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The New Chief Counsellor

Posted on 11 May 2015 @ 2:53pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 19 Nov 2016 @ 1:22pm

Mission: S02 Ep02: Incidental Mission
Location: Captain's Ready Room/Outer Office
Timeline: Mission Day 0

- Captain's Ready Room -

After the Krazokian Lieutenant had left her Ready Room, her Yeoman Lucy Armitage entered her office.

"Captain a Lieutenant Junior Grad Iria Walon is en-route, the message said that she is our new ships, Counsellor!" Armitage said.

Jasmine looked away from what she was doing and called up said the name then looked up at her Chief Petty Officer "Thank You, Lucy, send her in when she arrives, will you?"

Smiling "Yes Captain,sometime's," The Yeoman said and left.

- Outer Office -

It had been some time since Lieutenant Krezak had left the Captain's Office when someone else came up to her position.

Lucy had returned to her seat and had gotten through most of the files and was putting Padds together for Jasmine to sign when she looked up to see a young looking Lieutenant Jg, there was something different about this one, Lucy saw some feline like mannerisms, but the officer looked human for the most part, except for the eyes.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Iria Walon I presume?"

Iria gave a cheekily delighted smile as she nodded her head slightly, "Yes I am Iria Walon. I am here to report to the Captain with my assignment to the ship." her eyes twinkled with a playful light. Though for her that was quite normal. Iria was almost always in a playful mood after all.

"Yes I was told you were arriving, the Captain says to go right in." Lucy said indicating the door to her right as she pressed the buzzer to notify the Captain that the new officer was here.

- Captain's Ready Room -

Jasmine was working away below the 95th Regimental Colours on the left and the Federation flag on the right both were slanted to the left and right respectively forming an X shape; in the middle was the Laurel leaves surrounding a green Starfleet Delta with the Rifle Regiment horn symbol inside of it and 95th below. Above that was the Federation Seal. Jasmine was alerted by the buzzer that her new Officer had arrived, setting things to one side she sat back.

"Enter," Somers said and in walked a Lieutenant Jg in Science blue, she walked with, what Jasmine could only say lithe grace, some of her movements were reminiscent of being feline, but the eyes were not exactly human either.

"Iria Walon at your service Captain," she said with a smile and stood at attention, though the playful light in her eyes spoke that she was having a hard time being so serious.

"Ah, greetings Lieutenant Walon, welcome to the Tomcat, I am Captain Jasmine Somers commander of this ship, and commander of the 95th Rifles, please be seated, before we begin is there anything you want to say?" Somers asked.

Iria slid into the offered seat with a smile and shook her head, "I have not gotten into any trouble while I have been waiting and I don't plan any mischief for a while. I may like pranks but even I know when to behave." she might know when to behave and did try to keep out of mischief most of the time but she knew it would not be all that long before she got herself into a prank war with someone. Besides it was poor manners to cause trouble before really getting to know folks unless there was a very good reason.

Looking at the Lieutenant with a small smile "Well your rank of Lieutenant Jg is confirmed as is your post aboard this ships as Chief Counsellor, I hope you realize you have just inherited the sanity of the entire crew?" She said "Also I was advise no practical jokes on our new Krazokian Chief of Security, his image is in his file, lets just say he looks every inch of a predator; also unless he is on an away mission you will hear what he says in your head, he has no lips to use to speak, all okay so far and currently any questions?" She asked.

Iria nodded as she listened to the Captain's words, "I am looking forward to serving with you and the rest of the crew, as for the pranks I will keep them low key unless someone ups the ante then it is only fair to do the same but I doubt that will happen for a while." she was privately surprised at the news of being the Chief Counselor, she'd only been told she was being sent to be a counselor on the Tomcat, and as for hearing the thoughts of another on an active basis instead of the random thoughts she usually got was going to be interesting. Iria had not heard the constant thoughts of another since she was six years old. She would make do or worst case go see the ships CMO about what she had a feeling was going to be a series of migraines or worse. Still it could be worse. She had a posting on a ship again and she would make the most of it even if the conditions were not what she'd been told, she would adapt, she was good at adapting after all..

Smiling "Excellent, here are your security clearances and directions to your office and quarters number," She said holding out a Padd with all the data on.

"Thank you Captain," Iria said as she took the PaDD, she was looking forward to this assignment, she had a feeling it was going to a life broadening experience.

"No problem Lieutenant, dismissed," Jasmine said with a smile.

She watched the young El tee leave her Ready Room, sighing heavily she returned to her paperwork.

Iria walked out after being dismissed, smiling, she gave a wave to the Captain's yeoman, as she passed by their deck and continued on her way...


Captain J. Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

MCPO Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Yeoman/Captain's Aide
USS Tomcat NCC 62114


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