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Posted on 18 May 2018 @ 1:22am by 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Gunnery Sergeant Ernst Rommel
Edited on on 20 May 2018 @ 5:30pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Marine Commanding Officers Office
Timeline: Mid-morning


Master Gunnery Sergeant Rommel had already come on board the Tomcat, and after chewing out a few Marines who were on the fantail just standing around, with their blouses half-opened, he read them the riot act. Glaring at one Marine, who was about to faint from the Gunny, he asked “Jarhead” where is the headshed” snarled the Gunney.

“Gunny” replied the now frightened Marine, its down …. “Never mind Marine! If you want things done right, you do it yourself”, replied the Gunny as he made his way down from the Shuttle bay down to the Marine Deck.

Stopping in front of Eleonorrhea's office; oO I wonder what this 1st Lieutenant is like, I hope she’s not one of those pansy assed snowflakes that seem to think they know a lot better, and all they have is just book knowledge Oo though Gunny as he tapped three times on the closed door.

Tapping three times, and then waiting for an answer, with nothing forthcoming, Gunny Rommel tapped three times once again a little bit harder, and this time he heard the words “Enter, and stand at attention” came the command.

Opening the door, Gunny walked in and saw a female marine officer behind a pile of Isolinear chips and mounds of paperwork that was now covering her desk. Even though Starfleet had gotten rid of paper hundreds of years ago, as the primary means of communication; there were times when writing on paper was much preferred, then having it posted on each individuals PADD.

Walking up to the desk and standing a foot away, Gunny Rommel came to full attention, Saluted Eleonorrhea, and said

“Ma’am…..Master Gunnery Sergeant, Edwin Rommel reporting to the Commander. Ma’am”. Leaving him standing, Eleonorrhea just sat and read more Isolinear Chips, then looking up, she slowly looked up at the Gunnery Sergeant standing there in his dress greens. She slowly inspected him on his appearance and noticed the many ribbons and medals he had on his chest, especially the ones dating back from the Dominion War.

Returning the salute, Eleonorrhea said Gunny "parade rest" and hand me your Iso” replied Eleonorrhea. Taking out his Isolinear chip, Gunny Rommel placed it on the desk returned back to the position of parade rest, whereby Eleonorrhea scooped it up and inserted the chip into the Isolinear reader.

Reading a few lines, Eleonorrhea got up from her desk, and walked to the refreshment replicator and ordered two coffees, and brought them back to her desk, “Gunny take a seat, enjoy the cup of coffee that is on the desk while I finish reading your history” replied Elonorrhea. Seeing a plain chair to his right, Gunny Rommel slipped into the seat, and retrieved the cup of coffee, sipping it slowly while he watched the Lieutenant reading her chip reader.

Sitting in the seat Gunny Rommel could fee a sudden warmth, as he felt that this wasn’t your typical ‘Gunnery Sergeant’ meets the new CO. It was like a slow and long inquisition: as Eleonorrhea slowly looked at the Gunny, studying & watching his every move, analyzing his facial features, and even watching the twitching of his lip or the lack of; as she continued to read his personal, military history, and training files on the screen.

Finally finished, Eleonorrhea picked up her cup of coffee with both hands, held it to her lips, and sat for a few seconds then said

“Gunny, it looks like what I asked for is standing in front of me” replied Eleonorrhea who said “now let’s talk” on what I see that needs to be done while the Tomcat is still tied up.

So for starters, your office will be in the orderly room, you will have assigned to you a Starfleet or a Marine Yeoman who will do much of the paperwork that needs to be done replied Eleonorrhea. “Your job, on the other hand, is to make sure my Marines do their jobs. I don’t care how you do it, but you can’t kill them, you can verbally get them going; you can make their lives hard enough for them to wish that they had never heard of the Tomcat or the 95th Rifles.

Every Friday, there will be a general uniform inspection each morning; a monthly Class “A” inspection, and an unannounced field gear inspection” replied Eleonorrhea.

Next comes Physical Training, everyone performs Physical Training. No one is exempt even me or the officers. I want us to be on that shuttle deck doing physical training each morning from 0600 hrs to 0755 hrs. Then the normal duty day starts at 0800 hrs.

Any Marine that goes into the Brig will be released to me only. NO one else from the detachment is to sign for any of my Marines who is in the brig for whatever they committed. However I will allow you to sign for the Marine, and he will be confined to a bunk room under guard, then I will deal with him.

"Now Gunny any questions before I let you go” replied Eleonorrhea.

“No ma’am replied Gunnery Sergeant Rommel, as he was just now standing up, one more thing Gunny"

"If one of my officers gets in your face about you reprimanding them for interfering with the duties of any one of my NCO’s by trying to teach the men, then fine. They can take off their bars and put on the stripes of an NCO, and do the job. And I will be very happy to add them as the new Platoon Sergeant.

However, an NCO is to lead, since he knows his men under him, and what they can do or can't do. An Officer only knows his men by leading them. An NCO however sleeps, eats, breathes, and dies with his men.

“You’re released, Top. Saluting Eleonorrhea, she went back to what she was doing, and oO boy she is tough, I’ve never had an officer tell me that my NCO’s actually run things and that officers are to not interfere with NCO business Oo though Gunny Rommel as he turned, and exited the door.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat


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