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Seeking out a better arm

Posted on 21 May 2018 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on on 21 May 2018 @ 9:56pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51/CMO'S OFFICE
Timeline: Two days before New Mission


After the Tomcat had docked at the Starbase, but for Paul, this was not a time for fun, but for getting a better prosthetics than the clunky one that he now had that Cahill had given him after his accident. As far as he was concerned that the arm that had been attached was a temporary one, as he strode along the corridor towards the Sick bay. However, he knew that recovery from the operation was going to put him back on the shelf although he was a intelligence officer meant he could work from his quarters.

- Meanwhile Sickbay -

Lieutenant jg Jessica Mills sat in her office having completed the command staffs physical review, she was now going to start department by department unless something more urgent came up, although she didn't know it at the time her skills were going to be tested. She leaned back in her chair about to pick up her latté when the doors to sick bay opened with a hiss, Jessica rose from her chair and went to see who had entered the sick bay. As she exited her office, she came accross an officer in the grey of intelligence but she noticed that he had a prosthetic arm which looked rather cluncky to her. she suddenly noticed his rank, she said: "Can I help you Lieutenant?"

After Paul had entered the Starbase's huge Sick-bay, he found himself looking at a Brunette woman who stood at 5 feet. 4 inches tall with green eyes, he said: " Hello, I'm Lieutenant Paul Winchester, Chief Helmsman and intelligence Uss Tomcat" looking back at her. He continued "I'm here to see the. base's CMO" as he kept his eyes on her, he finished " I'm here to see if I can get a better version of an arm to replace this one ?" as he lifted the arm upto show her.

She responded "Well, you have found her," holding her hand out, she continued, "I'm Lieutenant Jessica Mills Starbase 51's CMO," she finished "May I ask how you came to lose yor arm?" after Paul had shook hands with her and moved to the nearest terminal and sat down in front of it . She knew that she needed all the information possible before she made a start.


Paul had followed the Doctor to the terminal and began to tell her what happened, he said" On our last mission, my squadron and I were sent on a recon mission on a stricken frighter" looking at her he continued " journey out to the vessel was uneventful and then we did what we were supposed to do," as he leaned back into his chair.

Jessica replied "Then what happened ?" as she continued to type the file up, as this was sounding like a big incident to say the least. as she found herself interested in the story that Paul was telling her and that she would also check the logs of Lieutenant Winchester and Doctor Cahill. Paul responded "We then were jumped by a set of fighters and were out numbered " as he rubbed his chin with his own hand, he continued, "I then called for reinforcements which arrived and sent the enemy packing"


He continued to remember what happened during the accident that cost him his arm, he said" After the battle, we returned to the Tomcat to land" keeping his eyes on the medical officer. He thought oO She's cute Oo he continued " and everyone landed safely in thier order and when it came to me" he looked at her as she typed up the record. he knew that she would check everything from the logs that were taken at the time.

"Then what happened?" asked Jessica.

Paul responded" As I started my approach to the Starship everything was fine," as this was where things after got hazy for him, he continued "until my throttle jammed open and I started to head in to fast" as he knew the panic that the deck crew must of been in, he finished " I called Mayday, Mayday, Throttle malfunction, coming in hot"


She looked back at him and then asked him" I take it thats where you blacked out after the crash?" as she guessed that was what happened next to Paul, she also guessed that his arm must of been in such a mess to have had it amputated and replaced with the clanky arm that he had now.

Paul replied" That would be correct" looking back at Jessica, he continued " a few hours later I awoke to find this attached to me and at the time I was not happy about having it," as he remembered how he had yelled at Cahill after the operation and had made the poor Officer feel like he didn't want to be there anymore.

Jessica replied, "And what about now?"

"Now I'm glad he did what he did" replied Paul looking at Jessica, He finished," I need this done before I ship out on the next Mission"

Jessica replied," Fair enough, we will start to look at what sort of arm you would like?" as she brought up holograms of the differant types that were available.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jessica Mils [PNPC:Winchester]
Starbase 51


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