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Posted on 04 May 2018 @ 3:03pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant Remington Dodd
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Mission: S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Location: Starbase 51/USS Tomcat.
Timeline: Mission 5 Day 0


- Captain Somers Office Starbase 51-

Jasmine was just finishing up on some overdue paperwork, while they still called it this, was beyond her, as it was all done electronically, suddenly she jumped as her Comms terminal came to life, she made the connection and saw a Vulcan Rear Admiral.

=/\=Greetings Captain Somers, I read your report on your recent trip into this alternate reality, I cannot begin to understand the horrors you saw or experienced, but you will be happy to know Intelligence is investigating areas we would never have thought to look. They want to make sure the same thing does not happen here=/\= The Vulcan said.

=/\=Thank you Admiral, perhaps you might want to look through Major Donovan’s debrief from when she first arrived, it was her reality that we got sucked into, so her testimonies might help clarify things a bit=/\= Somers responded.

The Admiral nodded =/\= I will get Intelligence on that, now to matters at hand, your next mission, I am sending you all the data we have on a subchannel, but your basic briefing is this…=/\= The Vulcan paused.

=/\= There is a planet outside of Xindi Space that was once inhabited by the Avian branch of the Xindi, as you know they have been extinct for centuries, yes Captain?” he asked as seeing something in her face.

=/\=There is a small colony of Xindi Avian species alive in the Hydaransz System Sir, they are on a forested planet, trees notwithstanding there are also high mountains and the gravity is half the Gees of Earth, on our mission there we did not have time to do an in-depth scan, only a cursory one, I sent what we had to Starfleet=/\= Somers responded.

=/\=Thank you Captain I will task a Survey ship to the system, now back to the briefing, this planet while has a breathable atmosphere, can no longer sustain life, so it is a barren wasteland, will high mountains, there have been some strange readings coming from the area, both Chronotron and Tachyon has been detected around the planet, so I would advise caution as we do not know what is going on there. The Tomcat will go there and scout the area and report back when you are done. Your key contact for this one is your Lieutenant Dodd, it seems he has contacts that came to us with information, so if the crew have any questions he can and should be able to answer them, any questions? =/\= The Vulcan asked.

=/\= That is unclaimed space, and Pirate and Orion activity has been known to occur there, if it comes to it, what my contact orders as regards to these factions? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\=As you have treated them in the past Captain, if they attack then defend yourself, you are also the closest authorities there, you will be essentially alone out there, the Ritorian’s are causing a stir around the vicinity of Starbase 332 and I hear the USS Thames is having to deal with them, but from what I understand you and your crew are adept at adapting when all alone, so you have your orders, Starfleet out =/\=

The moment the link was closed Lucy entered with some news “Captain?”

“What is it, Lucy?” Somers asked troubled by the scant information she just got.

“Long-range sensors in the area near Xindi Space have detected abnormal activity in the area, we are too far out to get a clear reading but it is not good,” Armitage said.

“Thank you, Lucy, now I need you to send out the supply request for our next mission, I want the ship stocked with extra equipment and supplies, I now have to call a mission briefing,” Somers said and watched Armitage leave her office.

Somers tapped her Commbadge =/\= Somers to Dodd, you will be upfront with me during this mission briefing, it seems some unknown friends of yours reported some strange findings to the Admiralty and you will be required to answer questions if there are any =/\= Somers said.

=/\= Dodd here, captain. I would like to come talk to you about this if possible. I can be in your office in ten minutes if that is alright with you, ma'am? =/\= Dodd replied

=/\= Got it, see you in a few, Somers out =/\= that she deactivated the communications.

Dodd arrived at the captain's office and asked Armitage to announce him. After he entered, he then was very curious about the situation and started to ask his own questions,

"What strange findings were reported to the Admiralty?" Dodd asked. He as attempting to figure out what she knew so he knew how to address this situation. He, of course, had blocked himself from automatically reading the minds of his fellow crew members, and thus get in the habit of automatically asking to get information.

*shrugs* "Not much really, apart from mentioning using you as the one to answer any questions, something to do with a lost Avian Xindi Species and a planet that used to be part of Xindi space, there was some anomalies detected there, Tachyon, Chronoton around an otherwise barren planet. I do not need to tell you what those readings may indicate *pause* I was told the Tomcat will be assigned to investigate this planet, there have also been reports of Orion and Pirate activity in the area, we are to go there scout the area out and defend ourselves if attacked, apparently some contacts that knew you did not give the Admiralty that much data, but obviously enough to make them give us this mission." she sighed heavily "I suppose then the words Tachyon and Chronoton are mentioned, I am none too surprised it drew attention, so what is it you can tell me that the Admiralty could not?" Somers asked.

"I am not really sure what would cause the Admiralty to suggest me to be a contact on this mission, but I have been doing some side research into Chronotons and temporal Tachyon particles," Dodd replied. "So, I have reached out to Starfleet for data that was not available in the ship's computers and so I may be the most researched person on the topic in this sector. But what I should mention in the last data packet I received, I had a message from someone at Starfleet about a bizarre temporal reading that had transmitted my specific signature but yet originated almost three thousand terran years ago, and that I should be prepared to be called into action regarding it."

*nods* "Excellent, so you ready to face the masses?" Somers asked the Engineer oO He has to be nervous, it is his first time in front of a crowd in a briefing Oo she thought to herself.

oO Well, I will be a brave man and get this over with. Oo Dodd thought to himself, "Yes, ma'am. I am ready to get this party started." Dodd replied attempting to add a bit of humour to his first lead on a mission status.

*Nodding* "Well I will see you on the stage Lieutenant," Somers said and watched Dodd leave her Ready Room, sighing heavily to herself, she finished collating and organising what she needed for the briefing.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
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USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
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