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We don't take orders from you

Posted on 13 Apr 2018 @ 11:56am by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Captain Jasmine Somers

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Flight deck/various
Timeline: Mission Day 67-6


- Shuttle Bay -

After the call from the Captain, Paul tapped his com-link he said =/\= Lieutenant Winchester to Security teams=/\= he continued =/\= to all exits to shuttle bay as he knew that this was not hard to ask of them, =/\= asap=/\= he finished as he looked out of the window in flight control.

=/\= This is Lieutenant Javanka, I do not take orders from you flyboy=/\= replied the Lieutenant as he stood in the main security office, he continued =/\= I am the acting Security chief here flyboy=/\= as he tried to make himself important. Upon hearing that statement, Paul stood there perplexed as to why Javanka thought he was the security chief.

Paul replied =/\= I gave you a direct order Lieutenant and that order is from the captain=/\= as he tried not to lose his temper with the officer, he continued =/\= If you do not follow my orders Lieutenant, I will have you confined to quarters for the remainder of this mission=/\= as he rotated his prosthetic arm. He finished =/\= Do you understand =/\= as he flexed the fingers into a fist and back again. This was something he had been tasked with by Captain Somers.

=/\= You can try flyboy all you want=/\=responded Lieutenant Javanka, as he knew that Paul commanded the fighter wing and not Security and he was not going to be told what to do by a jock. but he also knew that Paul had been injured in an accident as he said =/\=by our very own Borg =/\=

=/\= Do I have to come up there and tell you to your face=/\= Paul replied as he now was about to lose his temper with the security he hated the remark about his prosthetics, he looked out of the window and then turned and exited the flight control and headed for Main Security. He was now pissed off and the Lieutenant was going to get it.

-Meanwhile Main Security -

After closing the channel on Lieutenant Winchester, Lieutenant Peter Javanka looked around the room and noticed that the other officers were looking at him. He said" What you all looking at?" as they shook their heads. One of the other security officers walked over to him and said" Pete, you do know he is a Senior officer on this ship?" as he looked back at the brown-haired officer.

"So you want me to get on my knees and beg forgiveness Mike?" asked Peter, as he kept his gaze upon his fellow officer, just then the doors parted like magic and a raging storm centred main security. Paul was furious with how he had been disrespected by the Lieutenant and he was not going to take that lying down. Paul tapped his combadge =/\= Winchester to Somers =/\= as he now had been left with no choice but to report the officer.

- Bridge/Corridor -

=/\= Winchester to Somers =/\= Paul said trying to keep his temper in check whilst speaking with his commanding officer, he knew this was not going to please Somers.

Somers was on the bridge when her Commbadge said, she tapped it to make the connection =/\= Go ahead Lieutenant! =/\= Somers said, wondering what this was about.

=/\= Ma'am, I'm on my way to main security to relieve Lieutenant Javanka of his sidearm.=/\= replied Paul who was still fuming at the way he had been spoken to. he continued =/\= After I gave him in order to take his team to shuttle bay 1=/\=

*growling quietly sound* =/\= will meet you in main Security, Somers out =/\= she closed the line and headed out, it did not take her too long to get to main Security, but it seemed that Winchester got there first.

- Main Security -

Somers enters to see Winchester about to dress down a senior ranking officer in front of the others "Lieutenant Winchester, Javanka, backroom NOW" she said with a controlled temper and headed into the back room she looked at those in there "OUT" she said and the enlisted personnel having served on the Tomcat for years knew something was wrong but they cleared out quickly as in walked the two Lieutenants, she looked at Winchester and Javanka expectantly.

Paul knew from the tone that she was not happy with the both of them, but he was not happy with Javanka's disobedience when he had given him a direct order. as he moved towards the back room, Paul wondered if she was to agree with him when he gave his report. Peter had heard about the captain's temper and knew that this was going to be one hell of a row between himself and Winchester.

When they were all in she looked at them, then settled on Winchester first "okay you first Lieutenant Winchester, what bug as gone and crawled up your ass?" she asked "not a word from you Javanka, you will get your chance" Somer added.

"As you may recall Captain, you asked me to get Security teams to shuttle bay 1" replied Paul looking back at Somers, he continued " I ended up talking to this Lieutenant and after I issued the order," he concluded "all I got was I don't take orders from you flyboy,"as Paul looked at Javanka.

*nodding* "I remember giving that instruction," she said and looked at Javanka as Winchester kept talking.

"He even tried to make out that he was acting Security chief" Paul stated giving his superior his report upon the incident, he finished "I came here to relieve him of his sidearm and confine him to quarters"

*nodding again* "Lieutenant Javanka, now you may speak" Somers said looking at the Security Officer.

"Well Ma'am" replied Pete looking back at the Captain, "as I'm the only one to step up and take control of the teams here since we have no chief" as he knew now what Paul's intentions were, he continued speaking" I took command of the Security division and then flyboy here tells me what to do,"

Looking at Javanka "Lieutenant Javanka, he may be a former flyboy, but he is now an Intelligence Officer, so if he comes to you with some instructions and assignments, you will listen to him, it will be different when we get a new Chief of Security, but until then, he may be subordinate to you, but if he is assigned a task by me, then he is acting upon my authority, got it?" Somers asked none too pleased.

"I had heard in the coms that we were having guests, I had already sent teams to the bay" replied Pete as this was not looking good for him, " I had everything under control when he called" Pete finished pointing at Paul. As he also knew that Winchester might have an ideal punishment for him.

*Looking at him* "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME Javanka?" Somers shouted, as he had not answered her question.

"Aye Ma'am," replied Pete looking back at his commanding officer, Pete knew that there was only one option open to him and that was to make up with Lieutenant Winchester.

*Nodding* "Good" Somers said then looked at Winchester and in a slightly calmer voice "Lieutenant Winchester, please remember Lieutenant Javanka has been on the ship longer than you, even though he had dispatched officers, he did not have the latest information *looks at Javanka as she is saying this* even though I assigned you the task of organising Security Lieutenant Winchester, in your haste, you forgot protocol" Somer said looking back at Winchester "Yes I assigned you the task of assigning Security, but you being a grade lower than the Lieutenant here, should have approached him in a friendly respectful manner and perhaps you should have mentioned that I had sent you or tasked you. *pause* Now I am not going to punish either of you, as you WILL learn to work together, *looks at Javanka* Mr Javanka if another officer comes rushing into this location or up to you in future, you will afford him or her equal respect regardless of rank. *Looks at Winchester* Lieutenant Winchester, until you become a full Lieutenant, do not try telling a senior rank to do something, in future remember to also afford another some respect. You may be Intelligence Officer now, but you do not outrank Javanka, it is not the task I assigned you that has gotten you in hot water, but the manner in which you carried it out" Somers paused.

Moving to a spot where she could look at them both "Okay now we have that sorted out, do you both understand what I have said and are there any questions before I return to the bridge?" Somers asked.

"I have none" replied Pete as he held his hand out, he continued "No hard feelings Lieutenant? "as he looked at Paul who still had to come to terms with his new assignment, Paul reached out and took the offered hand and shook hands with Pete. he said" I'D better go change my uniform then, right Captain ?"

Somers looked at Winchester "Yes I think you better" she said, obviously Winchester had no further questions either "well then, that is sorted, I will return to the bridge" Somers said with a nod and left the Security Office and headed back to the bridge.

Paul gave a nod to both officers and turned to leave Security and change from the green of flight to the grey of an Intelligence officer, then all he had to do was find the department office.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Pete Javanka [NPC: Winchester]
Security Officer
USS Tomcat


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