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A Returning Officer

Posted on 10 Aug 2018 @ 10:29pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Captain's Ready Room/USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 0.2


- Outer Office -

Lucy was finalizing some files when she noted a long shadow on her desk, she looked up and she was surprised to see a Caitian standing there in science blues, she tried to recall his name *smiles* "Ensign K'Muss, how have you been Sir? Not seen you in a long time, you here to report to the Captain?" Armitage asked.

"It's good to be back. Armitage, right?" he smiled. "Can't complain I guess." he took in a deep breath. He looked around. "Glad to see a familiar face. And yes, to your question. Is she in?"

"Yes, Sir, she is waiting to see you, please wait here a moment I will go in and notify her that you have arrived," Armitage said and left the Ensign standing there.

Her Yeoman entered "Captain Ensign K'Muss is here see you" Armitage said.

"Okay Lucy sends him in," Somers said and Lucy nodded and left the room to return to her small reception type desk outside the Ready Room.

Somers was in her ready room finishing up some paperwork the Regimental seal on the wall behind her, this was the same version of the one behind the desk of Karyn Somers on the Starbase. In the centre was the Federation Seal and slightly smaller and overlaid was the Rifles Emblem of a bugle and below it was a pair of crossed Rifles and below and in between them was the number 95 to signify the Regimental number. To the left of the seal angled left was the Starfleet standard to the right was the 95th Regimental standard sloped right. below that was the name Mira Sector, after making sure it was all straight, she sat down.

Lucy put her Padd down and then she looked at the Ensign "you can go to Sir" Armitage said.

"Captain. Ensign K'Muss reporting as ordered," he said, standing ramrod straight. oO You can take the cat out of the corps, but not the corps out of the cat Oo he thought.

*Looks up with a smile* "at ease Ensign, you are not a marine anymore, please have you a seat" Somers said indicating the chair in front of her desk "so tell me how you come to be wearing science blues? Last I saw you it was Yellow?" she asked.

"To be perfectly honest, I don't know myself. You do remember that I was incapacitated during our last mission." he began. "I was on starbase 51 recovering when I caught wind of the Tomcat pulling in for crew transfers and the like, so I put in to return to the ship. "They told me a junior science spot was open so I pounced on it like a terran cat to yarn. If you'll pardon the cat pun" he said.

Somers had to hide a smile and hold back an unbecoming commanding officer laugh, she was picturing K'Muss laying on his back like a terran cat pawing at a dangling piece of string, she had to use all her willpower to show amusement. "Things have altered slightly on the Tomcat and after reporting to me, you will need to report to Commander Sterling, so before I reactivate your ship based clearances and send you on your merry way, do you have any questions?" Somers asked.

"Just anxious to get back in the swing of things, Captain. Meet everyone again."

*nods* "understandable, as you are now a Science Officer, you will need to report to Commander Sterling after leaving here. If I may, why did you change from Security to Science?" Somers asked.

"To be honest. I don't know what to say." The caitian replied. "I just took the opportunity"

*Smiles* "Indeed, you came on board as a Marine SNCO, I gave you a field promotion to Ensign and gave you MCO, you left for a bit and returned and changed to Security, where again after some time you again left, now you are back in a different Department, I hope you will stick around a bit longer this time and try to actually learn something!?" Somers said.

"That is certainly my goal." the caitian replied.

"I would hope so, as we have had newer crew join the Tomcat and they are now either full Lieutenants or Lieutenant Jg's you have been here longer, granted on and off, but you should at least be a Lt Jg by now. The reason why I hope you will remain around longer than the last two times is you do have potential but you will never get past Ensign unless you prove yourself" Somers said without hostility, she was simply stating facts "only this time you will have to impress Commander Sterling in your duties and she runs a tight department" she said.

Then pressed a button =/\= Commander Sterling report to the Captain's Ready Room, Somers out =/\= she said then closed the line and waited for her XO to enter, while she did, she returned her attention to the Caitian.

- Bridge -

Commander Sterling sat in the centre seat and surveyed the bridge.

The bridge was the starship equivalent of an operations centre or command centre. On Starfleet ships, it was generally located near the top and front of a vessel. From here, the commanding officers supervised all ship's operations, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems. On the Starship Tomcat, this was certainly the case. On most Akira-class bridges, two command station, each flanking the command chair, had access to specialized consoles to access sensor data and to monitor starship operations. These freestanding consoles, designed with rotating display screens, were generally used by the ship's first officer, ship's counsellor, or other senior officer occupying one of the stations.

The main command chair had two built-in consoles, which were programmed in a variety of functions, including a system to record entries to the ship's log, library computer access and retrieval, view screen control, intercoms, backup conn and ops panels, plus armament and shield controls. Originally designed as flip-up consoles which could be hidden when unused, the chair was redesigned in 2365 to integrate the consoles directly into the armrests.

Maia had the ships status display at her fingertips. The Tomcat was on course on a heading of 215 mark 14 towards the strange temporal eddy's emanating from a planet near Cestus III at Warp 6. It would be at least 4 days before they got there at current speed. Current ships status was blue which indicated normal operation and readiness levels.

=/\= Commander Sterling report to the Captain's Ready Room. =/\=

=/\= On my way Captain =/\= then Maia signed off and then she turned over command to the Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Cahill.

"Alex you have the bridge".

Maia stood up straightened her blouse then left the bridge for the ready room.

- CRR -

"It is good to have goals, but unless those goals are adhered to, then they are not fulfilled, so you must be mindful" Somers added and looked up as the CRR bridge-side doors opened and her First Officer entered.

Maia entered the Captain's ready room.

"Commander Sterling reporting as ordered Captain". The captain always did prefer a more formal stance on the Tomcat. She had started as a Marine after all.

"Please have a seat Commander, you know Ensign K'Muss, he is now our new Science Officer and will be directly under your command as Chief Science Officer," Somers said and waited till Sterling was sitting and would allow her to respond.

"Yes Captain, I received his new Jacket and he has already attended the Science officer orientation briefing with Ensign Thompson. Ensign K'Muss has not chosen a specialization yet so I've assigned him as a general specialist until he finds something that specifically interests him". Maia stated.

"Excellent *looks at K'Muss* so Ensign have you an area you want to specialize in, or are you for the moment happy with general Science Officer?" Somers asked.

"Hadn't thought about that to be honest. So I think it's best to generalize for now." the caitian replied

*raising an eyebrow and looking from K'Muss to Sterling* "what say you, Commander?" Somers asked.

Maia looked at her Captain and nodded.

"Very well *looks at K'Muss* Ensign you are now officially under the direct command of Commander Sterling, do well, Science is different to Marines and Security both Departments you have done a short time in, I hope you stick this one out longer than the last two, have you anything to say and possibly any questions to ask, I think things may have changed since you were last with us" Somers asked.

K'Muss simply nodded to the Captain's comment,

"Dismissed Ensign" Somers said and watched K'Muss leave the Ready Room, she looked at Sterling "he needs motivation Commander work him hard" Somers said.

"Aye Captain" The XO replied.



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