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1200 meters

Posted on 22 May 2018 @ 9:32pm by 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Gunnery Sergeant Ernst Rommel
Edited on on 31 May 2018 @ 7:15pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Ships Holosuite


The day at the range proved to be of vital importance to Eleonorrhea, with the Holosuite programmed to simulate a Class "M" Planet, with one big difference; the atmosphere precluded the use of Phaser Rifles, so each Marine was now using the older but still used projectile weapon. The weapon which had been modified to fire the new X356 .50 caliber Titanium bullet at over 5600 fps. When fired at the enemy, it made a two-inch entrance hole, and a jagged eight-inch exit hole as it easily tore through light armor, heavy clothing and flesh with ease.

As the Marines were proving to be good to expert shots; they all liked the power of the rifle without having to worry about whether their rifles would suddenly overload, or fail as in the case of the standard Marine rifle phaser. However, Eleonorrhea was not impressed with their scores even though her own NCO's were telling her that the Marines were good shots; so turning to where a hidden microphone was located Eleonorrhea said.."Computer *pause* Program change.. 55B-110, Execute.

Quickly the entire holosuite changed to the outskirts of Cardassia, and one could see the outlines of the once proud capitol now a burning wreck. Standing behind barricades once used by the slaughtered 24th Division, the mood of the detachment suddenly changed as more than 500 Jem'Hadars who were approximately 179 meters away, were now beginning to uncloak as they ran towards the Marines firing positions.

The Marines were now looking in amazement as the first of the Jem'Hadar was less than 30m's away, it took the entire detachment a few more seconds until, the sounds of a rifle began to fire, and suddenly the Marines began to jump into their firing positions as they began to lay down a hail of titanium tipped bullets that were now ripping through the Jem'Hadar as they continued to pop up and died in their tracks. Continuing to fire at the Jem'Hadars they were now staggered as their bodies began to pile up, in minutes over 90% the Jem'Hadars were now dying where they lay.

Suddenly a scream coming from a female Marine who had scored poorly, was now facing a wounded Jem'Hadar who was trying to climb over their defensive positions. Instinctively the female Marine pulled out her issued shotgun, and began to pump a hail of Titanium slugs into him blowing off both of his legs, and lower abdomen killing him instantly. As more and more Jem'Hadars died, in minutes nothing moved among the dying Jem'Hadar.

Watching the last Jem'Hadar fall down dead, Eleonorrhea turned to Gunny Rommel, and whispered into his left ear. "Yes Ma'am" replied Gunny Rommel. Seconds later Gunny Rommel yelled "FALL IN", in seconds the entire detachment fell into a large formation, as the two platoons along with their Platoon leaders signaled that their Marines were now all accounted for.


Once the entire detachment was now at ease, Eleonorrhea found an expended rocket box, and putting it on the ground she stepped on to it and began to survey the entire detachment, looking at each of her platoon leaders and their platoons with a steely eye. Then Eleonorrhea said

"First Gentlemen, congratulations on a good range shoot which unfortunately is not up to my standards"exclaimed Eleonorrhea.

"I've been told by the Captain, and I have seen your previous rifle range scores; that the 95th rifles always had range scores that were up in the high 90th percentile, and even up to 100%. To tell you the truth "PEOPLE"... your scores all suck, and yet you folks continue to call yourselves Marines, and 95th Rifles at that.

Which in my mind, Your scores today are above average even for Marines. BUT let me tell you this Gentlemen,


"Secondly Gentlemen" your inability to suddenly react to a sudden change or what is normally called the "FOG OF WAR", almost cost you your lives and that of your brother Marines. It took you FOLKS several long seconds to react, and begin to kill the enemy. That gentlemen is unexcusable.

As a Marine with the 95th Rifles; you must react instinctively, and you must fire your weapons as you would point your finger (the room begins to change to a regular firing range with a target at 100 meters), suddenly Eleonorrhea raised up her rifle and without sighting her weapon, fired off six quick consecutive shots.

"Gunny, take the entire detachment downrange and have them look at the target" exclaimed Eleonorrhea.

Then turning to Lt. Goodwin, Eleonorrhea said "Lt Goodwin if you may *pause* let's talk" replied Eleonorrhea.

With a growl, Gunny Rommel said in his usual German-accented voice. "Saddle up boys, let see how vell the Captain did just now" exclaimed Gunny Rommel, and "God help the next Marine who can't shoot over 100%" continued Gunny; as he led the entire detachment to the other end of the range.

Lt. Goodwin was really getting into the drill. She liked this type of drill as she seldom got to get out into the action. She was more of a pilot and desk jockey. She was hoping now with the a new commander overseeing the Marines, that maybe she would get more action on field missions or such.

Watching the entire detachment downrange all examining the target, Eleonorrhea turned and said.

"Jennifer" as Eleonorrhea liked to talk to her officers, when no one was looking" continued Eleonorrhea, "The captain just made me the ship's new COS, which means during my absence I will need an officer that I can trust, one that has been with the 95th Rifles far longer than I, and one officer that I can think of right now is "YOU".

"So what do you think"? replied Eleonorrhea, "Do you want the job, or should I give it to one of the new incoming Marine Officers,. One who doesn't know the 95th as well as you do, hasn't had the time to fully understand their concerns, or probably doesn't give a shit about the men and its history" questioned Eleonorrhea now in a serious tone of voice.

"Ma'am, I would be honored to step up to the role." Goodwin replied. "I appreciate getting the chance to prove myself in such a role. I will do the best I can and hope to make you proud."

"Don't make me proud, just make sure that you make yourself, and that of the 95th Rifles proud"

Soon Gunny Rommel came back with good news, everyone was now strangely quiet, not only did Elenorrhea's first shot hit just 7 millimetres off centre, but the other five shots had destroyed the centre of the target, and some looked like they had entered the same entrance hole. As Gunny Rommel put the entire detachment back in formation, Eleonorrhea said.

"DETACHMENT STAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD AT EASE" with the entire detachment now at ease, Eleonorrhea said.

The detachments new 2IC is Lieutenant Goodwin. She will take over during my absence when I am on the bridge as the new COS, and any time I am gone from the detachment as required by the captain.

"Now if any one of you Jarheads have a problem with that, then you will deal with Gunny's Shit list, and or Lt Goodwin. Because if I come back and find any one of you has decided to not follow order...I will personally deal with you, and nail you mangy Butts to the door of the shuttle floor deck.


YES MA'AM WE UNDERSTAND...MA'AM screamed the voices of the entire detachment....Good, now Lt Goodwin the detachment is yours, have Gunny run the entire detachment run through rifle drills, and when the both of are satisfied that today's lesson sank, you can release them for evening chow.

As for me, I'm off to the bridge replied Eleonorrhea. The ship is about to leave her moorings for our first assignment, spoke Eleonorrhea.

Leaving the holosuite, all Eleonorrhea could hear the voice of Lt. Goodwin giving her orders to Gunny Rommel, and in a few seconds, he was already screaming at the entire detachment, as the door of the holosuite closed behind her.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin [PNPC: Winchester]
Marine Officer
USS Tomcat

Gunnery Sergeant Edwin Rommel [NPC: Delfin]
95th Rifles First Sergeant
USS Tomcat


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