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The Mission Briefing Part 2

Posted on 21 May 2018 @ 2:55pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Lieutenant JG Dr. Rhamses Carnarvan PhD

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: SB51 Briefing Room/Various
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 0.1


Standing up “CAN I HAVE EVERYONE’S ATTENTION PLEASE!” Somers shouted to get them to quieten down, then in a more normal tone, “okay I am going to give you the basics of this next mission, it will be around the same amount as I know, but all questions please direct them to Lieutenant Dodd, it seems he has acquaintances that have passed on some interesting information and it must be something as Starfleet Command took an interest in what little they were told” she paused to let what she said so far sink in.

“There is now a desolate planet that while still able to support life, is barren, this planet is just outside Xindi space was once home to the Xindi Avian species, I know that those who were with us in the Hydaransz mission found out that a colony of these Avian were living on a planet in that system would most likely by now have seen the captured images, if not they are interesting.”


“The planet has itself some very high mountains and long-range scans have indicated Chroniton and Tachyon signatures of the temporal kind, I know none of us wants to get sucked into another one, this is why the Tomcat will stay out of reach of the pull and send in a scout away team, hopefully, this will assist in avoiding the Chroniton and Tachyon readings that surround the planet. there have also been reports of Pirate and Orion activity in the area, I assume the energies disable the ships and then they move into capture slaves. This is another reason as to why I will not be taking the Tomcat in too close, last thing I want to do is see my ship disabled and wake up in some Orion’s pleasure den in a slave-girl outfit, I would not want to see anyone else suffer the same fate” Somers said “before I hand you over to Lieutenant Dodd to ask your questions and such, Command did say that we treat the Orion and Pirates as we normally would, I think if they were destroyed, Starfleet would not worry too much, now I will hand you over to Lieutenant Dodd, who I hope can shed more light on this mission than the Admiralty told me; Lieutenant” Somers said indicating the Dias.

“Hello, I am going to share with you what I know,” Dodd stated. “I have been doing some deep research on Tachyon and Choroniton particles. While I have learned a lot, I think the Admiralty seem to think I know enough to be heading up the scout team. What appears to be happening is that a strange temporal signal appears to be coming from the surface of this barren planet. The catch is that it also appears to be Federation in origin. This signal appears to be coming from an area about 5 km from the centre of the ruins of an ancient city. The scans performed in the area to show that it was once the location of a mining compound. There are some bits of this mission that are still classified and so after this briefing, I will talk with the Captain and the officers who will be involved with that information. However, I was asked to assemble a team to scout out in person this anomaly, for a lack of a better word. I am looking to have an archaeologist who may have some information of the Xindi Avian race, a geologist to review the topography and help us map all the details as we figure out the cause of the signal, an engineer, other than myself, an intelligence officer or such, and then a marine officer or trooper. Starfleet is looking for me to keep the team to no more than seven or less including myself.” Dodd stated and then took a breath.

“We will take a shuttle to the surface and then set-up a base camp about midway between the ruins of the city and the location of the signal at the old mining location. We will then do a thorough job of examining the mining location to pinpoint the source of the signal. I would like to try to have the team break into two groups. I would take the engineer and the geologist to the mining location to locate the signal’s source. I would then have the archaeologist, intelligence staff member, and the other officer or marine trooper go into the city ruins and explore what is there that could help provide more on what we know of the Avian race. I would hope the archaeologist would examine and note everything of archaeological significance in the process.”

During all this Jasmine sat quietly and watched and listened, this was one of the tests she decided to implement after all the officers currently on the Tomcat were the future commanders in Starfleet, lessons had to be taught.

Dodd took a quick sip of water. “Any questions?”

“Yes, I have several questions, first and foremost what are the diplomatic protocols involved. I mean we are talking about an incursion into Xindi space. Do we have permission to do so?” Maia asked.

“Thank you for asking, Commander. We are looking to take a team to the planet, which was once claimed by the Xindi but no longer falls within their domain. We have permission from the Xindi to investigate the rumours of the ruins and validate if they are indeed Avian in origin. They have granted Starfleet and the Tomcat access into their computer databases to get all the data we need to make our determination of the situation. We don’t have any Xindi representatives joining us, so standard Federation protocols will apply unless otherwise ordered.” Dodd replied to Sterling. “Does that answer your questions?”

“Thank you, Mr Dodd,”. Maia was relieved, they had permission to enter and explore, they were Starfleet after all not pirates. Maia thought.

“Anyone else, I would really like to get all your questions addressed if you have any?” Dodd asked of room.

Raising her hand Eleonorrhea stood up, and now up and stretching a bit Eleonorrhea began her questions…

“Lt. Dodd, I presume” commented Eleonorrhea; “since I’m not too familiar with a lot of what you’re talking of I’d like to know just what was the “Hydaransz mission”, the Captain was talking about.

Next just how many Marines will you need? Since I don’t know the capability of my Marines, and only have their experiences to go on, I’d like to know just exactly how many Marines you actually need.

Then there is the issue with weapons, what kind of firepower are we talking about to defeat an unknown enemy force; if there is anyone there to fight. Are you talking about armoured forces or a bunch of soldiers using phaser weapons?

If you’re planning on splitting the Scouting party; one to do the archaeological data collection, and one to actually go into the city, then you’re probably going to need not just six or seven; but a whole platoon. One to act as command and control, one to go with the Archaeologist if we have one here on board, and one to go with the geological party. Then there is the issue of rations, and how many days do you want to spend down on the planet? Two, Four, Six days or maybe two weeks.

Right now, I’ll set down and try to determine what you’re going to need.” as Eleonorrhea sat down.

“This must be a small team so a whole platoon will not be going down to the surface,” Dodd replied. “Starfleet only wants a team of six to seven members so if anything negative happens with any Chronitons and a temporal fissure opens there is minimal losses or casualties.”

Just as Lt. Dodd was about to speak further, Eleonorrhea looked out through the doorway of the conference room and saw a very old LTJG hanging around by the door, who seemed to be listening to the contents of the briefing. Getting up quickly, everyone could see Eleonorrhea accost the older Starfleet officer, and after a short speech between the two, Eleonorrhea brought the older officer into the briefing room.

Helped inside the Conference Room, the older officer was using a cane to help him move around. Helped to a chair at the front of the room, the old officer sat down in silence and listened to what Lt. Dodd had to say, then after a few minutes of listening the older officer got up and pointed his cane at Lt. Dodd…

“YOU young man, you are not an Archaeologist,” replied the older officer. It would be better for you to leave Archaeology to the experts and can tell the difference between a digit from a Sehlat and those of an early Vulcan. Maybe someone who has more years performing archaeological digs under the worse conditions known to man.

Maia raised her eyes and looked back at the archaeologist.

Captain Somers, I believe that my lapse in memory on the common courtesy on greeting your new commander slipped my mind. I got sidetracked while I was in my lab. Now as for me being here on this ship” continued the strange old officer. “The reason why that I am not on any of your ships manifests is because I was asked by the Chief of Starfleet Operations to assist you with this mission, and to get me to come on board, they made me a LTJG with a promise that If I decided that I didn’t like the conditions that I could leave the ship once it returned to port.”


“I arrived on board about an hour ago and have been busy in my lab. As for my qualifications,” commented the officer, “My name is LTJG Dr Rhamses W. Carnarvan, PhD. I currently hold two doctorate degrees; one in Xenoarchaeology, and the other in Xenobiology” continued the older officer.

“I am an expert on the Xindi-Avians and have written several books on the subject, so when this mission came up I was in my laboratory in London when the Chief of Starfleet Operations contacted me and told me about your upcoming mission. However, in order for me to join your group, I had to officially join Starfleet as an Officer, so in a simple ceremony, I was given an honorary degree from Starfleet Academy with the temporary rank of LTJG, and have the same privileges of a Starfleet Officer. Now since I am wearing the uniform of a Starfleet officer, I will follow all of the Captain’s rules and all of the Starfleet regulations, till I can return back to port, and leave your ship.

But until then, I am an Officer on this ship.”


With the room now silent, even the Captain along with the ship’s officers remained quiet…

Getting up and walking to the front of the room with the help of his cane; Dr Carnarvan spoke as he looked around the room. But before speaking on the subject Dr Carnarvan turned to Lt. Dodd and in a deadpanned expression said “leave archaeology to the experts”

“Now as you were saying Lt. Dodd. I believe that you mentioned that you are looking to have an archaeologist who may have some information of the Xindi Avian race”, and you think that whatever it is that is out there on this so-called desolate planet is a remnant of a Xindi-Avian settlement or whatever you young folks call a place to live.

“I never claimed to be an archaeologist. But I have been given all the data from Starfleet as they prepared a study before asking for a scout team to investigate in person.” Dodd stated once he got the chance. “The scans of the planet do show remnants of Xindi DNA in the soil and from what records we have access to from the Xindi database, this planet was once an Avian oasis and cultural centre,” Dodd added to the conversation. “I am going to follow the requirements I have been given by Starfleet. I do have more information that I can only give to my team once it has been determined.”

“I would like to have you on the scout team if you are able to do so,” Dodd stated. “I am sure your expertise will come in handy no matter your role with this mission.”

“Now, would anyone else like to address any concerns or such?” Dodd then asked of the rest of the staff.

“Yes, these signals you’ve picked up are they in any way similar to the Guardian of Forever?” Maia asked.

“As a matter of fact, the signal was similar to the signals that the Guardian emits but they do vary a little. That is the reason that Starfleet thinks there may be some outside influences in the anomaly.” Dodd replied.

Somers spoke up “Lieutenant Carnarvan, the Hydaransz System mission was before you came to the Tomcat, as for the fate of the Xindi Avian Species, not much is known, any information is just educated guesswork and using a model of the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon dynamic is a valid one, but there are a few things you need to be aware of” Somers paused.

“You may have been assigned to my command as the only person with some more knowledge, you are also only on assignment to the Tomcat, your main post is the Science lab on this Starbase, it is better equipped for the work that you do than the Tomcat is, but for this mission you will remain on the ship and advise on anything the away team finds, with Pirates and Orion slavers in the area I cannot risk you on such a mission due to your age and the fact you have a walking stick and the need to move quickly may be needed. So, another Science Officer will be sent on the Away mission, who knows they may return with more data on the Avian species for you to look over, this is an order now, you will remain on the Tomcat for the duration of this mission is that understood Lieutenant Carnarvan? Besides, you should not even be in this briefing anyways, but as you are now, here, you may as well remain” Somers said.

oO Why am I standing here listening to some overblown Starfleet Officer, and especially a woman; who doesn’t have the brain cells of a ‘Denebian Slime Devil’ to understand how important this find will be to the Federation Oo thought Dr Carnarvan as he stood at attention as he received a bristly dressing down by the Captain, and she was correct in her analysis of his physical condition. In his haste to talk about his favourite subject he had forgotten that though he may be the most knowledgeable expert in such matters; it was the Captain who had the authority to either let him go or have him confined to the ship…

“Yes Captain, I fully understand your wishes” replied Dr Carnarvan. In my zeal and somewhat excitement that maybe there is a Xindi-Avian colony still alive, I forgot that you are the one in charge of this ship, and I was a Lieutenant, and a Doctor will obey any further directives” Captain, as he stood there now humbled…

With that Carnarvan returned his attention to Dodd, Somers felt sorry for the young man, he was being grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich, suddenly her stomach rumbled as she thought about that type of food.

“Mr Dodd, I’d like to finish my explanation on the Xindi-Avians if you don’ mind.” replied a softly speaking almost apologetic Dr Carnarvan.

“The early history of the Xindi is a remarkable one. It is very rare for 2 intelligent species to evolve on the same planet. For 6 species to have done so is unheard of. As a result, many historians, scientists, and experts agree the loss of their homeworld was an enormous blow to science and the understanding of just how this unique situation came to be.”


“Currently we do know that the Aquatics was the first to evolve into an intelligent life form and that they were followed by the Primates. It is widely believed that the Avians were the last species to evolve into an intelligent life form. Very little is known about their ancient history, but it is known that the Primates became the dominant life form and ruled over the others for aeons. Numerous minor conflicts were fought over the years but finally, the last war escalated, and they destroyed their own plant in the mid-2030’s.”

“It is now believed that the Avians were all destroyed with this time. This was due to a number of reasons. The most obvious of which was that they were so far behind the other Xindi species when it came to technology and they did not have the ships or capability to build any.”

“Strangely, the remains of an Avian settlement were found on an alien planet that dated back to the 2nd millennium BC. The ruins of the settlement were used for the meeting place of the Xindi Council after their world was destroyed. It was here that they planned and ordered the development, construction, and deployment of the prototype weapon that thy then dispatched to attack Earth. This Attack was successful, and millions of humans were killed.”


“Lt. Dodd if this is the source of your so-called signals then we may have found another Xindi-Avian Council meeting place.”


“The Avians are easily the least advanced of the 6 Xindi Species. In fact, they were believed to have been wiped out when their homeworld was destroyed so they did not have the technology or the tech skills to build and operate spacecraft. As it turns out this is not what happened to them. However, they are still considered almost primitive by the other Xindi species. They have very little interests in most technology and would prefer to spend their time in meditation.”

“The Xindi-Avians are generally pacifists. They abhor any type of violence and will never engage in any aggressive acts. As a result, they not only do not heed any warships, but they never had any military or even any police force. However, the Avians are extremely peaceful and abhor any and all forms of violence. They also tend to be very spiritual. They prefer to remain uninvolved in the disputes between the other 5 Xindi species and have gone to great lengths in order to avoid certain issues, which I believe will satisfy the Marine Commander, and the Captain on the safety of the Scouting Party.”


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
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USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
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Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat

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1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
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