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Message from the Gods

Posted on 14 May 2018 @ 3:33pm by Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various locations SB51
Timeline: Same Afternoon after lunch at Cafe Moderno


The first deck below the promenade...

Walking out of the Cafe, Eleonorrhea had a nasty idea; guessing that Joe had not officially signed into the Tomcat just yet; she like all Marines would be sent from their former parent unit on transient orders to SB51; then once the new accepting unit put in a request for a Marine, Chief Sommers office would crank out their final orders, and for Lt. Macapuno, Eleonorrhea wanted to make sure that Lt. Macapuno would find out what it was like to be a line officer in the 95th Rifles, not some administrative officer pushing paper in a nice clean office, while the officers around her bled and died in combat.

As for Lt. Macapuno, who had defiled the name of being called a Marine by her nonchalant, and cavalier attitude about the Marines; Eleonorrhea would make sure that Joe would get a taste of the life of a Line Marines Officer; that her three Uncles had all pledged their lives to hold dearly, and died for.

Office of CWO Karyn Somers:

Reaching Chief Somers office was not hard to find; using her PaDD, Eleonorrhea simply entered the Chief's name, and entered "Marine Detachment" SB51. In a few minutes, Eleonorrhea was now standing outside the Chiefs Office. But what caught Eleonorrhea eye, was the large three-dimensional old earth symbol of the United States Marine Corp that was on the wall leading to her office, and below painted in red and gold were the words..."SEMPER FI".

Getting a good feel for Karyn, and her work as a Marine CWO, Eleonorrhea noticed a young LCPL who was sitting at his desk working on several Isolinear chips. Suddenly standing up as he noticed Eleonorrhea standing in front of his desk, the young Marine said..."Good Morning Sir, how may I help you, Sir"...

Suddenly the air turned very cold as the young LCPL suddenly realized that Eleonorrhea was a woman, and not a male.

With a laugh, Eleonorrhea said "LCPL McGinnis"

"Please inform Chief Somers that Lt. Delfin is in her outer office and would like to speak to her, about a pressing Marine issue" replied Eleonorrhea.

*short pause*

Suddenly the young LCPL instantly recognizing his grave mistake said "YES MA"AM", turned and suddenly ran off to find the Chief. Now smiling to herself about the small glitch in being addressed, Eleanorrhea found a semi-hard padded chair in the outer office and sat down.

Karyn was in her office, just finished up some paperwork when Lance Corporal McGinnis entered looking a little flustered, she looked up "yes, Corporal, what is it?" She asked.

"Chief there is a 1st Lieutenant Delfin in the outer Office to see you," he said.

"Allow through Corporal and we are not to be interrupted until she has left, understood?" Karyn asked.

He just nodded and left her office.

"Ma'am" replied the young LCPL, who was this time careful to get the proper pronunciations correct, lest the Lieutenant should mention this to the Chief, and he would end up on the Chiefs shit list, or to the civilians; "any dirty nasty job the Chief could think of.

Getting up out the chair Eleonorrhea said: "Thank you LCPL". Then make a sharp right face, Eleonorrhea walked past the LCPL's desk and followed the short hallway to Karyn's office.

Outside in the hallway and inside Chief Somers Office:

Finding the door close to Chief Somers office, Eleonorrhea had a wild thought, this time instead of a light tap that many officers and enlisted do to announce their arrival Eleonorrhea balled up her fist and brought it up just above her eyebrows and then

hit the door with three massive knocks on the door...


oO This should get her blood boiling, and this is payback to you Karyn for banging on my door at 0830 hrs last Saturday morning Oo, though Eleonorrhea who was now smiling at what she had done.

Karyn jumped a little with the sudden loud banging, she pulled up the visual feed of the outside office and smiled "so revenge huh, perhaps I should show her the visual pictures of her drunk and drooling" she said to herself and laughed a little and checked the Regimental colours on the wall behind her.

In the centre was the Federation Seal and slightly smaller and overlaid was the Rifles Emblem of a bugle and below it was a pair of crossed Rifles and below and in between them was the number 95 to signify the Regimental number. To the left of the seal angled left was the Starfleet standard to the right was the 95th Regimental standard sloped right. below that was the name Mira Sector, after making sure it was all straight, she sat down.

"ENTER," Karyn said and pressed the release button to allow Delfin entry, she looked up "Ah El-tee, to what do I owe this honour?" she asked saying nothing of the pounding Delfin done.

Inside Chief Somers Office...

Opening the door Eleonorrhea walks in and was about to say "Chief", when she .. *long pause* .. and begins to see up close the 95th Rifles emblem and the words "Mira Sector".

Pausing for a few moments longer "oO I was going to suggest that maybe the 95th could use a snazzier slogan, like "The Black Widows" and the words..."We Own the Night Oo, thought Eleonorrhea, oO but this will do just fine Oo as Eleonorrhea snapped out of her slight trance at seeing the 95th Emblem.

Looking around the room Eleonorrhea sees Karyn, and she looks around her own private office she sees a lot of Marine memorabilia that ranged from the Chiefs graduation from Marine Corps Depot, NCO, various Combat Infantry advanced course, to the Federation NCO school in the European Federation, to her graduating from the prestigious Marine Warrant Officers school.

There were various pictures on the wall, some of which were family members surrounding a young Chief Somers on her graduation from the Marine Depot, and other official pictures of her and her family, being hugged by a few official looking Senior and Flag officers and civilians.

Finished taking in the number of photographs, and the memorabilia Eleonorrhea says, Hi Karyn, I have a small problem none that I can't handle, but I'd like your help on this. Then seeing a chair in the front of Karyn's desk, Eleonorrhea begins her tale of talking to a snippity young 2nd Lieutenant by the name of "Josefina (Joe) Macapuno", and how in her words was looking for an easy job on SB51.

So Eleonorrhea said "Karyn if that new Lieutenant should come looking for a job on SB51, I'd like you to change her orders to the Tomcat. I have a nice job for the new Lieutenant, and "I can tell you it won't be pushing papers in a nice office", I"m going to put her young ass to work... I'm going to make sure her deceased uncles and aunts will be proud that when she says "Marines", she's not some Administrative Officer but a line Officer...

Looking at Delfin quizzically, then smiling "if she comes to see me, I will speak to her and pass a message to the Captain, so please be seated El-tee" she waited till Delfin was sitting, "So apart from this do you plan on having another drunken stupor night like the other night? Being the one who had to patch your face up and lug your drunken carcass back to your quarters, was no fun *smiling* the 95th has a new motto too" Karyn stopped to allow what was said to sink in.

"Who little old me?" exclaimed Eleonorrhea, now laughing, but a bit slow on the meaning of the motto as she was now wracking her brain on what the motto really meant.

"The Rifles Motto is this Neque deditionem, Neque Receptus or in English No Surrender, No Retreat; the motto of the Tomcat is Fortune Favours the Bold, Virgil 1st Century BC" she paused "the rifles have another saying Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem, the English translation is longer, two are mottos one is a saying, can I offer you a drink El-tee?" Karyn asked.

oO I hope she doesn't think I'm going to recite and translate this from old Latin to Federation Standard English Oo though Eleonorrhea. Finally, she spoke and said...

"How about a bottle of Andorian Ale" Eleonorrhea replied with a smile.

Looking at her incredulously "You serious Boss! We are on duty and I do not want a repeat of the other night, besides if you met the Captain with booze breath, she would crucify you for drinking on duty. I can, however, offer you a hot drink of tea or coffee, the choice is yours to make El-tee!" Karyn said.

Suddenly there was a very loud boisterous laugh coming from Eleonorrhea who said...

"Silly girls", did you think I was really going to have a drink of Andorian Ale, just before I meet the skipper"? as she was watching Karyn's serious face.

"No Karyn, what you think you may have heard is not what I had said" replied Eleonorrhea. I"ll take whatever non-alcoholic poisonous drink that you have in your replicator" continued Eleonorrhea.

Looking at the time, Eleonorrhea said...

"Sorry I don't have time to drink that poison you call coffee, I'm on a tight schedule to meet with the skipper" exclaimed Eleonorrhea as she was now turning towards the door, and as she was about to open the door to leave, Eleonorrhea looked back and said

"Remember what I asked of you, give me Lt. Macapuno, and before the ship returns back to SB51, I'll make an officer of her yet, or die to try" replied Eleonorrhea as she opened the door and slipped out, closing the door behind her.

Looking at the departing back of the Lieutenant, Karyn sighed, her attitude would not sit well with the Captain, still the assessment was done of the El-teem she filed her report and sent it Captain Somers inbox, she would get it when she accessed it on her return, it said.

TO: Captain Somers
Commanding Officer, USS Tomcat
FROM: CWO1 Karyn Somers

Hello Captain Somers

As per pre-arranged agreement I have assessed and vetted the new Marine Commanding Officer in my honest opinion and despite her rank and obvious experience in the field, she has some good ideas on how to organize the Tomcats Rifles. She likes to knock back strong booze, so I advise to keep an eye on her on possible grounds of alcoholism. When you get past the chips the size of one of Andor's smaller moons she is quite persionable and good to talk to, but she does have an attitude on her, I cannot tell if it is down to her Alpha female attitude or just simply the fact that she has a tendancy to be a complete ass on times.

Remember you asked for a frank assessment and this is it, she is a typical marine borderline on the gung-ho scale and has no idea on what it means to be part of the 95th, I hope she does not conflict too much with Major Donovan.


Chief Warrant Officer First Class Karyn Somers
Drill Master and Assessor
Starbase 51.

She sent the message for Jasmine's eyes only, then returned back to her paperwork, sometimes she missed combat, then she remembered what the Rifles on the Tomcat were in for and reconsidered and decided that she was happy where she wass.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

CWO1 Karyn Somers [PNPC: Somers]
Station Warrant Officer 95th Rifles
Starbase 51


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