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Gaining entrance

Posted on 16 Apr 2018 @ 9:53pm by 1st Lieutenant Joseph Tabor & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Mission Day 68-0


Now having gained an advantage, Paul retrieves the blow-pipe from its container and flicked it open to reveal a small oblong shaped weapon. As he began to load the weapon, Paul now had a good look at his opposition and saw that they wore the uniform of the Tal 'Shiar. He thought Oh great Romulan's he knew from the news Channel that the Federation had recognised New Romulus as the Romulan's new home-world, but their own Intelligence service did not and nor did the Romulan Empress.

Just on the off-chance, Tabor took a stroll down to holodeck one, upon entering he was greeted by a strange sight, he clears his throat "Ahem... What is going on here? Just out of curiosity" Tabor asked.

Suddenly without warning the holodeck reverted back to its original state of black and yellow squares, Paul looked back at the marine and said "Thank you very much, I will now have to start again" as he stood up. As he wasn't happy about this, he continued " I was doing a spy novel and you have just ruined it" as he was not letting on that he was going to be in intelligence.

*gives a shallow head bow* "My apologies Lieutenant, but the computer should have automatically saved your progress, try the memory buffer, as you were the last one to use this holodeck, then it should still be there for another hour" Tabor responded.

" I was told that the start of it keeps changing" replied Paul looking back at Tabor, as he walked over the arch and typed in a command, he found that having not completed the prologue it could still be saved. "Thank goodness I can start from when you entered,"

*smiling* "The Captain like the set-up of the holodecks so such a thing is possible, but there is that pesky small window to contend with" Tabor said then realised something "excuse my manners, I am first Lieutenant Joseph Tabor Squadron Leader of the 100th Squadron known as Raiders, and who am I addressing if you please?" Tabor said somewhat formally.

"I'm Lieutenant (JG) Paul Winchester and I'm the Tomcats CAG" replied Paul still looking at the screen, "Now if you will excuse me I need to finish this," as Paul knew he was being watched on this.

Looking at Winchester Puzzled " Um. Lieutenant, I checked the roster, while you are mentioned as CAG, it is down as the only temporary, you are under the roster for Intelligence Officer, as you are practicing, I figured I would let you know that both shuttles have returned, one with survivors on, they are secluded in the main shuttle bay, Commander Sterling's team are to continue interacting with them to avoid contamination, I just figured that you should know" Tabor said.

"That is supposed to be kept quiet Lieutenant," replied Paul looking back at the Marine, as he turned to face the Marine, he said "you will not tell anyone about it, " as he knew that the whole point was to be kept quiet. He finished "And thank you for the information Lieutenant," as he tapped the commands into the screen and crossed the floor and bent down as the programme reappeared around him once more.

*shrugs* "But it is not a secret as it is freely accessible as for speaking of this, it is not my positions to tell, but should anyone decide to look at the roster will see it" Tabor responded then looked around as the program came back on, deciding that it was time to leave the abrasive Officer to his own devices "well I shall leave you as I came in peace" Tabor said.

oO Dammit, I'm going to ask why announce the move before I have finished my training? Oo thought Paul, he replied "thank you Lieutenant" as he crouched down behind the grey bolder now all he had to do was continue with his training.

*sighing* "Very well Lieutenant, I shall leave you to it," Tabor said and exited the holodeck leaving Winchester to do his thing, his training, he would return to the Flight Ready Room, just in case he was needed to launch.


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

1st Lt Joseph Tabor [PNPC: Somers]
Raider Squadron Commander
USS Tomcat


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