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Get that Tiger

Posted on 22 May 2018 @ 10:19am by 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
Edited on on 31 May 2018 @ 7:07pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various locations SB51
Timeline: Shore leave


It was a quiet afternoon outside of the coffee shop as Eleonorrhea who was wearing Civilian clothes, consisting of a pair of leather tight fitting leather pants, knee high dark brown python snake skin wedge boots, a purple, gold, green, and black checkered tunic that ended mid thigh, and sporting a black jacket sat there enjoying watching the newly released crewmen from the Tomcat all out on shore leave.

Wearing her long black hair, styled in a loosely shape, it hug just to the top of her shoulders, as it covered her face. Continuing to work on her PADD with some last minute changes in several new policy changes, Eleonorrhea put her PADD down on the table when she heard the sounds of young male and female voices all giggling and laughing, coming from the first deck.

Leaning over the railing Eleonorrhea saw that a very large group of between 60-150 Starfleet personnel were walking together in pairs or were in large groups wandering around the huge Starbase laughing and enjoying themselves

Laughing at the crowd, and knowing that for many this was their first chance to get off the ship to be on an actual Starbase oO sounds like the days when my entire platoon would take off together for some fun while on shore leave Oo thought Eleonorrhea who was now finishing the last of her light meal, and it sounds and looks like

oO the Tomcat has finally come back to its lair Oo continued Eleonorrhea. Getting up out of her chair, Eleonorrhea began to mumble to herself; "Well I guess its time I should go down and meet the Captain of the Tomcat, and when finished see what kind of Marines I have to work with.

Getting up out of her chair, she walked to the 2nd deck turbolift got inside a waiting car, "1st deck". Seconds later the turbolift had stopped at the 1st deck turbolift station.

Outside of the 1st deck turbolift station:

As Eleanorrhea walked from the turbolift station she could now see the crewmen up close. The majority of the group were apparently just out of "A" school, or technical school. More than 90% were enlisted ranks of varying rates, and a few were brand new Ensigns and LTJG's.

Trying to maneuver her way around the crowded deck to get past the large crowd; Eleanorrhea was about to pass a tall Caitian, when she felt herself being thrust forward, as she began to stumble forward, the entire contents of her now lukewarm coffee spilled onto the back of a very tall Caitain. Watching the coffee splash onto the back of the Caitain, it began to expand in an uneven oval onto the back of the jacket; whose reddish brown fur seemed to clash with the Caitain's impeccable bright blue jacket.

Horrified, Eleonorrhea was now trying to find something to wipe up the stain, when she heard four to five male voices all laughing and giglling over the incident. Turning around Eleonorrhea saw that the six men were Marines, and judging from the 95th Rifles SSI shoulder sleve insignia that had been sewn to their left uniform sleeve, she knew that they were not assigned to Starbase 51's Marine Detachment.

About to say something Eleonorrhea thought it best not to say something at this point, but rather she said "Gentlemen, can you please walk a bit slower the next time you're all in a group" replied Eleonorrhea. Waiting for a response, the older Sergeant said

"Look old lady, why don't you just shuffle your way to one side. We're Marines of he 95th, and we don't take kindly to some old bitty woman, whose trying to look young' tell us Marines of the 95th on how to walk"... replied the Sergeant, and for that, he got a lot of cat calls, "Way to go Sgt. Beamish, you just tell that dried up old prune" what to do came a resounding chorus coming from the other five Marines. In seconds they all left Eleonorrhea alone with the Caitian by themselves.

When the Caitian turned around, and was now facing Eleonorrhea, as she suddenly looked slowly up at a friendly face, and began to appologize for her actions...

"No problem at all." he smiled. "As long as no harm was done." K'muss. That's my name." he was smiling just for general purpose. "Always great to meet someone new." He stuck out his hand.

- Deck One -

Looking at the hairy hand or was it a paw; Eleonorrhea grabbed it with the right hand and shook it firmly several times, and said,

"thank you, then said "If you don't mind me asking, but; How do I address you, and do you want me to call you by your name? exclaimed Eleonorrha.

"Im a pretty informal guy, despite having been a Marine." he grinned. "On duty. Ensign sure, its my rank." he laughed. "Off duty just call me Kit."

"So Kit" replied Eleonorrhea; just what do you do here in the Starbase? besides being an informal guy? And did you say "were" a Marine replied Eleonorrhea who was now beginning to fee much better, though she had wished that the five Marines had been more careful as they walked on the 1st deck.

"Right. You can take the cat out of the Corps, but not the Corps out of the cat." he chuckled. "Started out as a marine warrant officer aboard Tomcat. then got commisioned." he smiled. "Then security. Then here, who knows why. And now apparently they want me a a science officer."

"Well Kit", replied Eleonorrhea, I'm terribly sorry that I spilled my coffee on you, and if you'd like, I can pay to have your jacket replaced. Oh by the way; I'm the new MCO, 1st Lt. Eleonorrhea Delfin, but when we're in private you can call me "Butch", that's my nickname.

Anyway, I am to report to the Captain as soon as possible, and find out from him what he wants my Marines to do on board the Tomcat. Once I'm signed into the Tomcat, "I will be dealing with those five Marines, in my own way", grinned Eleonorrhea.

Then Eleonorrhea left Kit, and soon he saw her heading down a passage way that led to a turbolift, which would take her via a small shuttle to the Wasp, which was still moored to her berth.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Garcia
Marine Commanding Officer/Chief of Security
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Science Officer
USS Tomcat


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