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Strengthening Ties

Posted on 12 Mar 2016 @ 2:23pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Edited on on 19 Nov 2016 @ 2:26pm

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Antian Planet
Timeline: Mission Day 12 1100hrs


After Donovan had been saved and she had returned to the ship to have the shuttles transporter beam her up, those not required were told to return to the ship, this left Somers, Sheela and Cahill on the planet, taking over the meeting.

"You majesty, may we continue this discussion, the United Federation of Planets would like to for ties with new species to learn about who and what they are. Also I must ask, if we can have permission to bring down a science team to study the ruins, we are currently on a mission of exploration and finding out about this planet will help in that regard" Jasmine said.

Sub-Queen Antiles spoke, "That is not my place to say, but the Mother Queen. You're welcome here to visit till such negations are done with."

Nodding Politely "If you would kindly request an audience with her Majesty on our behalf, we would like to find out more about you, your species and your planet and those that lived on the surface" Jasmine said.

"Planet? We do not come originate from a planet. We are of a different dimension and reality than you are. We are outside of creation. We are the makers. Our purpose is to repair the fabric of your reality. There are many tears in the fabric of space in this region. I must return to the the other makers, I will relay your request to the Mother Queen".

"Thank you your Highness, we will wait here until you return, if I may call down my Second in Command?" Jasmine asked.

"You may do as you see fit". Sub Queen Antiles said fading out.

With that the Sub-Queen left them where they were to go see to their request, she turned to the others "okay all by myself, Sheela and Cahill are to remain here, the rest of you return to the shuttle" She said and the others nodded and boarded the shuttle, as the ramp closed and the shuttle lifted off Jasmine tapped her Commbadge.

=/\= Somers to Sterling =/\=

=/\= "Sterling here Captain"=/\=

=/\= Commander grab your science gear and a recorder and beam down to my location we have requested and audience with the Antians leader and as you are a Science Officer I figured you would like to get some information on this area of space! =/\= Jasmine said.

=/\= "On my way Captain" =/\=

=/\= Understood see you in a few Commander, Somers out =/\= Jasmine finished and closed the links as the dot that was the shuttle quickly vanished as it left her vision.

Maia grabbed a science kit and a tricorder and turned command over to Ensign Parker, then went down to transport room number 2 and beamed to Captain Somers location.

She materialized near Somers.

"Captain"? Maia inquired.

"Ah Commander, welcome to the planet, Sub-queen Antiles has left to go ask her head queen if we may have an audience, I figure that as you are primarily a Science officer you may have questions as to who these beings are and their society works."

"Aye Captain I have lots of questions but so far they are as dissimilar to us as we are to the Q".

Maia excused herself to talk to Lt Sheela. "Obviously these are extra dimensional beings. They say they are here to bring order to chaos, it sounds a lot like the Borg, however I get the impression that they mean something quite different and are possibly being literal. What have you found out about them through your interactions with them Lt Sheela"?

Sheela nodded to Commander Sterling as she moved to the edge of the pavilion to watch the other Ants return to business at hand. A few Soldiers stayed nearby to keep an eye on the newcomers. "Theyz were very helpful is restoring Donovans ability. Looks like theyz are trying to restore this planet back to it's original beauty." She spoke softly.

Dr Cahill was glad that Major Donovan would recover and she made some notes on her chart that she felt her mind telepathic skills would return at a later time. She then turn her attention to the mission at hand. She did a quick scan to be sure none of the food was sickening or deadly to the crew members on the surface. All was safe and she then turned to the Sub Queen.

"I wish to thank you very much for what you did for Major Donovan she is a very much needed part of our crew and also an excellent friend to us as well your Majesty."

As Commander Sterling came to the gathering she smiled and greeted her. "Hello Commander Sterling welcome to our gathering. She then moved all her information to her Tri-corder so she would be able to see what had happened when the Sub-Queen treated Major Donovan. She the stepped back to let the Captain do her duties and to handle the negotations.

Dr Cahill also gave the Captain and Commander the shots to help protect them from the radation levels when she got a chance to. "Need to be sure everyone is taken care of."

Looking at her arm in surprise then up at the Doctor "a warning next time please doc" Somers said with a smile and looked at the others who were getting innocculation jabs from Cahill.

Sheela from her position, was taking in the scenery as the others were taking care of business.

"Thanks Doc". Maia didn't like the metallic taste that hironalyn hypos invariably gave her. Like metallic coconut or something,

Dr Cahill smiled, "apologies Captian. Sometimes doctors forget to tell someone they are giving inoccolations because they are thinking of the shot and forget they are patients sometimes." With that Dr Cahill continued to check things out ant to make her usual scans when making first contacts. She did some scans of the Antians from a distance to learn more of their anatomy. But was careful to not look like she was being threatening to them. She had to run a balance between science and also diplomacy.

The Antians that Cahill scanned were made up of a silicone organic material of the exoskeleton like shell with a fluxuating ripple as if they wasn't totally in synch with this dimension, making the readings unpredictable.

Jasmine looked at Sterling "no one likes injections Maia, but they are required here" She said wondering where the Sub-Queen got to.

Sheela moved from the pavilion's shade, as something caught her interest. She was inspecting a plant that was growing quite fast. She would reach out and slash a leaf and then watch it repair itself. Pulling out her tri-corder, began to scan the fast forming bush and ground.

The Sub Queen phased into view a safe distance from the Tomcat Crew. "You need something, Hive Queen Somers of the Tomcat?"

Dr Cahill continued her scans and was finding a lot of strange things happening with her tri-corder meassurements. She continued to exame things and was find it strange and at the same time she was even more interested in what was going on and at the same time she was getting a little intriqued by what was going on. She also noticed a few other things that was happening, the Antian workers were moving across where she was standing and decided to take a position where she was further away from the Antians as a precaution. But did not want to let them think she was being agressive or defensive. Also she did not want to interfere with their work.

Maia was almost startled when the Antian Queen mother phased into perception, She resembled a large ant about the size of a goat. She was crystalline in appearance. Maia recorded the appearance but the tricorder could not make out the essential structure of the insectoid being. There was nothing like DNA or even protiens. This life-form seemed as different as almost anything she had seen. Almost like her appearance was for the Tomcats crew benefit. Maia continued her scan. The tricorder said something was there, but the tricorder only read energy. Energy of a type never before encountered.

Looking a little startled she looked at the new arrival and respectfully bowed "Greetings your Majesty, I would like to have a talk on what your people know of the history of the others on this planet and some of the hostile entities they encountered, and perhaps we could initially form some kind of Peaceful treaty between your people and the United Federation of Planets" Jasmine said.

The hive Queen turned to Captain Somers. "You may address me as Regis. In a time period of 3 centuries ago, the cybernetic race known as the Borg fought the original inhabitants of this planet. they were called the Vrack. The Vrackians detonated a chaos bomb, what we have learned you call an omega bomb to stop the Borg from absorbing, assimilating there culture and technology. It worked but the chaos bomb did great damage to the fabric of space and subspace in this region and it is our nature to repair it. the current inhabitants crash landed some 280 years ago and have flourished, the previous inhabitants were exterminated in the chaos explosion. We are extra-dimensional beings whose purpose it is to make repairs to space and subspace when something goes wrong we are part of the multiversal nature of creation. We mean you no harm as soon as the fabric of space is rewoven we will return to our domain between the dimensions".

Nodding respectfully "Regis, we ourselves have encountered the Borg, the United Federation of Planets has fought them off three times to my knowledge since our Flagship USS Enterprise-D encountered them. We beat them back just barely but at a great cost to us; for now they are content to remain in the Delta Quadrant. *pause* and Starfleet is returning to its primary purpose Diplomacy and Exploration, like we were when we arrived here. Tell me Regis if you will, do you have a description of what these others who crash landed here? They must have built up an immunity to the residual radiation" Jasmine asked.

The Regis looked thoughtfully at the two Starfleet officers.

"We have felt their presence in much the same way we felt yours upon arrival, yet we have not tried to make contact with them as they are a very young species and would not understand our purpose. We do know that they came in a colony vessel sleeper ship that took many centuries to arrive here. They are only now on the verge of discovering how to travel faster than a sun beam. Their technology has been greatly frustrated by all the subspace damage in this region. They originated originally from the gamma quadrant and have been travelling for many of their lifetimes before a systems malfunction forced them to crash land on this planet. They call themselves the Maret. They are from much closer to the galactic core so naturally have greater resistance to radiation. In fact it helps nourish them. They have a patriarichal structure of government and are generally peaceful and inquisitive", The Regis said.

Raising her eyebrow "interesting, I thank you Regis, I think we will have to avoid them, if they are Pre-warp then the Prime Directive will be in effect, tell me Regis have you any insight into the space station on the outer edge of this section of this binary system? It looked like it was Pre-War technology to our sensors, are those on the station any relation to those on this planet?" Jasmine asked.

"The Maretian's man the station. The Varekian's species was completely destroyed by the anti-life. The station was left mostly intact and is powered by a geothermal reservoir of energy that is almost unlimited. They have fitted it with weapons and sensors that are conventional for them. They use it as an observation post to test their prototype warp vessels. Captain, it will be at least ten years before the space in this region is restored to normal". The Regis said.

With a smile she nodded "thank you Regis, that is very helpful" She said.

Doctor Cahill returned to the shuttle and took on her passengers. The shuttle she had was able to cloak and she took advantage of it on the way back. She had the cloaking device activated and did a slow pass over the nearest town the Marets had and did some sensor sweeps of it and also took some video of the town to see how they lived and also how they dressed.

She then returned to the Tomcat and had all the information downloaded onto the Tomcat main computers. It would be a great help for later if we needed to do a mission on the planet that could cause us to make contact with them. She also set all her information to Commander Sterling so she could review it as well.

She returned to Sickbay and download all her tri-corder information on it and was continuing to monitor it to see what had happened and also learn more about the Antians.


Captain Jasmine Somers
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