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Extraction Plans

Posted on 16 Apr 2018 @ 10:11pm by 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Ensign Teela Tjaansz
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Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: Deep space - 1 Light-year out of New Xindus/Various
Timeline: Mission Day 67-5


- Bridge -

Upon the bridge as things were going on around her(who?), an alert came up of sensors being bypassed, the display on her chair arm could not give any more information, so she(who?) got up and went over to the secondary Sensor Station and ran an Internal scan, she detected a heat signature moving through the jefferies tubes, ironically along the path of bypassed sensors, as the main sensors were bypassed, she had to use auxiliary sensors, they were nowhere near as accurate as the main internal ones. She had them secretly installed long before joining Pegasus Fleet, she made a mental note to upgrade them first chance she got.

Considering the location, she(who?) ran another scan of all officer and crew quarters, she double-checked Sheela's quarters which seemed to show that she was still there, but knowing her(who?) senior Intelligence officer as she did she applied a broad spectrum algorithm which blasted through the deception, and a new reading showed the room empty.

"So my little Mousian, you decided to come fully awake from your hibernation heh! Well, let's limit your access to the shuttlebay" Somers said and electrified the exit hatches that led into shuttlebay one, it had enough charge to shock Sheela only, she also beamed in a PADD into every place the hatches opened up on shuttlebay one that had a sensor linked to the cameras in the shuttlebay. The PADDs had a message for Sheela which read:

"Apologies Commander, but you will have to watch from your current location as there is a highly encrypted lock on all the hatches leading into shuttlebay one, the code is a special one as in it ties into the EPS power, should you try to bypass it, you will be putting the whole ship in danger as if the power of the cloak is disrupted we will become visible and thus the ship will be endangered. All the hatch doors have been sealed and electrified and thus cannot be bypassed without a 'Shocking Result', when you have finished your observing, report to the bridge, we need to have us a wee chat Sheela, as I do not know which hatch you are heading to, I have done this with all of them and left an Identical PADD at all of them, I will see you shortly Commander"

Then finished with "remember Commander I have my ship wired, but you will report to me on the bridge when you finished your observation - Captain Somers" returning to her chair with a smile on her face she just sat and waited and thought of what task to give Sheela.

Sheela laid in an air duct that ran over the hanger bay that gave her a good viewing position from one of the many air vents she could have chosen to see what was happening with the incoming shuttle from the disabled Freighter.

- Engineering -

Somers decided to take a walk down to engineering if only to break the boredom, she entered Engineering and looked around for the engineer currently in charge of the department, she had walked into a room alive with activity, she looked over to see Tjaansz, she saw no other officer.

"How are things down here Ensign?" Somers asked.

Working at her station, Teela got a notice from the captain. Ensign Tjaansz oO sounds like 'Chance' Oo she thought and answered captain's summons and found herself face to face on the bridge in moments.

"Ensign Tjaansz, reporting as ordered, ma'am," Tjaansz said with a salute.

Somers nodded "as you were Ensign, so!?" Somers asked referring back to her earlier question

"It's going well, captain," she replied. "Nelson's running things while the chief is out on assignment. We turned off silent running so the systems should be back to normal efficiency. I'm hoping we won't have to fight off this universe's Dominion though," she said with some apprehension.

*nods* "Be prepared to go back to silent running, just because we may have escaped the last patrol, but our visitors may return." Somers said.

"Visitors, captain? From where?" Teela asked. Her long, purple, pointed tail swished behind her with little wavy motions indicating her curious mood.

"Oh those visitors, yes Commander Sterling had a sticky encounter and some of her away team encountered their duplicates and as the freighter was damaged beyond repair she is bringing them back here, they will be placed in Shuttlebay one, I need you to cut general computer access from that bay, but leave the replicators active" Somers said, finally realizing what "visitors" the Ensign was on about.

"Certainly, I can cut computer access from the shuttlebay," Teela replied, curious. "I have a few algorithms up my sleeves for special occasions."

*Smiling* "excellent Ensign, as for your boss he is kind of unavailable for the moment, so all orders go through Nelson" Somers finished.

Teela gave her a professional nod, and a smile, and exited, intent on getting set up what her captain had asked of her. Her tail bounced behind her as she left, determined to get the shuttlebay cut off from the main computer, to keep whomever they were bringing on board isolated and to prevent contamination of this universe with information from their own home universe "On my way Captain."

With that done Somers left engineering and returned to the bridge stopping off at her ready room.

-Shuttle Bay 1 -

Dr Cahill stopped at Sickbay and then went to the Shuttlebay. She had changed into a uniform. She then went inside where she had the clearance to be admitted.

Once in she assembled the medical team in a safe area off to the side of the Shuttle bay and away from all computer access points. She had a member of security to stand guard on the console to prevent unauthorized access or communications.

She looked at Aldana, "Looks like we are ready."

Doctor Aldana stood next to either Captain Somers or Doctor Cahill with Sombra at the hir heel and for good measure, Luuna was across the bay taking point with the security guard by the computer terminal. Despite the security guard there not actually being a sort of handler for her, Alpha had suggested it would make for the good show, so no one should bother them.

Aldana had put Luuna in a 'sit-stay' for the ease of everyone else, though through their direct mental communication there should be no need for such thing, she knew what was expected of her.

Sombra nudged Alpha's left palm to assure hir.

It was at this moment Aldana wished s/he had a catchphrase-y response to the hir female humanoid companion, "Affirmative," however was the only thing that came to mind at the moment.

Amiri Aldana fiddled with the hand scanner of the hir favourite medical tricorder, popping it in and out of its cubby-hole. S/he stopped after a moment and pretended to examine it.

Dr Cahill thought of something and moved quickly, she tapped her communications badge. "These visitors cannot know we are Star Fleet. All personnel assigned to Shuttle Bay 1 need to put black coveralls on over their uniforms. Make no reference to the ship name or Star Fleet.

We don't want to disrupt their thinking too much."

Jenn and the others from the freighter were all huddled in a shuttle bay of a starship. She was picking up on something that the crew of the ship that found them was hiding. The technology was too similar to the ships she was familiar with before being altered and put to service on Terok Nor.

"Timmy, what do you make of this room? I think it looks like a shuttle bay on a starship." Jenn said to her boyfriend.

"I think you may be on to something. There is a computer terminal on the back wall, but it appears to be inoperative." Timmy replied. "I thank this crew for helping us from perishing in space, but I do know they are hiding something from us."

"I will talk to Nikki and Aurora to see if they have any plans for getting the truth out of our saviours." Jenn replied and then gave Timmy a kiss and turned to walk over to Aurora to see if she knew what was going on."

“I will talk to her. I just want to do something.” Timmy stated as he made a beeline to Aurora.

"Hi, Timmy what can I do for you"? Aurora asked.

“We are wondering what is going on. We know they are keeping something from us and we deserve to know the truth. After all, we know that at least three of them are duplicates of some of us. Maybe there are more of us duplicated than we think. I tried to access that rear computer terminal but it appears that be deactivated. However, I sense this is familiar technology and would like to know what is happening.” Timmy replied.

"This looks like the shuttle bay of an Akira-class battlecruiser or possibly a Publius-class carrier. I used to serve on one ya know. These may be clones or it could be a wild coincidence. Maybe the founders are cloning people now, but I don't think so they hate solids. I don't have a tricorder. It's possible they are from another universe, but I have no way to prove it. Keep calm they don't seem to be out to harm us". Aurora said.

"I will keep calm for a little while longer, but I agree this looks a little like a Federation ship. I was an engineer on a Nova-class ship before being altered and forced to work on Terok Nor." Timmy replied.

Dr Cahill comes over with a lot of food for everyone. "Hello, I am Alex and one of the Doctors on this ship. Does anyone need any medical needs that we can help you wish to be cared for?

My staff is ready to assist you in any way you may need. We replicated some clean clothing for you and there are sonic showers set up if you wish to clean up. Please enjoy your stay with us."

"A hot shower and some decent food would be nice". Aurora said.

"Come with me", as Dr Cahill smiled. We approach a large table set up buffet style. with others set up so they can sit down and eat comfortably. "Help yourself to all you want to eat and then when you are ready the showers for ladies is in the corner there and for men on the other side of the crates so you can have some privacy.

Also, there are some clean clothes set out for you to change if you like. Let me know if you need anything else. Also if you have medical needs please ask and I will see them for you too."

"Thank you, so who are you people"? Aurora asked.

Timmy and Jenn were standing nearby to hear the response to Aurora's question. While others in the group started to eat and shower. Since there were only two men in the group, the women headed to both showers to take advantage of the majority.

"We are refugees just like you looking to avoid the Dominion and have been lucky so far. And hope our luck continues. May I ask your names? As we continue to talk."

"My name is Aurora M. Sterling formerly of Starfleet". Aurora said.

"I am Tim Nelson and this is Jenny Goodwin. We are also both formerly of Starfleet." Timmy added in response to the question asked.

Cahill simply nodded but added "I see" was all she said.

After s/he had quickly changed and returned to hir boss' side; Amiri stood by ready to assist in any way was needed.

Meanwhile, Sombra was near-by, he decided to investigate one of the new-comers by sniffing one of them cautiously, tail wagging lightly and in a friendly manner.

Luuna was standing guard near the security officer that was stationed at the computer terminal.

Alexi was not sure what to make of Sombra, as she had not seen a dog since she was very young. Alexi was once a male who happened to be Anthony Nelson, a younger brother to Timmy. However, at the time he was captured by the Orions, it was more cost-effective to transform him into a female pleasure slave for the Cardassians than to merely alter him as a male pleasure slave. In the alteration process, her memory was slightly altered, but Timmy and she still had a sibling bond that was not altered.

"So who are you?" Alexi said to Sombra as she knelt down to his level and put out an open palm for him to sniff.

Dr Cahill replied, "We are refugees just like all of you. And trying to figure out how to evade the Dominion as well. We have been lucky and been able to avoid them a lot of the time. And hope our luck keeps running like it is."

As hir boss was chatting Doctor Aldana stepped up to each of there guests, and began taking preliminary medical scans with her tricorder. S/he felt it wise to get a baseline in case something came up later, s/he'd also be able to determine if there were anything more immediate they might be able to help the refugees with.

I do hope you can enjoy our company and also enjoy our hospitality. There is plenty of food available and you can all enjoy as much as you want.

This is Sombra, she is with one of my other doctors."

Sombra sniffed the offered hand. His tail began to wag lightly as he found the stranger to be friendly enough. He offered himself up for pets even though a patch on his vest read "Working dog. Please ask before petting."

"Nice to meet you" Aurora replied.

Aldana decided to finally speak up. "He's with me. He assists me."

"This is my other Doctor here to help you out if you need it. we are glad to have you onboard. And look forward to helping you out in getting to where you are going." Noted Cahill.

Aldana waved, "Hello, we're glad to be your hosts. If you find any of your crew need attention above and beyond, please let me know.

Not seeming to get any more attention from the stranger, Sombra returned to Aldana's side.

Meanwhile across the cargo bay, Luuna's nose began to twitch. She eyed the security guard who didn't seem to notice, nor move for that matter, and decided to try discretely get a better scent, she stood and took a step or two toward a man keeping on the edge of the small huddle of officers and visitors, her head cocked as she tried to identify what she smelled.

- Captain's Ready Room -

Sitting down behind her desk she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Captain Somers to Commander Swiftpaws, get your furry personage to my ready room in fifteen minutes or I will beam you here =/\= Somers said, she suspected that the clever Mousian avoided all the main hatchways, this left ventilation grates too small even for her, if she read the PADDs that had been left they were ignored so she waited.

Sheela was startled by the alternate combadge she wore. Her head hitting the ventilation shaft with a soft bonk. She scurried back the way she had come and scampered through the ship. She gave a soft snicker as she wondered what the Captain wanted. She looked thoughtful as she had a good look at the 'Survivors'. She had overheard some of their conversations and wondered about what they said. 'Service, Founders, and cloning' stuck in her mind as she entered the Ready Room, without bothering to announce herself. She wrinkled her nose at hearing Cardassians. She nodded to the Captain as she flopped into a nearby chair. "Whot's so urgent yooz had mez report here when Iz was just about to get comfortable and sleep again?" She let out a yawn that she didn't bother to cover up.

Looking up as Sheela entered her Ready Room "Commander Swiftpaws YOU WILL SIT UP" Somers said and waited till Sheela was "if you truly wanted to return to hibernation, you would have, instead you bypass systems to go spy on refugees. I allow you a lot of lee-way on my ship because you are a good field agent, but you are getting too damn disobedient for my taste, so here is what is going to happen I am removing you as Chief Intelligence Officer, you will retain your Starfleet rank and take up the position of an Intelligence Officer, you always seemed more comfortable when not in command of a Department, but when I appoint a new Chief Intelligence Officer, you will listen to them, regardless of rank, do I make myself understood Commander?" Somers said.

Sheela sat a bit straighter to appease the Captain and listened to the Captain speak. "Squeee. Then perked up even more at the announcement of being replaced with a new Chief of Intelligence. "Of course. Will Iz keep mez bridge position as Second Coms Officer?"

"I hope you do Commander, so for the duration of this mission you are confined to quarters, you will catch up on your hibernation, I do not want to catch you outside of your quarters until we return to Starbase 51 or in an emergency, consider this a minor punishment for ignoring the rules on my ship, data on those refugees are available for all crew to read, if you thought before you acted, you would not always be in trouble, now do you have anything to say?" Somers ended with a question.

"Isn't it that the best is always in trouble?" Waved away the response is required as it was a rhetorical question. "That is nice. But it doesn't get the intelligence of actually being there and overhearing conversations. Yooz know they tried to access the ship's computers? Do yooz know they? Theyz are worried about the Founders Cloning? Theyz have the demeanour of ..." Sheela paused as she mentally looked for the right words. "... subdued personage, that a slave would have? Even though theyz looked healthy physically." Sheela smiled at Somers a bit. "Wez or someone more human-like to question them. And observe them. Right now theyz are the best source of information. Since whot information that the freighter theyz came from is lost due to the failure of retrieving it."

Jasmine understood the Commanders position, but still "tell you what everything is being recorded from the shuttle bay and the computers have been secured, so they will not be finding anything out that we do not want them too. Have you some kind of Intel probe that can be used? I only ask as while your punishment still stands, you are still my best Intel officer also it will be something you can do from your quarters should you decide to forego the rest of your hibernation" Somers asked.

"Iz would need full access... Captain's Access Level..." Sheela lost the care-free-happy-go-lucky demeanour she always portrayed into a more sober, cold-blooded individual. "Then Iz will observe them from a distance. But until then..." She gave a shrug, warming up again. "Iz guess Iz could catch up on mez beauty sleep."

Somers smiled at the mention of the sleep part "Do you have some kind of way to observe and record from a distance?" Somers asked "I cannot give you Captain's access, but I can give you access to the sensors, recording devices and such directly connected to the shuttle bay and the computers where the refugees are. This will be unlimited to an extent, you will not be able to do anything but listen and record and observe, your clearance level allows you that much, as for your position on the Communication station on the bridge, that is still yours, any further questions?" Somers asked Sheela.

Sheela nodded "Iz will have one of mez Intelligence officers place the recorder and Iz will go to mez quarters," Swiftpaws said with a curt nod and stood up and left the Captain's Ready room, not giving the Captain chance to respond.

- Engineering -

Nelson was having all the staff report the restoration of full power and that all systems were back to normal operations for working while cloaked.

Pril and Machado were doing a great job maintaining the cloaking device. They have been working around the clock to be sure to keep the cloaking device from malfunctioning. Nelson had been doing it before Chief Dodd got assigned to an away team.

The rest of the engineering crew were all doing their jobs and making Nelson proud to be an engineer on the Tomcat.

Nelson had to take a short break and stepped into Dodd's office. He replicated a cool glass of apple juice and sat for a moment to savour the flavour. He generally did not take breaks like this but since he had been working steadily for about two days, he felt he needed to sit a spell.

Pril then walked in on him.

"I finally get a minute to say 'hi' to the man who holds my heart," Pril stated as she approached Nelson.

"Kara, this is not the proper place to do this," Nelson said as she approached him and wrapped her arms around him.

"I have missed you so much, I just wanted to hold you for a second so I could know you were still real," Pril stated as she then released her embrace.

"As soon as Dodd is back and I am no longer in charge, I hope to get some time to hike and relax, maybe you could join me," Nelson replied as he motioned toward the replicator for Pril to get a drink or snack.

"I would enjoy that as I know that you have been finding your uniform a little on the binding side lately," Pril replied.

"Yeah, I have not had a chance to really be myself in over a week and I would love to get loose and be in nature even if it is holographic," Nelson replied then took a cool sip of his juice.

Pril requested a bottle of water and then took it from the replicator and turned to leave the office.

"See you later, Tim," Pril stated as she walked back to her post.

After finishing his brief break, Tim returned to the pool table to resume his temporary duties.

Things in engineering were continuously operating smoothly and Nelson had all in order and deep down he was so proud of the Engineering team. He noticed that each and every member had a pride in what they did and serving the Tomcat. Nelson couldn’t wait to give his report to Dodd when he returned.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Ensign Teela Tjaansz [PNPC: Taggert]
USS Tomcat

2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin [PNPC: Dodd]
Marine Officer
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer 2 Timothy Nelson [PNPC: Dodd]
Propulsion Specialist
USS Tomcat


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