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The New Officer

Posted on 01 Jun 2018 @ 9:26am by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Captain's Ready Room USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 0.1


- Outer Office -

Lucy was finalizing some files when she noted a long shadow on her desk, she looked up and she was glad to be sitting as she felt her knees go weak, she had to mentally remind herself she was in a relationship, but still, the officers standing before her was to her mind very attractive. But being first and foremost on duty she gathered her strength and wits and stood to keep her voice firm.

"Can I help you, Lieutenant?" Armitage asked.

It was now 0600 hrs, and Eleonorrhea was in her Marine Class "A" dress uniform. Making sure everything was on correctly, Eleonorrhea wanted to make sure that when she met the new skipper, she would do in a professional manner.

"Yes, Yeoman" please inform the Captain that 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea Delfin is here in her office waiting to officially sign into the USS Tomcat as the new Marine Commanding Officer" replied Eleonorrhea in her best official voice.

oO I hope I didn't come off too hard on the Yeoman, I surely don't want a repeat of my meeting the Chief Oo though Eleonorrhea, as she stood at parade rest.

Armitage smiled "please wait here Sir, I will go let the Captain know you are here" then she was gone, letting Delfin alone, the outer reception was not as flashy as the CRR, it was basically an alcove with a desk and a couple of seats for visitors should they want to sit while waiting. The Federation emblem was the only thing on the wall there.

Her Yeoman entered "Captain first Lieutenant Delfin is here see you" Armitage said.

"Okay Lucy sends her in," Somers said and Lucy nodded and left the room to return to her small reception type desk outside the Ready Room.

Somers was in her ready room finishing up some paperwork the Regimental seal on the wall behind her, this was the same version of the one behind the desk of Karyn Somers on the Starbase. In the centre was the Federation Seal and slightly smaller and overlaid was the Rifles Emblem of a bugle and below it was a pair of crossed Rifles and below and in between them was the number 95 to signify the Regimental number. To the left of the seal angled left was the Starfleet standard to the right was the 95th Regimental standard sloped right. below that was the name Mira Sector, after making sure it was all straight, she sat down.

She left the CRR and returned to her desk where she put her Padd down and then she looked at the Lieutenant "you can go to Sir" Armitage said.

oO There she goes again, commented Eleonorrhea, doesn't the women know what a female Marine looks like? Oo, thought Eleonorrhea as she quickly headed for the CO's private office.

oO I hope that the Yeoman didn't hear my last remark Oo though Eleanorrhea as she now stood in front of the closed office door.

oO Well here goes thought Eleonorrhea as she rapped on the door three times...

Soft Tap, Soft Tap, Soft Tap,


Then Eleonorrhea waited...

Jasmine heard the taps "Enter" Somers said and the door opened and in walked the new MCO.

Inside the Captain's inner office:

Taking her cue; Eleonorrhea opened the door, quickly saw the captain, and marched up to her desk then as she got to approximately one foot away, Eleonorrhea stopped, came to attention, and with a salute that showed respect, and that this wasn't one of those half-ass salutes some Starfleet officers were known to do, she snapped her hand up to her forehead, and said in a normal, but professional voice...

"Ma'am" 1st Lt Eleonorrhea Delfin Reporting to the Captain, "Ma'am", then seconds later with her salute now finished she waited with her hand still at a 45-degree angle, waiting for the command to go to parade rest...

Looking up at the Lieutenant "At ease Lieutenant, you going to do yourself an injury you stand any straighter, now sit you down" Somers said. "Your transfer orders?" she asked holding out her hand for the Padd.

Quickly Eleonorrhea shifted from the position of attention to parade rest, and in so doing, she quickly reached in with her left hand, pulled her PADD from somewhere in her tunic, and handed it over to the Captain.

Finished with the command, Eleonorrhea quickly returned back to the position of parade Rest, and watched the face of Captain Somers as she read the message written in BOLD RED LETTERS...'PERSONNEL RECORDS, AND MILITARY RECORDS' Classified by order of Starfleet, Starfleet Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Secretary of Defense - Classification is at "LEVEL-1O", At the bottom of the message was another shorter one which read...

"Penalty for divulging the information unless authorized by the President of the UFP will render the requestor an automatic 10-year sentence at a Federation Penal Colony at hard labour, or an assessed fee of over 5.5 million credits or both if found that the person reading this file has committed a crime"

Oo I'm sure the Captain is now boiling that she can't see my records Oo mused Eleonorrhea to herself, as she just watched the Captain look at her PADD, then looked back at Eleonorrhea, and then back to the PADD. oO I wished I could tell her the real reason why, but orders are ordered Oo though Eleonorrhea as she was now waiting for the other shoe to fall...

Somers looked at the Padd and saw the clearance level, she looked up at Delfin "you do know that due to the missions and area we operate in I have a level 12 clearance, so if I wanted to I could open this file, but I will not, unless it is required for operational reasons, I am saying this to make you aware that I have the clearance level to open your classified file if I so desired, but I will not without good reason as we also on occasion operate with the classification your classified section is at, so I will respect the classification. Now before we move on, what was told about your assignment to the Tomcat?" Somers asked.

"Thank you, ma'am, for honouring my secret. Hopefully, you won't have to open it, and read the contents" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Ma'am as for my orders, right now all I've been told so far is that I am the new MCO for the 95th Rifles, and that I'm to make sure that they fulfill that part, and if I see fit to change things around, and do things differently than what they've been accustomed to, then I as the new MCO have that power and authority.

Now as for other personnel, I met another Marine Officer, she's a 2nd Lieutenant, and her name is ....."Josefina Macapuno, or Joe to her friends, and in meeting her I found that she has been wasting Federation credits by being in a nice clean office, waiting to find another plush Marine officer job.

Well Ma'am, since I believe we're one Marine platoon leader short; I want that officer assigned to the 95th Rifles, and before coming here to meet you, I had already talked to Chief Somers and asked her to change that Marine Officers orders and change it to her new assignment with the 95th Rifles. Ma'am" replied Eleonorrhea.

Now having said her piece, Eleonorrhea returned to parade rest and waited, watching her explanation sink into the Captains mind...

Somers looked at the young Lieutenant and faintly remembered her time as a Marine Officer "be seated Lieutenant Delfin" Somers said in a stern manner, making it known that she expected her instructions to be obeyed. A bleep alerted her to a message in her Inbox from her cousin, she opened it while she waited for Delfin to sit and read it, she could not help but smile at what Karyn wrote "my, my, my a neutral position from Chief Somers, this is going to be interesting" she said to herself. Looking up "Just thought you should know I just received your assessment report from one of my SNCOs on the Starbase, you must have impressed the officer as I have never known this officer to offer a neutral grade, so there must be something to you Lieutenant!" Somers said no doubt aware that Delfin would likely know who she was referring to.

Observing there were two seats; one to her right was a plush high back chair, that was used only for very seniors officers such as other ships captains, XO's, and other highly placed officers, and the seat to her left that was a plain one usually reserved for personnel who were generally of lower rank, or ones who were now going to face the wrath of a Captain's Mast, Eleonorrhea decided to take this seat.

Deciding on the plain one, Eleonorrhea quickly sat down, but not as ramrod straight. Her physical demeanor though it looked like she was ramrod straight was actually a slight modification, to where she could relax without looking like she was slouching, and to the Captain she appeared to be straight as an arrow or what her Marines would call in the trenches..." an officer with a stick up her ass"..

Now seated, Eleonorrhea said "Ma'am"

Looking at Delfin "It seems Lieutenant that you made an impression on Chief Somers, she does not impress easily, reading between the lines, you both met in a social situation" Somers said and held her hand up "I do not want to know, that is between you marines, I see from your file *she said as she picked up the Padd* that you have only done frontline marine duties, even your sealed part of your file hints at main marine duties even though they were classified" she paused as she placed the Padd down and transferred the data to the Tomcats computer, then she looked at Delfin "what is in your file is the past, but you will have to learn and learn quickly what it means to be a rifleman in the 95th. The equipment you used in your other units is not always available to us, so we mainly work with the latest Phaser Rifles and TR-116 rifles depending on where we go, we have some minigun operators, we have some troop shuttles, two to be exact but we have no tanks or heavy artillery and the rifles on the Tomcat usually do mission that cannot be advertised for a few terran months or years due to their nature" she paused.

"I can imagine that Chief Somers did not tell you much about the 95th and what we are about, or about this white cord," Somers said pointing at the white band around the base of her shoulders, only one other person who is not a marine on the Tomcat wears the white cord. Bravo Unit are all Chosen Men, they have the white cord, so before we continue you have any questions on the rifles? Ask them now, as I like my officers who ask questions and there is only so much updated data on the 95th Regiment, ask away before I officially assign you" Somers said,

"Ma'am, since you asked; how much training has the 95th rifles had within the last 90 days? "I want to see the platoons fitness report, and their actual skills in action, not a bunch of words from folks who remember the 95th years ago, I want to take them out and watch them fail", then like all Marines before me; bring them up to a higher standard" replied Eleonorrhea.

Ma'am, when was the last time the 95th went to the range to fire their individual weapons, along with crew served weapons" Did they all pass, or did some of them pass, because whoever was in charge felt that being good enough was fine, and what was each marine score?

"Ma'am, when I take a detachment with me, I want to know that they can hit the side of a Phaser at over 1500 meters, without the use of "Optics" or a battle rifle computer. For I know that in the fog of battle, things can and do go wrong, and when a Marine only depends on using electronics to sight and fire his rifle; that person is dead, especially when we're in a condition that precludes the use of electronics.


Next "Ma'am, I want to know how my Platoon Leaders work with their individual platoons and platoon sergeants. I want to stress them out to the point that "there is a no-win situation", that in all battles they have to face the inevitability that they will lose; but in losing I want to see how they handle themselves.

"Ma'am", replied Eleonorrhea, I want to know what the Marines have learned especially in advanced hand to hand combat, especially when using improvised weapons, and things like swords, spears, axes, daggers, the Marine K-Bar, and even a battle axe. For in close quarters battle, the use of any type of Phaser, or Phaser rifle is precluded from being used successfully because of the chance that fine these will endanger the Marines fighting.

*pause she was watching the Captain's face*

I want to see an all-out free for all brawl that will pit a Marine against an opponent that is not playing by the rules. "Ma'am" when we're in close quarters combat in a ships passageway, and that Marine has no weapons, but can find a broken piece of wood, railing, or whatever, I want that Marine to kill that opponent in the most horrifying way, and I don't really care how they do it....

So what I'm saying Ma'am is this... When this ship goes into battle, and we have borders intent on killing the crew and taking the ship, I want you to rest easy that they will have to come over our bodies to reach you. But they will also know that to enter the Tomcat risks severe and immediate death and retaliation... "Ma'am

Now ma'am is there anything else, you would like to know about me, and how I will train my Marines ma'am" replied Eleonorrhea, who was now waiting for the Captain to speak.

Somers sat silently and listened to what Delfin had to say, she had to admit the woman had ideas, some she thought were good, others a bit harsh, but not much work had been done on the Rifles on the Tomcat, so any change would not be well received.

She addressed the ideas at each point, their fitness is top notch, despite not having a stable MCO, and they kept up with their physical training. As for the fitness reports, you will need to speak to Lieutenant Commander Cahill my CMO, she will have those, the only time I get a notification on their wellbeing in detail is if one of the jarheads break a limb and are rendered unfit for the duration. When I mention the basics of the 95th I am not referring to the past Lieutenant, all you need know is both their fitness and weapon training is current, I know their weapon training is, because I make a point of seeing those and all pass muster on that score, so they are fully capable” Somers said oO this one isn’t going to make friends that quickly if she does not remove that stick from her butt Oo Somers thought to herself as she listened to Delfin speak.

*Sighing Heavily* “Lieutenant you are inheriting a bunch of rifles all who are up to scratch with their weapon and melee skills, no need to remain on your high horse on that score. As for the basic setup, this has not changed; just not much work has been done with them. Including you there are slots for the following 2x Snr Officers 1 is Adjutant both are squad leaders, 3x Junior Officers, 1x WO, 1x Mstr GSgt, Mstr Sgt, and a mix of Sgts and lower, that is the basic setup on the Tomcat, hope that helps?” Somers said “as for killing, they have been trained to kill only if it is required, make no mistake Lieutenant you are now leading an Elite Unit, you treat them bad and you will find yourself in sickbay, not even I interfere in Rifle internal rules, they look after their own. Also, if you order them to kill they may say yes Sir or El-tee, but in the event they will exercise their own judgement, they have been trained to work independently or in small four to five-man units, they will get the job done” Somers said a little worried about Delfin’s outlook with killing.

Somers kept a neutral expression as she studied Delfin; this was a side of her that Karyn did not see oO this chick is nuts! Oo She thought alarmingly to herself. “As for being boarded in Combat Lieutenant Delfin, while defending both this ship and each other, you will exercise the proper conduct and always try to find a way to win with minimal internal damage to the ship. I will also be assigning you as Chief of Security, as we rarely use the troops in any large quantity, you will need to have other duties, as the Rifles also do Security duties on the Tomcat, they usually are placed on guard duty outside sensitive areas during combat situations, so besides running the Rifles on the Tomcat, you will need to work on properly integrating both Rifles and fleet officers into an effective security detachment on the Tomcat. The marine units on the Starbase are under my control as is Bravo Unit, the marine pilots we have are the responsibility of the CAG, currently Lieutenant Winchester is covering that duty, so you only have to worry about the 100 Rifles you would make the 101” Somers paused.

“When on duty as Chief of Security you will apply yourself in the same manner as a Fleet Officer would in that position, you will be doing most of your duty on the bridge and in the role of Chief of Security another Department that needs work done to it, the Security operates efficiently as most of them have been on the Tomcat since I took command over seven years ago, so they keep it running smoothly” Somers again paused.

“When you are ready you need to report to Major Donovan to do the handover, she knows that you are the new MCO, so there will be no issue, but she is acting MCO and you will need to speak to her before officially assuming command of the Rifles on the Tomcat. From the moment you have full control until the moment we leave on our next mission, whereupon you will report to the Security and Tactical station on the Tomcat, are there any questions?” Somers asked, then added “When you meet Major Donovan try not to stare, she is half human and stands seven feet in height and she does have features that denote she has alien excluding her height,” Somers said then fell silent allowing Delfin to absorb what was said and ask any questions.

Listening intently Eleonorrhea weighed the facts, along with the pros and cons in her head as the Captain spoke. Nodding each time to acknowledge the Captains recommendation, Eleonorrhea was already two steps ahead of the Captain. But for now, she should have to see just how tough the 95th Rifles were.

Being an Infantry officer, Eleonorrhea learned many years ago. It was during a Marine engagement against the Romulans on some godforsaken nameless planet that had claimed the lives of thousands of Marines, among these was her Company to which she had just been recently transferred to, that she took the word of her Company Commander that the men & women of her platoon were top notch, and did not need further tutoring, that she lost half of her platoon. After the engagement, an older well known, and respected Marine Master Chief Warrant Officer took her under his wing and said to her...



"Ma'am as the new incoming MCO, I'm afraid that I"m going to see just how tough the 95th Rifles" are replied Eleonorrhea. Not that I don't doubt that you have high praise for the Rifles since they're your babies; but I don't know just how well they can fight. Now as far as restraint, that I can do; and I will make sure that my Marines use the utmost restraint when dealing with other Species. However, I do have the option to use whatever weapons we have in the armoury that will not kill, but rather immobilized anyone we come across.

Now as the ships Chief of Security, I believe that I can handle that issue; however I've never been on the bridge of a starship, and my training in Security has mostly been in a land environment, but I believe that I can learn the workings of a starships security system.

If I may be able to suggest an idea to the captain that I've been working on. I would like to have one squad stationed somewhere on the ship, this would be a ships Quick Reaction Alert Squad (QRS), they would be in full combat gear, and only respond to an area designated by you as the ships most vital area for protection.


The QRA squad would be rotated each month and would be staffed by a Staff Sergeant, and two fire teams in the ranks of Corporals. The idea of the QRA squad is an old earth 21st-century model where instead of a Marine Expeditionary Force being sent to the beginnings of a conflict with their weapons and equipment, the QRA squad or team would have their necessary gear for close in combat in a starship. With a QRA Team ready to go at a moments notice, they can descend on a vital part of the ship and hold that area till the rest of the ships security forces and Marines can mount an effective force against them.

While inside their own quarters, it will have the usual entertainment, banking, bathrooms, weapon storage, and food replicators. To enter is only by the Commander, the Executive, the Marine Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and First Sergeant. No one will be able to enter. They would by nature be ready to go...

With that Elenorrhea was finished with what she had to say, and now it was the captain's turn...

Somers did not raise her voice but enunciated the next lot of words "First Lieutenant Delfin, if you raise your voice at your Captain or another Senior Officer in such a fashion again, I will knock you back down the ranks, I will demote you and place you in jankers until I see fit to release you from said punishment, you have not made a good impression here First Lieutenant, I will add this bout of shouting at your CO to your perminent file as a verbal warning, you step out of line in any way whatsoever I will bounce you around this ship like a ricochetting bullet and when you have stopped I will perminently reassign you to Starbase 51 under the command of Chief Somers, do I make myself perfectly crystal clear?" Somers said holding back her temper.

"I'm sorry ma'am, about that outburst; but it seems that Chief Somers advice and words still ring through years after meeting him" exclaimed Eleonorrhea who was still calm even after getting chewed out by the Captain.

oO I hope this captain doesn't need my help in a bar fight and expect me to go and help her, after her rather a mild rant. I've been chewed out by professionals who wore stars on their shoulders, and have had far more years in the Corp than she ever spent sucking on her mother's breast Oo thought Eleonorrhea.

oO But the captain was right she had no business speaking out loud like the outburst, she should have kept her mouth shut and do what she had always done, go and make sure her Marines were up to the job, and it would start once she left the Captain's office Oo thought Eleonorrhea.

"YES MA'AM" in the future I will not raise my voice to you or any other superior officer" replied Eleonorrhea, as she now stood at attention, waiting for the captain to finish with whatever she had else to say.

*nods* "Good, now as for, this QRA idea of yours, it sounds better as either a Hazard Team or a SAR team, as for those facilities, Marine Country already has access to them, all crew have access to Entertainment, food Replicators and the areas own refresher stations, that last bit goes without saying, the Rifles have a firing range and a backup personal arms weapons locker. All other weapons lockers are in Security and will remain there. Now there are a few other things that I will need you to do, well two of them is something you can do when not on bridge duty *pause* be seated, Lieutenant, I did not give you permission to stand" Somers said "especially as we are not quite yet finished here" she added.

"Sorry ma'am" as Eleonorrhea sat down in the chair, listenining intently on what the Captain had else to say.

After the Marine was sitting "now the two things you can do are as follows this plays on your QRA idea, which I like, I want you to make two teams, one a Hazard Team or QRA is to be a five-man Marine only team, one officer and four enlisted, who is in them is up to you, but you must pull from the 101 marines you have. The S.A.R team is to include Fleet personnel who are assigned to the S.A.R to be chosen on an operational mission basis, for example, one mission means you might need an engineer or another a scientist etcetera, while Fleet specialist will be limited to no more and three, the rest of this eight-man team is to have at least one combat medic and one radio specialist. The SAR team when ready will be mobilized as and when required, but the initial five marines you will need to assemble to make the core of a SAR team, the other three slots will be for any specialist fleet personnel the mission might require. as for the QRA they are to be assembled as soon as you can, as having a scalpel for ship defence appeals to me" Somers said them paused with a smile.

"Finally I am also assigning you as my new Chief of Security, this will require bridge duty, you will need to choose a Fleet officer as your second for Security, so as they can run Security when you are otherwise occupied with other duties. There is plenty of reading material on the computers about what a CoS is required to do, I would suggest you have a look-see. Just to cover any thoughts you might have about Alpha Unit being assigned to back me up if I leave the ship, you need not worry, you or your 101 Alpha Unit will not be required to do this duty. Bravo Unit under the Command of Major Donovan will handle any bodyguard duties I may require, this is why they were separated from the main group, it has been like this for over seven years. Speaking of the good Major, when we are finished here, you will need to go seek her out to do the MCO duties post-handover, have you anything to say before we finalize things Lieutenant?" Somers asked.

"Ma'am" replied Eleonorrhea; thank you for the new secondary assignment, as soon as I leave I will be putting in some hours prior to the ship leaving sB51 in the ships Bridge Holosuite simulator. I won't tell you I'll be the best, but what I can tell you is that, I will make sure that nothing is able to get past the Marines, or your security forces in trying to take over the ship" replied a very surprised, but thankful Eleonorrhea for the new position. oO Hmmmm, this may be good for my career, and with a COS secondary MOS, I can use this to further my career, once I am transferred to another ship Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she sat there taking in what Captain Somers was saying.

Coming out of her thoughts, Eleonorrhea paid very close attention to what the Captain was talking about, the initial QRA team concept was something that she was very familiar with at her last duty station, but that would be fine she did not have to worry about a company sized QRA team, only five Marines, and she had an idea on who this future person would be....

"Ma'am" if I heard you correctly you did say you didn't care who I put in charge, so long as your roster of five Marines would suffice", then ma'am, I'm going to put a new Marine Officer who just reported in this morning. It will be Lt. Josefina Macapuno, and what better way to get her feet wet is by being the OIC of the small squad, which If I can put an NCO in charge who's going to make her wish she was back home, dreaming about being a Marine.. Ma'am" replied Eleonorrhea

As far as the SAR concept, at first I wasn't too sure, but after hearing your plans I like the concept. Now as far as aliasing of available specialists, would it be too hard for the XO to send me a listing of qualified personnel who would be in the SAR group. I'd like to give them a brief Marine refresher on such things as; weapons qualifications, first aid which can be taught to the non-medical personnel, hand to hand combat, and what was once called E&E, or in modern terms; Escape & Evasion, which I believe the QRA/SAR teams will need.

"Ma'am being a former Marine you do know the importance of each person down planet to be able to fight if necessary, and survive especially if that Rescue is being done at the same time the QRA team is trying to protect them, and being taken prisoner by renegade especially the Romulans who don't take kindly to any Federation Personnel, especially Marines makes perfect sense to me Ma'am" relied Eleonorrhea in a calm voice.

*Thinking* "I would seek out Commander Sterling when she has a moment and go over this with her, as for the SAR, we can refine it, but for now the Computer should have a basic SAR training program in its databanks to help get things started with a host of scenarios, but work out an accelerated training session as SAR will come when it is least expected, we will try to give you as much advanced warning as possible, but that is not always the case, this is why I mentioned about using the stock scenarios, but work on alternate versions where as many unexpected events are not so."


"Okay after leaving here go seek out Major Donovan for the MCO Handover, but I will need my Chief of Security on the bridge at Tactical the moment we are ready to depart, any questions before you are dismissed?" Somers responded.

"Thank you ma'am" replied Eleonorrhea, but is the Major on the ship or on SB51" replied Eleonorrhea who was still a bit of a loss when field grade officeds were concerned.

"Major Donovan is on the ship at this moment in time, so seek her out as soon as you can" Somers answered.

*Nods* "Remember unless you speak to Major Donovan the computer will not recognise you as the new MCO, you have your duties and orders, and these" Somers said and handed Delfin a ships ID badge which was also her Security pass "this covers you as Head of Security, when on ship duty and in a non-combat situation they are to be worn at all times. Engineering can remove theirs while in Engineering or doing related tasks, but when outside their department they have to wear them" she added.

Delfin nodded and stood up and saluted and did a smart about turn and left the room.

With a parting salute which Somers returned Delfin left her Ready Room to go about her duties and get settled in, now she looked to see who was next, she smiled when she saw Ensign K'Muss on her schedule, so she prepared for the Caitan.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage[PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat


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