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The roar of God

Posted on 03 Jun 2018 @ 4:33pm by 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & 2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno
Edited on on 01 Jul 2018 @ 2:15pm

Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)
Location: Cafe Moderno, 2nd deck; SB51
Timeline: 3rd day after the return of the Tomcat


- Temporary Quarters -

It had been a crazy week, with the planned move from her temporary quarter on SB51 to the USS Tomcat, Eleanorrhea was as nervous as new Marine Officer. All of her personal possessions had been taken from her temporary quarters to the Tomcat, by a crew of civilian stevedores, and within the next 72 hours, her collection of ancient bladed weapons in two large shipping cases would be beamed directly into the Tomcat's armoury.

With a few things left to be done, Eleonorrhea looked at the time; as she felt her stomach growling. Closing her PaDD, she left her room, entered a turbolift and in seconds she was now on the Promenade deck located on the 2nd deck. Hopefully, by tomorrow afternoon, she would sign into the Tomcat, and meet with the Captain. But before she would do that, today would be her last time on the Starbase, and in celebration she went to that new small cafe, and would try their Breakfast Panini, which consisted of a toasted whole wheat crescent roll, scrambled eggs, and Philippine 177 sausage that the owner had kept frozen for some of the Filipino crewmen who served aboard starships that were assigned to the Asian Federation.

Walking to the cafe, Eleonorrhea found it full of civilians, Starfleet personnel, Marines who tended to stay together, and even SB51 personnel.

Standing there in line, Eleonorrhea overheard some of the conversation coming from the younger Starfleet personnel. Many were brand new, and this was their first voyage on a warship, as she got the impression that they were members of the Tomcats crew now on shore leave.

As for the Marines, a few could be heard talking loudly among themselves over the din of regular conversations inside the busy cafe... "I hear that the new MCO is one of those Academy officers", another said "Yeah, well I got word from another Marine on SB51 that she's a real kick-ass", while another piped up and said " "Don't worry, once she sees what she has to look for; she's going to 1049 (Transfer) herself to another unit".

Then another Marine, who was a bit older said "Well she can take her book ideas and shove it down her throat, plus the junior NCO's, plus we've done alright by ourselves, and with the help of the Lieutenants in the unit.

With her order on a tray, Eleonorrhea walked towards the Marines who were now laughing among themselves, and when they say Eleonorrhea standing there glaring at them, they suddenly kept quiet, as the loudest Marine in the group said 'Can we help you, ma'am"?

With a practised glare, and in her soft voice she said "Nothing gentlemen", just thought I'd walk past by a group of Starfleet's finest Marines, "the 95th Rifles" replied Eleonorrhea.

As she left, they all had this sort of sinking feeling that their lives were about to take a turn for the worse; but as soon as she had left, they began to talk about the new commander, and how they could thwart her.

- Outside Dining Area -

Finally with her order in hand, Eleonorrhea looked around the room, and found it full with every table now occupied by a party of two, four or six; so Eleonorrhea took her food and went out to the Cafe's outside dining area, and found a table at the far end of the terrace, and sat down. Siting down Eleonorrhea pulled out her PaDD and began to work on a new scheme for the Marines onboard the Tomcat.

As Elinorrhea continued to eat and watch, the goings on on the first deck that held all of the shops, and bars, the outside dining area was now beginning to be full with more and more people deciding to eat outside. Sitting at a two-person table, Eleonorrhea was busy eating and working on her PaDD when she had this funny feeling and looked up.

There standing in front of her was a female, who was dressed in civilian clothes, holding a tray of food and coffee. Her hair was a combination of greens, gold, red, and violet. Continuing to observe the woman who was wearing a very short miniskirt that hiked up just to where the bottom of her panties ended, a thick leather belt, a rather revealing blouse, and an old ancient captains sea captains hat.

"Do you mind if I sit down?" asked the woman. Eleonorrhea was a bit amazed at the appearance of the woman, and said "please sit down", I hope you don't mind me working as we both sit and eat" continued Eleonorrhea.

Looking over her PaDD, Eleonorrhea watched the woman eat with a daintiness, opening up her entire mouth, not touching her lipstick covered lips as she gently placed a small forkful of food into her mouth; then she closed her mouth, trying to eat the mouthful of food without her lips touching, as she just wiped her mouth with a paper napkin.

As the woman continuing to eat, it proved to be a distraction to Eleonorrhea, who just inserted a forkful of food into her mouth and began to chew in a normal manner, then took a drink from her coffee mug that was in front of her.

Finally, Eleonorrhea could not take the distraction and said

"Young lady, do you have any manners," asked Eleanorrhea. "Oh, that" replied the woman. "Yes I have but I'm in the Marines and waiting for my next assignment" replied the woman.

oO MARINES, did she just say my Marine, and who is waiting for her next assignment Oo though Eleonorrhea.

oO She has got to be joking if she thinks that she's a Marine Oo continued the thoughts of Eleonorrhea who was now feeling a slight flush to her face.

"You've got to be kidding me" replied Eleonorrhea, you a Marine as she began to laugh with a nervous laugh. "Look replied the woman, it's not my idea to be here, I was with the 25th MARDIV on Cardassia working in a nice clean office where I didn't have to go to the field, and my job was as the Divisions Administrative Officer" continued the woman.


"How I got here is a bit of a mystery to me, I don't know whether it was planned, but I got orders several days ago to report to SB51 for posting to the Tomcat" continued the woman. "But I know that once I talk to the new MCO, he will understand that I can do a lot better working as an Administrative Officer than some line officer.

Now interested in this woman, Eleonorrhea said "How did you do in the Academy, and in the School of Infantry" questioned Eleanorrhea.

Well, I barely passed my Academic year, but after a lot of tutoring, I graduated 598th out of a class of 600. Then I was sent to the School of Infantry but failed the course miserably, said the woman as she began to inspect her long fingernails.

Instead of being sent to some boondock Marine Unit, I was reclassified and placed into another training brigade, where I finally passed, and finally passed with a passing score of having to wait another month for the next training Brigade to start, I was reclassified to join the next class, and barely passed, but I did pass the school with a score of 70%.

In Eleanorrhea's mind 70% was just the minimum, and for anyone to make it as a line officer, they all had to pass with a 95-100%, and now Eleanorrhea was now looking at a sad sack Marine Officer who should have gone UA (Unauthorized Absence) from the academy. Chances are that she would have been brought back, stripped of her commission, ordered to pay the tuition to the Academy, and thrown out of the Marines

Continuing the woman said "I was then sent to the 24th MARDIV on Cardassia, where I got a job after asking a lot of officers about being transferred to the Headquarters where I landed a job in Personnel as their Administrative officer" replied the woman.

"So I guess you don't like the field" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Nope the Marines can have it, all I'm here is to my job for the next four years, and let old uncle Patricio think I'm doing a good job, then I'm out of here" continued Joe.


Looking at Eleonorrhea; the younger one asked; "I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is your name". I usually go by "Butch" replied Eleonorrhea, not wanting to tell this imbecile of a Marine who she was, and her life would change radically.

"And how about you, what do they call you in the Marines" inquired Eleanorrhea.

My real name is Josefina Macapuno, but everyone calls me "Joe".

"So Joe tell me about yourself" replied Eleonorrhea.

"Well, I joined the Marines because of my family. I had three uncles who were Marines, and an aunt who was a nurse at Starfleet Medical. All died in the Dominion WAr. Three were officers and one was an enlisted marine, I think he was a gunnery sergeant. Anyway, my oldest Uncle Patricio was a former Marine General, but he's really sick and lives in one of the Marines Residential Care facilities on Ganymede, I don't visit him much since he still thinks he's back in the Marines, as one of those gung-ho Marine Officers that went through the Dominion War. However, Uncle Patricio gets a hologram birthday card from me on his birthday. Right now Uncle Patricio is around 125 years of age"

Looking at the time, Eleonora said, "well Joe, got to run; I hope you get what you want from that new MCO, as for me I"m off to my new job. Maybe we'll meet each other in the very near future" smiled Eleanorrhea. Turning around Eleanorrhe walked out of the outside dining patio, and as she turned she could see Joe now making friends with the same group of Marines who she had glared at in the Cafe.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

2nd Lt. Josefina (Joe) Macapuno [PNPC: Delfin]
Starfleet Marines
USS Tomcat


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