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The New MCO Part 3

Posted on 27 Apr 2018 @ 8:35pm by Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51
Timeline: Current


- Temporary Officers Quarters -

After being shown as much as the Starbase as possible, Mr Kildare took Eleonorrhea up to her temporary quarters. Going up to the door, it was locked but opened when she spoke her name. As the door opened,

could see that this was bigger than she expected. There was a small living room, kitchenette, a medium sized bedroom, entertainment centre, a small desk with a PADD resting in its power cradle. And the bathroom was more than ample it was large with a big sized soaking tub.

Over the next several days, after being given her quarters Eleonorrhea was busy at her desk, reading the files on each and every Marine assigned to the 95th. There was the file on the Chief, and Sergeant Major, along with the 100 Marines. Many were Human, a few were Aliens and Human hybrids, some were ready for promotion, and others had recently come aboard since the last mission of the Tomcat. As she read the files, Eleonorrhea would go to the snack replicator in her room, and with a plate of Filipino food, along with hamburgers, french fries, and copious amounts of Benzar water, she would stay up all night reading as much as she could.

For now, Eleonorrhea was right at home, making notes, and deciding how to divide the Company into additional assets. Moving people around, she would also promote deserving Marines, while some that had a dubious fitness report was either going to have to go or be reassigned to another Marine unit. With so much to read, and do; Eleonorrhea decided to get dressed, and after several days, she got dressed and decided to go to the Main Officers Club on the Starbase and order something to eat.

Hopefully, she could slip in and not be noticed, then return back to her quarters to continue reshaping the company into what she considered a viable fighting force. In her mind, as Eleanorrhea thought... "You can't sit back on your laurels" if you do, someone is going to be gunning for you", and she wasn't about to let some other units or even an Alien force think that they could beat her Marines. She would make sure that her Marines would never be put in a losing position like the 23rd on Benzar.

- Club 51 - 2100 Hrs -

After dressing, Eleonorrhea decided to wear civilian clothes. Even though all she had were her Marine Uniforms, she had with her a small Isolinear chip that contained all of her civilian clothes. Earlier in the day, she visited the Stations dress shop and gave the chip to the woman inside. Taking the chip and inserting this into the computer operated tailoring unit, it took only a half hour before Eleonorrhea now had six boxes of women’s clothes all sized to her specifications sent to her quarters. As time got short, Eleonorrhea dressed and left her quarters.

Everywhere she walked heads would turn to see who was one of the latest Risan fashions. Wearing a think cotton and synthetic silk dress that was slit at one side, and wearing open-toed sandals, her hair down below her waist, and makeup, Eleonorrhea did not look like a Marine Officer. Even for her age, she still cut a fine figure. With her muscular arms, her bare breasts covered by the thin cotton sheath dress, Eleanorrhea walked into the Officers Club which was now getting busier. Passing by a three-dimensional mirror, Eleanorrhea looked at herself and adjusted the small Karambit hook knife she always carried with her. Then stepping forward she saw that her makeup had not run and did not any attention, she entered the now busy and noisy bar.

All around her were Starfleet Officers, some Marines from the Marine Detachment on the Starbase, Civilians, Aliens, and even a few married couples all inside having a drink. As she went to the bar to get a drink, she took her drink and found a table near a bunch of flowers. Sitting there, a tall husky civilian decided to sit with her. Drunk and wanting someone to listen to him, he had decided that Eleonorrhea was that one person. Standing there pestering her, and not letting her get up, the man began his long sob story about his job, as a welder in the space dock. Continuing to drink, and getting drunker by the minute, the man now angry that Eleonorrhea did not reciprocate by having him sit with her but then decided that he had enough.

From what witnesses told security once they had arrived; a woman in civilian was being pestered by a known drunk who decided to force her to drink. When she wouldn't drink from the glass the man brought her, and he tried to force her to drink the woman got up, and in an instant, she throat punched him. Now gasping for breath she easily and viciously grabbed a lock his long hair, and with the hair in hand, she slammed his face into the marble table resulting in a bunch of teeth, blood, and tissue to fly from his mouth. Now in pain, the woman ended the interruption by coming around and with a vicious hook kick to the right temple, brought him down like a house of cards.

Falling unconscious to the dance floor deck, the woman rendered some first aid, made sure he was still alive, by listening to him breath, then she felt a strong pulse, and after she was satisfied he was rendered unconscious, the woman grabbed a pitcher of water, throwing it on him; bringing him out of his stupor, and stormed out the door, cursing in a strange foreign earth tongue.

For the several Marines who had witnessed the small disturbance, they just looked at each other, then went back to drinking with their dates, just as someone arrived.

Karyn had since cooled down and was dressed a smart casual outfit, it was tan in colour, she wore tan high heeled shoes, she had on a white blouse and a jacket to match, she had her Commbadge hidden under her jacket, her long red hair was in a pony tail, her make-up style was reminiscent of the 1950s as was her hairstyle, yet her outfit was early 21st Century style, she had a matching handbag, that was on her one shoulder and was mainly used as an accessory, but she had a concealed weapon in it, as she entered Club 51 she saw security drag out a semi-conscious worker, she looked around and saw the new Officer standing straight and proud and a wee bit dishelved, so the officer was the one responsible.

"Well I have seen how she acts in uniform, lets see how she is off-duty" Karyn said to herself and walked over to Delfin, "hello El-tee, I have to say you look mighty fine out of uniform" Karyn said sizing her up "ah, if I was not a married woman" she commented and ordered two Andorian ales and offered Delfin one "looks like you could use a stiff chaser after that interaction, what actually happened anyway El-tee?" Karyn asked.

Standing there a bit dishevelled, but nonetheless for wear, Eleonorrhea, straighten out her dress, and as she looked in the mirror to the right of the bar, she saw Karyn who had two drinks in her hand.

*pause*.. oO Shit why not drink and let bygones be bygones Oo thought Eleonorrhea as she remembered that old earth saying... "Keep your friends close, and your enemies much closer". Though Karyn was not her enemy, one who could stand up to her, Eleonorrhea turned around and said. "Why Chief, thank you for the drink" I could use one replied Eleonorrhea, as she easily downed the Andorian Ale, offered to her by Karyn, and now she was motioning the bartender for another one...

With the second Andorian Ale now in hand, Eleonorrhea said "how about us girls go and sit down in a quiet spot where we can both talk; "I haven't had this much fun since I last tossed a drunk Romulan Commander into one of my brig cells" laughed Eleonorrhea.

*smiling* "Okay let's, perhaps I can regale you of the one duty I can speak about as all the rest are classified, ironically the ones I cannot talk about are the most interesting *she wistfully said* she also signalled for another Andorian Ale "also perhaps I could answer some questions that Kildare could not" Karyn said.

- Club Bar 51 bar, small alcove hidden by foliage 2145 hrs -

Finding a small but intimate two-seat table, the two women sat down, and now Eleonorrhea was at her best. Thinking to herself that the best thing that she could do was let bygones be bygones. Sure she had a run-in with a hot-headed Chief, but weren't all chiefs like that? "I remember one of my mentors, after being posted to a Marine Battlecruiser, an older Senior CWO was ripping into a major who had dared try to run his class. It was not pretty, when the Chief decked he Major, and all he got was a chewing out, and told not to do it in public, but somewhere no one would see what had happened. Though the Major brought the chief up on charges for striking a superior officer, the Admiral who presided the case, brought the Major on charges for being "stupid", and sent him to work in the Arms room under a Gunnery Sergeant" she said, then added. "But that's ancient history, and tonight how about we just get acquainted, and drink to being fellow Marines..." replied Eleonorrhea.

She smiled "of course El-tee, we both Alpha type females, so butting heads is all part of the package, anyway, what brought you to this wild expanse of the Federation and to the Tomcat specifically?" Karyn asked.

Gulping down the entire bottle of Andorian Ale with no ill effects, Eleonorrhea was about to order another one, as she looked directly at Karyn and said.

"I was perfectly happy being the 24th MARDIV Provost Marshall that is still serving as an Occupying Force on Cardassia. As Provost Marshall of the Law Enforcement Company, we handled all Law Enforcement duties on Cardassia. But like all Marine Officers, I still needed to do time in the field as a Marine Company Commander, so here I am.."


"Now if you're worried that I"m going to be too soft on the 95th, you have another thing coming. I think that the 95th is wanting someone who is going to take them to the top, and right now I'm that person. If the 95th can't handle one 1st Lieutenant's attitude, then how are they going to handle an enemy that is as bloodthirsty as they are, and more? How are they going to beat an enemy that trains to fight and fights as they train?

"Well in my book MR..I've never met a Marine who wasn't up to the challenge" replied Eleonorrhea as her voice began to rise after downing her 5th bottle of Andorian Ale.

oO I thought Alex could knock them back, but damn, this one is a close second Oo Karyn thought to herself as she was still on her second drink, she was nowhere near the drinker her Sister was.


Eleonorrhea said "Sorry Chief for that outburst", I know that you're very protective of the 95th, and right now to you "I'm an outsider who is coming in and trying to take your company away" replied Eleonorrhea. "I'm going to make damn sure that the 95th continues to outshine any and all Marine Units if I have to put them on my shoulders to win. "Now chief as you were saying" replied Eleonorrhea...

"You might want to slow down there boss, it would not do for the new 95th MCO to be seen being carried home by one of the regiments Warrant Officers" Karyn said with a smile and took a sip of her ale as she collated what Delfin said in her mind before responding to some of it. With a smile, Eleonorrhea began to laugh at the statement.

"No apology needed El-tee, I have done worse in my time. As for pushing me out, you are doing no such thing, my station is here on the Starbase, you will have enough of it dealing with the officers on the ship. *pause* As for the 95ths battle record, all the marines on the Tomcat are veterans and have seen the type of stuff that is just as bad or worse than you have seen" she paused again.

"Did you know that the Officer you will be officially taking over from is from another reality, one that is vastly darker than the Mirror Universe from what I am told" Karyn said and knew that all marines liked to hear scuttlebutt, true or not, so she waited to see if the Lieutenant would fall into that normal category.

*a long Pause*

Hmmmm Well if what you say is true, then I guess all of my Marines including me are going to have to go to sickbay and receive pigmentation treatments, to change the colour of our skins to match that officer" replied Eleonorrhea.

Eleonorrhea then said "they used to say in the 21st Century when Marines bleed, its Green, in this case, its the colour of the Dark Universe

Looking at her quizzically "what the hell you on about El-tee? Major Donovan bleeds red, just like you and me, all human's, Betazoids and Trill and Bajoran's bleed the same colour, and her skin is as white as mine is" Karyn responded

SURPRISED at the sudden outburst from the chief, Elenorrhea began to laugh hysterically at the comment, then she replied.

"Chief relax, I see you've never heard Marine slang before" smiled Eleonorrhea who was now beginning to enjoy a small rant coming from Karyn.

"The term I used is as old as the Marines at the beginning of the 19th to the 22nd century. it refers to the fact that Marines are all one unit, and if they bleed in combat, their blood is Marine Green, not red, copper or blue. "Those old United States Marines of the 21st, prior to the start of WWIII once had colourful slang terms for everything, and anything, to include a term for non-white Marines, or caucasian Marines. I was a Filipino woman would have been called a dark green Marine, while a pale coloured Marine such as the Major whom you say has white skin would green Marine" replied Eleonorrhea.

*Nodding* I understand... I think" Karyn said.

Now beginning to feel some of the effects of her 10th bottle of Andorian Ale, and beginning to get slightly pissed at Karyn who surely must have known those terms as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Marines, was now bringing Eleonorrhea's blood from a slow boil to a roiling one and about to boil over the pot. Eleonorrhea suddenly stood up from her chair, and in one swift move, was now bent over the table with both arms apart, and now bent over she stuck her face a few inches away from Karyn and said in a voice, that was so cold, that outer space was a walk in the sun.

"CHIEF IN ALL MY YEARS AS A COMBAT MARINE, AND AN OFFICER" I've never once met a Marine who never knew those two terms, even the lowliest ranked private with the intelligence of a centipede have heard those two terms.

"You as a Chief should have known those two Marine Slang phrases as you went up the ranks; and which confirmed to me that you really don't have a lot of combat experience, and probably got your training as an administrative assistant.

"You're all talk and no show, and probably have never been in a Combat Marine Unit. "BOOT" you may talk tough dress like a Marine, and can probably BS a lot with the other Marines of the 95th, but to me, all you've done is "SKATE" around during the time the Tomcat has been away from SB51" replied a now calm Eleonorrhea.

"When the Tomcat returns back to port, I will do the usual customary protocols as a new incoming Marine Commander by seeing the captain, then after I get my orders,

"Every swinging dick assigned to the 95th better have their socks on, because within 30 minutes after I step on that Marine deck, after paying my respects to the captain, there will be a full combat inspection to include wesspins.

*short pause*

"Now if any of my officers or any of NCO's don't like my style of command, or they decide that they're going to do what they've done before, because it was the old mans policy, then they better have their SFMC 1069 .."MarineTransfer to another Unit" on my desk at the close of business". spoke Eleonorrhea.

"Now Chief, you better SITFU before you get your butt in a sling, and begin to start to tell me your war stories on how tough you are, or that you've been through more combat missions than me". " Do yourself a favor Chief, and read up on old Earth Marine jargon, it will save your future CO from having to spring you out of the brig" and you better thank your lucky stars he/she doesn't "NINJA PUNCH" you to a buck sergeant", as Eleonorrhea finished her 10th bottle of Andorian Ale.

Suddenly Eleonorrhea sat down now in the grips of a major buzz. Though she wasn't drunk just yet, Eleonorrhea now sitting in a semi-slouched position with both hands holding the chair arms, just smiled as she looked at the composure of Karyn after her blistering remarks. Then Looking around and seeing a male bartender standing with nothing to do, Eleonorrhea yelled "barkeep"!

Another round for everyone in the bar, and six more for my "JARHEAD Friend"

Now oO let's see this Marine handle those term Oo though Eleonorrhea.

Karyn looked at her and knew she was being baited "El-tee, I am combat experienced but my most interesting stories are classified beyond your clearance level, so I could not talk about it even if I wanted too. The reason why I am unfamiliar with those old terms is that they are old and no one in the 95th uses those terms, also I am a daughter of a high ranking diplomat, so my word would carry more weight than yours if I so wished. Hell, my father wanted to get me a commission, but I turned it down, diplomats daughter or not, I want to make it on my own" she paused.

"Also, El-tee you are drunk so I will forgive you for your outburst, also your words do not frighten me, I grew up mingling with Klingon's, I have even trained with them, but nothing to the level of higher than Intermediate. My Sister Major Alexandria Somers, currently serving on Starbase 332 has done extensive training with the Klingon and in a couple of areas she has gained the rank of Master, her past time is making micro-explosives, something that can just incinerate a person and leave the room untouched, a dangerous hobby, she can match drinks with a Klingon, but never be around in the morning as she is a nasty person after matching drinks with a Klingon, every time she does this she has to be carried home and her combat history is larger than mine" Karyn said.

"I am saying this not to intimidate you or threaten you, but to make a point that while my combat experience is big, the atmosphere I have dealt with has not been the same as yours, so in terminology I have not that experience like you do, the 95th may be a Specialist Regiment, but it is more general marine service than what I am used to, this is why I joined the 95th to learn normal stuff, life in Black Ops is totally different. As for what you said and the threats, know this and mark me well El-tee, do not push me too far, or I will push back and trust me I will come out the winner, the only two things that are stopping me from putting you flat on your ass with a split lip right now is, that you are drunk and I would never hit a superior officer, no matter how much they deserve a punch in the noggin, and the fact doing so is not worth the hassle I would get" Karyn finished.

She nodded to the waitress who delivered the ale, then looked back at Delfin, who was looking drunker by the moment.

"As for the subordinates you will have under your command on the Tomcat, I do not think there are many SNCOs or NCOs serving, for the most part, it is mostly junior officers and marines, there are few Non-Coms. So you will need to put a requisition in with the Captain for NCOs for your 100 marines, the odd one will be you. From what I know, not much work was done in making the marine unit on the Tomcat cohesive, so you will have your work cut out for you. As for me I am stationed here on the Starbase, Captain Somers is a different kettle of fish and yes we are related, this is another reason why I am here and not the Tomcat, it would be too weird serving under my cousin directly and to be honest pranking you would be both too tempting and wrong" she said with a smile.

"Another thing, you are more of a Jarhead than I am, you have done frontline grunt work, my work has been missions that cannot be spoken about, so in a sense you have more frontline experience than me my experience is Black Ops and any and all means methods, yours is more frontline" she added then fell silent to take a drink.

Eleonorrhea now elated that the chief didn't know squat, picked up her 11th or was it her 12th bottle of Andorian Ale, and decided, she really liked this fiesty Marine CWO but wasn't going to tell her that. She admired that she didn't decide to take a poke at her for her harassment, but now getting drunker, and now feeling the effects of the Andorian Ale, Eleonorrhea stood up from her chair, and now with the room beginning to spin violently, like a ship in a Solar Storm; she began to sing the stanzas of the old USMC Hymn in a very loud voice.

"Frrrruuuummmmm de shores of Dipolee" beginning to giggle and laugh hysterically, then a very deep voice "and de Haaalllls of Pensacola"....Burping as she said "IFFFFFF de Klinnnnggggooons and Benju...mulans"

Suddenly Eleonorrhea with the bottle of beer now about to fall out of her hand said "SHIT", fell face forwards slamming her face onto the marble top table, then bounced off the table with a mouthful of blood, broken teeth, and a bloody nose. Now on her back, Eleonorrhea was now wondering why the room was spinning around even faster than a Starship at Warp 10. For the people inside the bar, when they heard the singing all turned around as Eleonorrhea was now falling to the dance floor.

In shock, everyone came running to her aide as Eleonorrhea with one final defiant gesture said "SCREW THIS RUST BUCKET", as she laid on the floor, then lapsed into unconsciousness, but still breathing.

Still more or less sober Karyn stands up and clears all those around her "get back all of you, I got this" she said then looked at the Barkeep "Medkit now!" she said and the Medkit was promptly in front of her, she opened it and tended to the minor facial injuries of Delfin sighing as she did.

"Damn lightweight drinkers, she calls herself a marine, bah a proper Marine can hold their drink" she said to herself and when she was satisfied the blood had stopped, she nodded her thanks to the Barkeep and hoisted the unconcious Delfin onto her shoulders in a Firemans lift "C'mon sleeping beauty, time to get you to your quarters" Karyn said and began the long trek to Delfin's assigned quarters, grumbling under her breath about officers who cannot hold their booze and how she will find it hard to fit in, but Karyn knew the El-tee would find a place, she found the new Officers brash manner and high attitude endearing and found that she liked Delfin.

- Delfin's Quarters/Various -

After an hour of travelling they finally arrive at the temporary quarters for Delfin, Karyn managed to open the door and enter, she placed her on her bed, took her shoes and jacket off and put a blanket over her and left the room, and grumbled about all the injustices that seemed to come her way of late. After returning back to Club 51 to get her bag she returned to her quarters and prepped for sleep.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

CWO1 Karyn Somers [PNPC: Somers]
Station Warrant Officer 95th Rifles
Starbase 51 - USS Tomcat


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