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The Morning after the Night before!!

Posted on 29 Apr 2018 @ 10:49pm by Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 - Mira Sector - Various
Timeline: Current


- Karyn's Quarters 0600 -

After freshening up Karyn put on her exercise kit and stretched out as was her pre-exercise regimen then leaving her quarters at a jog she heads out and does a few laps on her level, now with her stride, she heads down to the transit level and runs to Delfin's quarters. She marks time on the spot and tests her pulse by touching the spot at her neck as she looked at her watch, then she stopped.

- Delfin's Temp Quarters - 0700 hrs -

An hour after her initial run, she knocks loudly on the door and keeps knocking until Delfin responds. Inside Eleonorrhea's dimly lit room, all is quiet except for the incessant banging on her door.

oO NOW...WHO IN THE HELL IS BANGING AT MY DOOR' 0730 hrs, and on a Saturday morning Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she laid in her bed with a major migraine headache, that was slowly ebbing away in intensity. Grumpier and mad as hell, for being woken up at such an ungodly hour, and trying to shake off the previous nite's massive drunken binge. Eleonorrhea screamed at the door.."IF I FIND OUT WHO IS OUT THERE BANGING ON MY DOOR, "IM GOING TO RIP OFF YOUR HEAD AT THE SHOULDERS", AND PISS DOWN YOUR NECK" as Eleonorrhea tried to muffle the noise by placing another pillow over her head, hoping that threat would make whoever it went away.

Suffering from the dry heaves, and now unable to get back to sleep; Eleonorrhea got up, and staggered into the bathroom to try and wash off the smell of vomit from her face, and rinse out the taste of the Andorian Ale from her mouth. But as she began to throw water on her face, she felt her face feel a bit different; but she wasn't sure.

*short Pause*

Looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, Eleonorrhea saw that there was a slight hematoma around the front of her face, where someone had surgically sutured a three-inch vertical scar that covered part of her left upper and lower lip. As she looked even further, she could see where her nose had recently been broken but had also been repaired, and as she opened her jaw, she saw that her teeth that were slightly yellow from years of use, now had four brand new teeth where the old ones were.

Still, in the bathroom, the incessant knocking continued to get louder and louder with each passing minute. NOW in a small rage, Eleonorrhea looked around her room and thought to herself oO I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE, WHOEVER IT IS THAT THEY WISHED THAT THEY DIDN'T BOTHER ME Oo thought Eleonorrhea.

Coming out of the bathroom, Eleonorrhea found what she was looking for; one of her discarded boots. Picking it up and holding it like a weapon above her head, she went to the front door, and in an instant flung open the door; only to find Karyn standing there with her right hand poised to knock on the front door. For seconds both women just looked at each other, Eleonorrhea trying to figure out why Karyn was standing there in her Exercise kit, and Karyn was probably wondering why Eleonorrhea was also standing in front of her with a boot in one hand, and naked as a jaybird.

Surprised a little at the sight of Eleonorrhea in her birthday suit, she admired the woman's figure, and thought oO oh if I was not married to my wife, I would make a play for this one Oo it was Delfin's surprised angry look at being woken up so early after a skinful but she could not help grinning at the sight.

Madder than hell it was Karyn who dared interrupt her sleep and had the gall to do it; Eleonorrhea said "What the hell are you grinning about CHIEF!!!, you've never seen anyone holding a boot over their head" replied Eleonorrhea who was, even more, grumpier than a Vulcan with a case of Haemorrhoids....

"Yes I have, El-Tee" replied Karyn, "but I just thought you might like to do a few laps around the station to shake off those drunk-ass cobwebs, as for the grin, I did not expect to see the new MCO of the Rifles on the Tomcat to greet me with a raised boot and butt naked as the day she was born, still nice figure, but I am a married woman, you might want to put something on" Karyn added.

Wondering oO what the hell is that woman talking about Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she began to look at her body. Suddenly Eleonorrhea turned beet red from embarrassment as she looked down, and saw that she was totally nude as a jaybird.

- Behind closed doors -

"Suddenly Eleonorrhea said Chief"! Come inside grabbing Karyn's outstretched wrist, and yanked the still laughing Chief into her room, as she slammed the door behind her shut. And in a second, Eleonorrhea hurriedly began to run like a madwoman around the room; looking for her robe.

With Eleanorrhea went looking for her robe, Karyn saw Eleanorrhea's partial collection of bladed weapons still in their packing crates. Looking through one crate that had been partially opened, she was it seemed to look at an ancient Viking long sword, Spanish Rapier, and a few nasty looking short bladed swords, and one that was approximately 3 feet long, razor-sharp where the point was shaped into a beak.

Finally, Eleonorrhea came out of the bathroom trying to stuff one of her breasts into her robe, just as Karyn closed the lid of the open weapons case. Going to the drink replicator, Eleonorrhea who was now in somewhat good spirits depressed a button, seconds later two hot steaming mugs of cups of coffee topped with whipped creme and laced with chocolate were now sitting inside the replicator.

*Short pause*

"Drink up Chief" replied Eleanorrhea; you know in my younger days; if we were out clubbing together, I would have finished off a full case of 30 bottles of Andorian Ale by myself, and order another case to go", but it seems age has something to do with me being able to only finish off 10 or 12 bottles of Andorian Ale.

Looking at Delfin and nodding her thanks, and placed the mug down and looked at her, "you have an excellent figure El-tee, if I were not married to my Jennifer" she left the rest unsaid and changed subject, "well you did kind of lose it and end up on the floor just before you passed out you called the Starbase a rust bucket if I recall, still, I thought you could hold your drink, not often I am proven wrong" she finished.

Now feeling a bit better from the hot mug of coffee laced with Cayenne pepper, Eleonorrhea seemed to be fine and was now beginning to be her usual self, but this time, Eleanorrhea was quite cordial, and not combative when they first met. Her voice showing no animosity, or any of her previous attempt to show up Karyn who was boss, was gone; Eleonorrhea acted like a normal Marine CO, a bit reserved, and beginning to enjoy her coffee with another senior Marine.

Sitting in front of Karyn, and now a bit clearer in the head, Eleonorrhea studied Karyn for a few minutes and thought

oO I like her brash, in your face, ballsy attitude, I wished many of the officers I've served with had Oo as Karyn was now drinking, and enjoying the hot Mexican Mocha.

" Chief, if your hungry" replied Eleonorrhea, "I can whip us up a plate of Sausages, eggs, toast, and some fresh fruit" continued Eleonorrhea.

*short pause*

"I hope your partial to an old Philippine recipe, which we call 177 sausages" replied Eleanorrhea, "they say that in my country the meat in this sausage is so delectable, that you practically have to freeze your butt to obtain it. Plus it has all the required minerals...

She looked at Delfin with a raised eyebrow "Boss, I had to carry you back last night, I patched up the wounds you inflicted on yourself as you fell to the floor after knocking your head on the table. You are lucky all Black Ops personnel have some basic Combat medic training, I managed to keep you out of the base doctors report, I cannot assure you that the other patrons of the club will not say anything, but you are not the first Officer I have carried back to their quarters, did it plenty of times with my Sister" she then paused.

"Thanks, but no to the breakfast, I am on my morning run, I just thought that you might want to join me on some exercise after all upon our first meeting, you were determined to run the marines to death in PT, so I figured you might like to join me?" Karyn asked.

"Are you sure Chief" about the breakfast replied Eleonorrhea, for I was just going whip up a platter of Philippine 177" with eggs, coffee, and pastries. But seeing that you're kitted out for exercise, then tell you what I'll join you, replied Eleonorrhea.

"Oh, Chief" replied Eleonorrhea, who was now trying to suppress an evil grin, if you wondering what Philippine 177 is.

*short pause*

Its the meat from an Alfa 177, from the Renaissance Planet Alpha 177. Like I said, you literally have to freeze your butt to get it... continued Eleonorrhea who was now laughing hysterically... "My Marines who always go there for their annual survival training; found out the hard way that with outside nighttime temps dropping down to around 120 degrees, and you're short on rations; that the only edible critter on the planet is a nasty Alfa 177, and its "Edible". "Plus the unicorn horn on the 177 is considered a potent Aphrodisiac by the Asian Federation.

"By the way Chief," continued Eleonorrhea; "I have a bottle of dried Unicorn powder from an Alfa 177 for you in the food dispenser" The Asian Federation considers this to be a rather potent aphrodisiac.

Looking at the time it was now 1030 hrs, and in an instant Eleonorrhea said "Now how about I meet you at the gym, after I get dressed" replied Eleonorrhea as she was showing Karyn to the door; maybe afterwards if you're not too busy, we can get a cup of coffee from one of those quaint coffee shops on your Starbase' replied Eleonorrhea.

*Nods* oO Damn this chick is crazy Oo Karyn thought to herself but verbally "I can be in the Gym, but as you like to exercise on a full stomach, I will let you be" Karyn said then stood up and walked to the door which opened before her, she looked back and with a friendly smile "If I have to carry you home again after a night like last night, you will see how tough I can be as a drill master, either that or I will shave your eyebrows" Somers said finishing with a mischevieous smile, then she was gone leaving Delfin to her own devices.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

CWO1 Karyn Somers [PNPC: Somers]
Station Warrant Officer 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat


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