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"A Residence is not a Residence Without the Pitter-patter of Furry Feet"

Posted on 22 Jul 2018 @ 4:54am by Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Chief Warrant Officer Luuna C.G.CA/U & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA
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Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Chief Veterinary Officer's Quarters
Timeline: [Backpost]


Commander Sterling escorted the Doctor to her quarters.

“Right this way cabin 52C, Ah here we are,” Maia said.

Doctor Aldana 365 investigated the spartan room. “You managed to get my quarters without a roommate?”

“You are unique on this ship, so it seemed fitting,” Maia replied.

The Kazarite/Hermat hybrid smiled as s/he entered as Luuna & Sombra followed ‘Alpha,’ s/he looked over the hir shoulder to Sterling, “Thank you, sir. How soon can my personal effects be delivered?”

“Your personal effects should be here by the time you’re fully checked in,” Maia said.

Meanwhile, Luuna began acting as if she were securing the perimeter. Sombra managed to recognize what looked like the cubbyhole where food came out. (He didn’t know it was called a replicator.) He sat in front of it and stared.

“Looks like they are already squaring you away, Doctor.” The XO chuckled.

Aldana called Sombra to hir and knelt as he sat at hir feet obediently. S/he pulled out a medical tricorder from somewhere and stroked his back with the hand scanner cupped into the hir hand. “Good Buoy,” the mispronunciation of ‘boy’ was a nickname. The scanner picked up his microchip, “computer, access microchip frequency, and acknowledge.”

The computer chirped; “Microchip frequency 3CW4YMF696F detected.”

“Designate frequency: Sombra, service animal and companion to Doctor Aldana 365 D.V.M. Designate these quarters as his home.”

“Acknowledged, designate, Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F. Sombra is home.”

Aldana forced a smile as s/he sighed trying not to think about the possibilities of why s/he’d need to use that frequency. S/he nuzzled his shoulder before rising to go over to Luuna.

Luuna was sniffing over by the embedded sofa, so s/he sat by her and invited her up. Luuna plopped her front half into Aldana/Alpha’s lap, leaving her hindquarters on the floor. She wrapped her paws around Alpha’s waist; trying to lick at a single tear clinging to the corner of the hir eye.

“My precious.” With the hand scanner still cupped in the hir palm, Aldana stroked Luuna between the shoulders too. Detecting microchip frequency 7F03YTY836M. S/he quickly went through the same rigmarole with the computer and teaching it how to detect Luuna too, and that this was her home too.

“If you need anything else my office is on deck 3. Welcome aboard Doctor,” Maia said.

“Deck three, thank you for all your help sir.” Aldana watched as hir XO departed and the doors finally closed, giving the trio some privacy. S/he stood and changed into something more comfortable, which happened to be hir furry-coat. Folding hir uniform neatly s/he set it on the neatly made bed for later.

Sitting on the floor, s/he was immediately surrounded. S/he reached up and with each hand scratched hir guyzos lovingly behind the jaw. Thoughts of their microchips, what each one was for, and why they’d need to be used always made hir feel anxious. S/he pulled the two sentient Canidae in close into an embrace. They each closed their eyes Luuna peaked a little for security rested their chins each on one of Alpha’s shoulders and rested in the embrace. “Creator willing, we’ll be together for a good long time yet to come.” They sighed lovingly, care-free, and in unison.


Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat

CWO Sombra C.G.CA/U, PSA,C.ESA [PNPC: Aldana]
Counsellors aide/Morale Officer
USS Tomcat

CWO Luuna (Luna) C.G.CA/U [PNPC: Aldana]
Security Officer
USS Tomcat


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