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The New MCO Part 2

Posted on 21 Apr 2018 @ 9:35pm by Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 - Mira Sector
Timeline: Current


*Looking Aghast at her and in an equally cold but respectable manner* "With all due respect Lieutenant Delfin, you may have combat experience, but so do I, I have shown you nothing but respect as due your rank, yet you talk to me like a piece of shit, I will not stand for this, you want respect, then you have to give some, this is not your last unit. *pause* I am sorry to hear about your last units loss and that loss may have given you a chip on that shoulder of yours, but things are run differently in the 95th, discipline is a little more relaxed when not on the front lines, because of the job we do, we are afforded more leeway, if you want to know who made that rule, speak to the Captain when you see her, she made that rule and I would doubt that she will relent on it." Karyn Somers Paused.

"Now as to push you around, I was not doing this, I was being kind and polite and you repaid that with hostility, you are not a nice person Lieutenant, you are MCO on the Tomcat, this is true, but you are not on the Tomcat now, you are just another officer waiting to be assigned to the Tomcat, so kindly reign in your haughty manner and your self-righteous attitude, or you will find out what I am capable of the hard way I will NOT hit an Officer regardless of how much they deserve it, but upset me at your own risk" Karyn said looking daggers at the Lieutenant.

Looking at Karyn, Eleonorrehea had stood there letting the Chief vent. Seeing that she was now about to blow a gasket, Eleonorrhea's face suddenly changed from a stern matron to one that was soft, but still firm.

"Chief, I did that just to see what makes you tick. I wanted to ruffle your feathers; bring out the fighting part of you, and I'm glad you spoke up and defended the 95th because if you didn't, and you just let me run all over you, I would have had you hung up by your fingertips. As you work with me, you will find that I won't tolerate officers and Senior enlisted doing the same things they've done under their old commander. The 95th is a light Infantry Marine unit, and one of the best *pause*... I've read the history of this particular unit, and I know of its storied past. *pause* One of the things as your new Commanding Officer is this.."I won't tolerate in any of my subordinate officers, Warrants or Senior Enlisted letting anyone walk over them. You'll find that I can be as hard as nails, I am temperamental, quick to react, and at the same time; I'm also very protective of my Marines, including you Chief".

His duty done Kildare had waited in the shadows, he tuned out the rest only took not of the showing around and who to report to, he also noted Karyn's tome she was a hairs breath away from going nuclear, so he decided to step in and saluted.

"The Lieutenant's bags are in her temporary Quarters, would you like me to take over Chief?" Kildare asked.

Karyn looked at him surprised, this was not his usual style, he really must have heard something in her voice "Thank you Mav" Karyn said then looked at the Lieutenant "Lieutenant I Will leave you in the capable hands of Sergeant Major Kildare, he will show you around and answer what questions he can, I need to go cool off" Karyn said and saluted smartly then left Delfin's presence.

*Sighing heavily* "Well then, showing around you said and who to report to, I will do that and answer what I can, if you will please follow me, Sir, we will get started," Kildare said.

Mr Kildare, how about "Ma'am", and letting it go.

"Yes Sir" he said unable to use the honourific of Ma'am at the moment, as they began to walk "the level we are on is the arrival and departures lounge, we have a gift store, but currently it is not open as this Starbase is a Black Operations base, so there are four facilities open, one if a Klingon bar, another a human Cafe, a night club that caters to all musical styles, weill it will do when we get more than workforcer and authorised personnel stationed here, but for now it plays Jazz, Swing, songs from the Rat Pack and that is just human music, they do have a small selection of non-human music too there is also a services club called Club 51, it is open to all ranks" Kildare said as they left the Departure and Arrivals Lounge.

Hmmm, thought Delfin, oO a rock bar did he say Oo"? Maybe I'm going to like this place... as she broke out of her daydreaming, and tried to concentrate on what Mr Kildare was saying.

Now they entered the promenade and low and behold there were those places he mentioned, as the pair walked the floor slow enough to take in what was around them.

"As to your question on who you will be reporting to, Initially it will be Major S'arila Donovan she is acting MCO at the moment, she will bring you up to date on things and then hand over the MCO title to you. Then you will need to go see the Captain who will do the rest, tell me El-tee have you ever seen a Seven foot human/Alien hybrid before?" Kildare asked.

"Thank you, Mr Kildare, for the short tour you just gave. In reference to your question... "Yes" I've seen many a tall seven foot human/Alien hybrid as a Marine officer during my combat tours; "why"?

*Smiling* "You not seen one quite like this Sir, she has red eyes the iris's to be more precise, if she is wearing special glasses, they have hologram tech in them, they are a more efficient version of Commander La Forges Visor, with them on she can see like you or me, but she is essentially colour blind with them on, apart from a rose tint she sees things with. Otherwise, she sees things like a heat equipped Night vision sight equipment does. She also has a mark between her eyes right here" he said as he pointed to the spot between his eyes indicating where the mark was on Donovan.

"oO I hope that this one doesn't bite the hand that feeds it Oo Thought Eleonorrhea to herself. "The last time one tried to bite her, she had stuck her K'bar in its neck, watching it die".

Mr Kildare, I've seen many many hybrid human/aliens in my time, some were deemed dangerous, and some were very peaceful; so what type of Alien am I going to see on this ship that I need a "Holo-Visor"? Replied Eleonorrhea.


He looked back at the Lieutenant "You misunderstand Sir, you will not need a visor, she does, Major Donovan, apologies if I have misled you in that train of thought" Kildare said apologetically."We also have an Arboretum, quite a large one too, and then there is Club 51, it is a Servicemen's club, all ranks are allowed in there, the dress code is either uniform or smart casual, the arboretum is on the next level" Kildare said pointing up at the upper level, you will have plenty of time to have a look around, now I will show you to your assigned temporary quarters and you can ask any other questions on the way, I will answer as best I can" Kildare finished.

Mr Kildare, please lead the way, I'd like to see what you call facilities on this tub of a Starbase. I'm kind of a minimalist Marine, a cot, and a pot of hot coffee is all I need, but I'm not particular on where I park my carcass to sleep at night" replied Eleonorrhea.

*Smiling one of his heart-breaking smiles* "These transit quarters have the same basic items as one would find on a Galaxy Class Starship's crew quarters" Kildare said as he led the way to the transit quarters on the Starbase "Do you have any questions about your new CO or anything?" he asked as he got onto the turbo lift and when Delfin was in and the doors closed "level sixty transit accomodations" he said, then waited to see if the Lieutenant had any questions as the lift took them to their destination.

"Getting tired from this morning run in with the Chief, and traveling with Kildare throught the short tour of SB51, Eleonorrhea said''

They finally arrived on the floor Delfin was billeted, here they paused and Kildare pulled out some items and checked them, they were for the Lieutenant, while she remained at Starbase 51.

"Thank you Mr. Kildare, for the tour; but right now I'm tired, and would like to go to my quarters, and take a rest, then unpack my "seabag";

He looked at her quizzically

"In case you don't know what a seabag is Mr. Kildare" replied Eleonorrhea; its a term for a suitcase or a dufflebag derived from the old US Navy/Marine Corp of the 21st Century".

"Ah I see, good name," he said smiling.

Smiling at Kildare, Eleonorrhea said "So, if you don't mind right now Mr. Kildare,

"No problem Sir, your bags are in your quarters, here is your Stations ID badge, do not lose it, here is your door code key and you have moderated access to the replicator in your room, it is Starbase policy, as the base is a Spec Ops base a Security ID is required at all times" Kildare said handing the items over to her "oh and here is a Station guide map, it has the places I had shown you and stuff I have not *smiling* to read at your leisure" he said "Welcome to the Mira Sector Lieutenant" he finished with a friendly smile and left the Lieutenant to her devices.

I"ll just make my way to my quarters from here" replied Eleonorrhea.

Level 60 was huge with rooms on both sides of the passageway; and on a Starbase with with over two hundred rooms assigned to each level, it would still take her a few minutes of walking it would still take her a while to find her room; so pulling out her PADD, Eleonorrhea made a few keystrokes, and in a nanoseconds deck 60's rooms were all displayed, with her own room 60A-675 at the very furthest end from the turbolift.

In an instant, Eleonorrhea was now walking past 60A-570, and as she turned a corner leaving Mr. Kildare alone to himself; he got back in the Turbolift and returned back to the office.


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

CWO1 Karyn Somers [PNPC: Somers]
Station Warrant Officer 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
Drill Sergeant 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat


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