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Departure Part 1

Posted on 01 Jun 2018 @ 9:50am by Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Ensign Teela Tjaansz
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Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 0.1a


Jasmine was already on the bridge of her ship scanning through progress reports as the rest of the crew arrived on to the ship, she looked around as most of her senior staff began to take up their posts, as the computers started to come to life Somers read the latest SITREPs and frowned at some of them.

Entering the bridge Eleonorrhea easily found her station, which was at the port side of the bridge and just right behind the captain's chair. The station looked the same as the simulator she had been using in the holosuite. For the past several days after her encounter with the captain she had been training on the simulator for eight hours at a time; running every known simulation that may or not come up on the Security Stations monitor.

However this time, the station was not a simulator but the real deal, and now as she looked around the bridge, and observed the bridge crew now arriving at their stations; she watched each of them on how they approach theirs, and how they acted. Now it was her turn she quickly inputted her own User Id and Password, and once that was in, she depressed the start button, it took but a few nanoseconds, before her monitor was updating itself since the ship had been refitted. Beginning to come alive from its deep slumber, the station began its own internal diagnostics and calibration; synching with the ships LCARS, receiving the latest information from Starfleet, and also the information from the various monitors on the ship. Even the actions of the security personnel as they inputted their own codes signifying that the vital areas of the ship they were assigned to was clear. Now satisfied that her monitor was showing all of its indicator lights were now showing green, Eleonorrhea said.

"Commander has the ship switch to internal power and disconnects all moorings and umbilical from the station," Somers said and let her First Officer deal with the rest.

Maia sitting on the Captain's right was busy coordinating with the dock master as the rest of the bridge crew filtered onto the bridge and took their stations.

"Moorings cleared Captain. Thrusters at station keeping". Maia advised.

"Captain Security is manned, my monitor is now signifying all lights are now green. "Ship is now manned and secured " replied Eleonorrhea

Paul flexed his new hand and arm as he entered the bridge and headed towards the helm station and knew that he would have to make his pre-flight checks before they departed, but how would the new arm cope as he had not long had the slim lined version fitted. Seconds later he slid into his seat and started the pre-flight checks before the Captain called to remove the moorings.

K'Muss arrived on the bridge, clad in the blue of science. It wasn't long ago when he wore gold. And green before that. The caitian was more than a little confused to be perfectly honest. Nevertheless, he assumed the science station, wishing that it was phasers.

"Science station manned, Captain."

The turbolift doors hissed open and Lt JG Taggert quickly and professionally walked on to the bridge, taking the engineering console from Ensign Tjaansz. She gave her a smile, and tapped a few buttons, loading her preferred console layouts for the LCARS to suit her left-handedness.

"Thanks, Teela, I got this," Nicci said privately to her friend. To the captain, she spoke up loud and clear, "Engineering station, manned and ready, Captain."

"What's our mission?" Teela whispered.

"We're heading to a jungle planet to investigate some strange readings," Nicci said in a low voice.

"Sounds like my kind of mission," Teela whispered before leaving the engineering station with Nicci at the controls.

Sharing the car with Taggert, Doctor Aldana and Sombra disembark the turbolift. They round the bridge slipping past the conversing officers. Sombra hesitates for a moment at the interesting scents at Science before moving along to where Aldana finds hir station and allowing Sombra to slip under it, s/he slips in and activates it. Also being left-handed s/he too configures hir station in a coincidentally similar manner. "Medical Station reporting crewed and ready."

"Dock master advises we are cleared for departure, Captain," Maia stated.

*Nods* "Excellent Commander, Lieutenant Winchester take us out half thruster power until we clear space dock than to full impulse until we clear the flight zone of the Starbase. Then set heading for the destination in the computer warp six, engage when ready" Somers ordered.

Paul replied "Aye Sir, half thruster power," as he tapped in the commands into the console in front of him, and then set a program up to then set the thrusters to full impulse and then the destination and the setting warp 6.

"Make it So, Lieutenant!" Somers said after Winchester had done what was instructed, she turned to Sterling and spoke quietly "so Maia how is K'Muss coping with being a Science Officer?" She asked.

"He is unfocused as of now so will be a general science specialist. Perhaps when I get feel for his natural abilities I will assign him a speciality. Right now its too early to tell". Maia said.

*nods* "Understood, you give him a speciality when you deem it right" Somers responded with a smile.

After that her Padd came to life, her Yeoman had sent her a message saying that she was needed in her Ready Room, sighing heavily as the ship entered warp. "You have the bridge, Number One," Somers said to Sterling as she switched the Padd's bleeping off and stood up to leave.

"Aye captain", Maia replied.

With a small smile, Jasmine headed straight for her Ready Room.

- Lower Decks -

Dodd was multi-tasking as he had to not only prepare for departure, but he also had to prepare for leading the main away team for this mission. He was distributing all of his assignments. He would have Petty Officer Nelson as the acting assistant chief while he was off the ship. He was waiting for his away team to be finalized by the captain to determine who would be his acting chief engineer. If Taggert was on the mission then Teela would be it. If Teela would be on the mission, then Taggert would step up for the time. He valued both of those engineers as well as Nelson. He knew that all three of them could all do a great job and he would not worry about anything.

He was in his office and realized that he would need to schedule a meeting with the captain to go over his list of volunteers and who she wanted to be assigned to the away team. He valued her opinions and knew she would give him the best possible team she could afford him.

Xindaria was a world that was just on the edge of what once the domain of the Xindi. After their civil war and the destruction of Xindus, the Xindi moved to a different world.

So now Xindaria was a vast jungle with basically no animal life to speak of. The plants on this planet apparently have life figured out without being sentient. At one time it was an oasis for the Avian Xindi who were able to get here via some means. Some ruins in the middle of the jungle, prove to be the remains of a vast city that was once home to approximately a million Avians. There were even some signs of technology at one time but it is known the Avians were not every tech-savvy, Dodd had his hands full.

The reason he was to lead this mission is that his signature was found at the root of the beacon that was being broadcast from the surface of Xindaria. He was not sure how that was possible because it was dated to have originated at a point 3,000 years in the past. Starfleet was sure to get him involved because of this and because they knew he could also figure out the strange occurrence of chronitons and tachyons coming from the surface, which are not common from this sector in space and they are also not naturally occurring, to begin with. Dodd now found himself lost in the details for the away mission and had to get focused on departing from the station.

It was some time after everyone had gotten on the bridge and situated when Ensign Tjaansz was taking an engineering kit and a few PADDs with her to do some maintenance on a computer junction in the captain's ready room.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counselor
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat


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