten before coming to see K'muss.

"Well, I had a choice actually." the caitian replied. "After being taken care of at starbase. Dunno what I had but it sucked whatever it was." he offered a smile. "Be assigned to a new ship as security, or return to the tomcat. Where the only billet was science. I don't know the first thing about being a science officer, but I knew the tomcat."

"Well, I had to run both Security and flight," replied Paul looking back at the Science officer, He continued," but I haven't seen the Assistant Security Chief around that much," as he picked his drink up to take a sip before he started to munch on his food.

"Oh wow." K'Muss replied. "I'm truly sorry." he aplologized

"On top of that I was getting the hang of my Prosthetic arm," replied Paul as he took a bite of the burger with his own hand whilst wiggling the fingers of the prosthetic one. Still at least this one was more easy to move than his first one.

K'Muss nodded

"I got a bit down when I first had it connected, but now I don't even realize that it is there unless I think about it," he said taking another bite of his burger. he said, What about yourself?"

"Oh I just got back here," replied the CWO, He continued," I had heard on the station that something bad had happened, but I didn't take no notice until you mentioned it," leaning back into his seat

Paul replied," Anyways I need to get back to the bridge," as he rose from his seat, He said, "Take care," as he hurried off to the bridge to restart his next shift.



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