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The New MCO Part 1

Posted on 15 Apr 2018 @ 4:23pm by 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin & Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare
Edited on on 16 Apr 2018 @ 1:57am

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 - Mira Sector
Timeline: Current


- Starbase 51 Arrivals Lounge -

The shuttle bay was busy, with hundreds of techs, Starfleet Personnel, and the usual Marine patrol walking their beat. As the shuttle touched down, everyone craned their necks to see who or what was coming out of the shuttle. Usually these days it was a new Starfleet officer or enlisted personnel, or maybe one of the Marines back from military leave and now heading down to the Marine Company.

However, whoever it was that came out was not your typical passenger, it was or looked like a female officer. Dressed in her Marine Class "A"s, the woman exuded a command presence, one that showed she was very capable and knowledgeable as a Marine Officer. Ramrod straight, her uniform flawlessly pressed, and not a wrinkle on it, the woman came out of the shuttlecraft, and in measured deliberate steps began to approach the podium where the OOD or Officer of the Deck was standing.

With his back turned toward the oncoming female Marine, the woman stopped a few inches away from the podium, and tried to say something; but unfortunately for the young Ensign who was looking at a PADD he had with him; the young Ensign said 'Hang on buddy", I'll get to you when I'm done" as he turned around to face the sound of the voice.

Standing by the Podium, 1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea or (Butch) Delfin stood there and waited patiently then as the young Ensign turned around, she literally read him the riot act. 'Ensign do you realize that standing before you is a female commissioned Marine Corp, officer,", and as a previously Marine Provost Marshal at her last duty station, and by regulations, I can have you charged under Article 89 "Disrespect towards a superior commissioned Officer" which is not attending to your duty, failure to observe anyone who approaches your station. Now the young ensign was beginning to turn white as a sheet, there was a female Marine Corp Officer who was in the least impressed with any of his explanations...

And now seeing the face of the woman, whose eyes were now beginning to constrict, the young Ensign apologized 'Sorry sir, ma'am, un oh... ma'am".

Suddenly the stern face began to break, and now smiling at the young Ensign the 1st Lieutenant said "Apologies accepted", Ensign. "But next time, how about you pay close attention to your duty than play on your PADD. You never know when some higher ranking officer may decide to end your career.

Giving the young ensign an Isolinear chip containing her information, the Ensign inserted the Isolinear chip into the identification computer, it automatically entered all of her private information, rank, duty station, and then it said "Incoming Commander of the Marine Detachment".

Now that she had scared the shit out of the young ensign who was now very attentive, Lt. Delfin decided a softer approach rather than the fire-breathing dragon the Ensign saw.

"Ensign I want to talk to a Marine Warrant Officer with the 95th do you know where that Warrant maybe in this what you call a Starbase?" Delfin asked.

From their position Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers and Sergeant Major Chris Kildare, heard the commotion and poked their heads around the corner and saw a First Lieutenant scolding a poor Ensign, they ducked back in and looked at each other.

"She said a Warrant Officer of the 95th, I guess that would be you," Kildare said with an easy smile.

"Why me!" Karyn complained, she admired her Sister Major Alexandria Somers for being able to deal with things like this so easy, and her Cousin and the CO of the Tomcat was also politic, even though the Captain had no formal diplomatic training like her Sister had "C'mon Mav, lets go help out the Ensign" Karyn Somers said and led the way.

Watching the poor Ensign inserting the Isolinear chip with a shaking left hand into the ships master personal computer, Eleanorrhea thought to herself - oO Hopefully Starfleet has someone with more balls between their legs on this floating bucket that can talk and not turn white when talking to a Marine Officer. I hope that the Ensign has the foresight to call down to the Marine Detachment and have a Marine representative meet me here on the Shuttlebay floor- Oo.

The Ensign looking a bit frazzled, wilted in relief as two marine NCOs arrived and saluted smartly "here are some that might be able to help you Lieutenant" the Ensign said and handed the ID chip back before moving away at Karyn's nod.

As Eleanorrhea was now looking around the busy shuttlebay floor, she saw a small Marine work detail that when she first went up to the OOD's position, they were just working loading a group of pallets in a haphazard manner. But after seeing what happened to the poor Ensign, the same group was now working at full tilt, moving things briskly and hoping that the new MCO would not decide to come over and scold their supervisor and them.

Eleanorrhea satisfied that she had made a small but impressionable entrance was suddenly startled when she heard a female voice; turning around she saw two senior enlisted Marines standing by the OOD's podium...

*Saluting Smartly* "Hello El-tee I am Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers of the 95th Rifles and this is Sergeant Major Chris Kildare, we are the ones who have been tasked with assisting new arrivals to the station, entertainment resources are limited as there are only small areas of the space habitable. Am I to assume you are the Tomcat's new Marine Commanding Officer?" Karyn asked as Kildare greeted Delfin.

Seeing who it was, she saw the two; a female Chief Warrant and the Sgt Maj both of whom seemed to act like this was a church social.

Karyn saw the Lieutenant begin to boil oO What the hell is this Officer doing? Oo She thought to herself "Lieutenant before you blow a gasket please remain calm, this is not OCS school or the heart of the Federation, this is the front lines and as such, a hard-ass approach will not make those under you respect you, telling subordinates what to do on duty is all well and good and is proper, but you have just arrived and your assignment post is out on a mission" Karyn Somers said

Kildare, just remained silent, he knew how unpredictable newly commissioned officer could be and this one it seemed was no different, he just smiled and remained at attention.

"Lieutenant, I welcome you to being admitted into the 95th Rifle Regiment, until the USS Tomcat returns and the Captain sends for you, the time you have is your own. We have as I said some facilities available to us" Karyn said then looked to Kildare "Mav, grab two Riflemen and have the Lieutenants bags taken to her quarters, I will show her around and then escort her to her quarters" Karyn said, Kildare nodded and took the Lieutenants bags as two other Marines took the rest of her luggage away.

Turning around at the sound of the voice, Eleonorrhea, and with her usual smile, that looked like the Mona Lisa she just listened, observing, and began to automatically size up the officer who was talking to her...

Now Kildare had gone she looked back at the Lieutenant "Lieutenant Delfin is it?" she asked looking at the Officers visible ID Badge "I will show you around, where is it you want to go first Lieutenant and what questions if any do you have? I will do my best to answer them" Karyn said and waited for the Lieutenant to speak.

"Chief Somers, I am the new Marine Company Commander", and I bet your thinking to yourself that I am some brand new tail officer who is fresh from OCS, doesn't know a Phaser from a Photon torpedo and trying to impress another officer. However I can tell you that I am much older than you, I have had more time in command, than you, or what you think that you may have, and I'm also a Combat Vet Marine, who was with the 23rd MARDIV on Bazaar during the Dominion War. Plus I'm one of the very few that that got out alive before that Division was slaughtered to the last man, spoke Eeleanorrhea in a steady, deliberate, non-wavering voice.

Now if you have a problem with me being here "Mister" or think that because you're a Starfleet Marine Corp Warrant Officer who has been on this tub far longer than I have, then you do have a problem. If you'd like, maybe you should contact Marine Headquarters and talk directly to the Personal Officer who just yanked me out of my position as the 14th Divisions Provost Marsha on Cardassia, about me being her, as she looked directly at Karyn.

"Chief Somers" I'm a very nice person; as her voice began to get cold; But "I'm not going to be pushed around by you or anyone, especially on my first day signing in. "got it"; you may be one of the Marine Warrants on this Starbase; but I'm still by orders the Company Commander of the 95th Rifles on board the USS Tomcat. Now, how about you show me around this place you call Starbase 51, and who I have to report to...

Let me explain something to you Chief... As a Marine Officer, who is superior in rank to a Warrant Officer, or a senior Enlisted; it is my prerogative to make sure the Marines are doing what they are trained to do, whether it is dressing down a senior NCO or a Warrant whom I feel is not up to Marine Corp Standards, I will. *pause* Whether or not that ship is in the dock or outside these walls, we are Marines, and we answer to a higher standard than that of Starfleet.

By regulations as your new Company Commander, I will make sure that all my Officers, Warrants and Senior Enlisted are doing their jobs, or they are asked to turn in their resignation. So now if you were commander of this detachment, what would you do?

If I see something that I know is wrong, I will correct it; unless told not to by a senior officer in the rank of Field Grade


1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin
USS Tomcat

CWO1 Karyn Somers [PNPC: Somers]
Station Warrant Officer 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat

Sgt Major Chris 'Maverick' Kildare [PNPC: Somers]
Drill Sergeant 95th Rifles
Starbase 51
USS Tomcat


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