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Parker parking (working title)

Posted on 11 Feb 2017 @ 11:24pm by Lieutenant JG Cody Parker & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Incidental Posts)
Location: Ships Counsellors Office
Timeline: Mission Day 0-3

A JP between Ensign Parker and Lieutenant Walon.


Parker left the bridge at the end of his first shift, after grabbing a drink on the mess deck he pulled up the check in a list on his padd. The ship's counsellor was next on his list. Cody headed down to the counsellor's office hoping that he or she would be in there.

Taking a deep breath he scanned the rest of the checklist and began mumbling to himself, "I have to check in, man my position on the bridge and take over two departments Security and Tactical. I need a break already," he chuckled under his breath as he remembered his last vacation, a holodeck trip that went south when the system for no apparent reason went haywire.

Standing in front of the counsellor's door, Cody straightened his uniform before knocking gently.

Iria raised a ginger-hued brow at the sound of the knock; most did not knock anymore it was an 'old custom' but she did not complain It showed that whoever was on the other side of that doorway was not one that fell into the regular mentality of ship or station life. It was refreshing to start off the encounter if nothing else. "Come in," she said lightly wondering whom it was about to enter...

Her office was decorated in a cool mint green hue with a few splashes of colour from the few plants and paintings along the walls. The paintings were various ones she liked the look of and none by her but all offering something different to look at.

Parker entered Walon's office and looked around at the decor and admired the soothing colours, his eyes eventually came to rest upon an Isisian female, he eyes seemed a little strange to him as did her mannerisms. "I have to report to you Counsellor I am new to this ship and so doing the initial rounds" Parker spoke.

"Well welcome aboard and make yourself at home, would you like some tea or something from the replicator?" Iria asked as she regarded the newcomer in her office.

Looking around and nodding "a glass of water please, rejoin at," he said as he took a seat and waited for the Counseller to join him on the couch when she did he nodded his thanks for the offered drink as he took the water. "So what is it you wanted to see me about Sir?"

"I prefer Iria or failing that counsellor will do I do not feel right in being called Sir nor ma'am. I am not in a command position nor do hold the rank of great importance personally." she paused with a smile, "You are here as a check in before duty which should not take up much of your time."

Raising an eyebrow sceptically "okay, so shall we continue Iria?" He said putting the ball back firmly in her court.

Iria grinned, "Well you did just recently transfer to the Tomcat, was the choice your own or as a recommendation from your previous captain?" she asked lightly. She knew that some folks were all about rank but to her rank was just a title. It was working within Starfleet and helping others that mattered personally to her. She just did not have to explain that fully to others unless asked.

"I know, just did not think that it would be this eventful, I mean since I have been here I have been faced with situations that most Starfleet officers did not or have yet to do, still it will never be dull, Iria. Okay I have lost my train of thought, why was I called here again?" Parker asked.

"A quick evaluation, but I had asked where you had transferred from before joining us on the Tomcat." Iria said softly though slightly concerned at Parker's words if he was having trouble focusing he might be either working too hard or needing more than just an evaluation.

Looking slightly abashed "Oh! I was stationed on earth for a short time after graduation, so this would be my first posting, so a little anxiousness is to be expected" Parker responded and hoped that it was the answers she was looking for.

Nodding "I can understand that Ensign" Walon looked at her clock "okay looks like this session is over, if you want we can continue this another day?" Walon asked.

"Thank you Lieutenant" Cody said smiling and he exited the room and returned to his duties in Security.


Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Ships Councellor
USS Tomcat

Ensign Cody Parker [PNPC: Somers]
Security Officer
USS Tomcat


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