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The Side Mission Part 2

Posted on 01 Apr 2018 @ 3:28pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant Remington Dodd

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Tomcat/ New Xindus Dominion Side
Timeline: Mission Day 67-2


Three Hours later.....

Donovan arrives on the flight deck where the shuttle equipped for stealth flight was ready to go, she was dressed in her old combat outfit, she had the semi-automatic weapons she lovingly nicknamed "Bessy" a sidearm and her blades, she did not have any grenades, except for a satchel of Spatial charges. Her usual rose-tinted glasses had been replaced by her Combat visor, which acted like its own targeting system, she also had some basic provision, now she waited for Dodd to arrive.

Dodd arrived dressed in the attire he was advised to wear, he had the pistol that Donovan directed him to replicate. He had a pack that carried all of his data storage equipment and even had a small minicomputer core just in the chance that he may need it. He also had a few MREs and some canteens in his pack. He knew this was a serious mission and so he was going to do his best to impress Donovan because she always seems to scare him some ever since he was in her mind to help her come out of the episode that happened. He thought maybe he was picked because he was telepathic and could sense the approaching minds of anyone that may come upon them while retrieving the data they were after.

"Well, Major, I am here and ready to get to work," Dodd stated as he entered the flight deck. "I have everything I should need in this pack and so when you are ready, so am I."

*Smiling* "Excellent, I am ready," she said and walked up into the stealth equipped shuttle and took the pilots seat and prepped for the flight while Dodd got his kit on and some enlisted got the rest of the stuff on to the shuttle. Sometime later she heard the ramp closed and Dodd joins her she looked over at him.

"Why so anxious Remy! Welcome to my world or should I say reality" Donovan finished with a smile as she got clearance to leave the ship.

"I am not anxious, Major, I am merely rearing to get this mission underway and completed successfully," Dodd replied, all the while he as trying to block his thoughts of how she scared him.

He took a glance at all the panels at his station and made sure all were up to par and in working order. "Major, all seems within normal parameters at this station. Engines seem primed and ready. The cover system for the exhaust will activate once we pass the hanger bay force field. Radio transmissions will be encrypted and focused." Dodd relayed to Donovan after he reviewed all his display panels.

She looked over to Dodd "try not to be too scare El-tee, your thoughts and emotions are leaking, my mental blocks are not as they once were" Donovan said and left it at that, she did not want to go beyond sensing his emotions, she was having issues with her own emotions, she did not need another's emotional baggage.

"Very sorry, major. I have been in better control of my thoughts lately. I will focus more." Dodd replied.

"Alrighty then, let us be on our way," Donovan said after having the shuttle before leaving the ship, she waited till she was clear of the cloaked ship before the shuttle went to warp. While they were en-route she looked at Dodd "Why are you scared Remy? It is not like you have not seen battle before, besides all you need do is concentrate on the task at hand and think happy thoughts" Donovan said adding a smile to the last bit of what she said.

"I am sorry for having the emotion of the fear show. I am not really scared of battle. But to be honest, I am a little afraid of you. I respect you and know you have a past and that now we are in your realm and that is what scares me." Dodd stated. "I will give you only the best I can give for this mission. I will do my best to hold back my fears and other emotions so that we can function 100% on the mission at hand. I have been working with Counselor Walon about my telepathy and setting up barriers. I have been better able to control my mind and I am certain that the fears I have must have been stronger than I thought for you to sense them."

Donovan looks at Dodd as she puts the shuttle on autopilot, "afraid of me! Why in the name of the gods are you afraid of me Remy? As for this reality scaring you, that just means you are smart, my sensing of your thoughts is not wholly your fault, I had lost them for a long time and had gotten used to the silence, I hope that their return is, only temporary and due to this reality, it is taking all my willpower not to curl up in a fetal position, I always found if one concentrates on one's mission, then things usually work out. But back to my first question" Donovan said.

Dodd looked at Donovan square in the eyes, "I am not certain what is causing the fear but when I helped you by entering your mind and memories, there was something very dark in there and your subconscious self-keeps it contained but apart you reached out and told my mind to wary of that which was contained. Since then, that memory of being inside your mind has sparked my desire to always impress you and never get on your nerves. That is the honest truth and I can only be truthful with you since you now can sense thoughts once again." Dodd replied and then broke his view from her eyes by turning to look at an engine reading on the nearest panel.

*smiling* "Interesting, there is no need to fear me, Remy, if I warned you away I do not remember it, but if I did it was for a good reason, hell most of the crew are going to need Counselling when we return, everything they know does not exist in this reality. As for my Subconscious self, I sound all there, I am impressed with myself and as for trying not to get on my nerves, you do not do this and, you never need to impress me, I am not your CO, as for reading stray thoughts, I just hope it goes when we return back to your reality" Donovan responded.

"Well, I try to not let my fear show, but I can still work and maintain my duties while respecting you for who you are and that will help me with the task at hand," Dodd replied. "Not to really change the subject but to update you, the silent running systems are operating at ninety-five percent for some reason, so I will need to look into that to help avoid detection by anyone out there."

*nods* "Excellent, then let's be even us" Donovan said as the shuttle shot through the barrier that held out the vacuum of space, when clear of the cloaking barrier the shuttle went to warp, to aid in the stealthy nature of the mission the shuttle was doing a lower warp than what it was capable of. "that reminds me of an old joke, want to hear it, Remy?" Donovan asked putting the shuttle on autopilot and turning to face him.

"Alright, Major, let me hear that old joke," Dodd replied with a feeling like he may have heard it before but what the heck.

"Alrighty then, Where does a Policeman live?" Donovan said, this was an old joke, which meant that if the context was a mystery to someone, they would not understand it, the old US had 911 as its emergency number, the UK had 999 as its emergency number."

"999 Letsbe Avenue," Dodd replied. "That joke never made any sense to me. Sort of like the one that goes Why did the turtle cross the road?"

*smiling* "I don't know, why did the turtle cross the road?" Donovan asked as she checked their course.

“The chicken took the day off,” Dodd replied. “How long will it be before we arrive at our destination?”

Donovan simply shrugged at the punchline and looking at the timer, "about now" Donovan said and took the shuttle off autopilot as it dropped from warp. Taking the reins she expertly piloted the the shuttle to a secluded spot on New Xindus and the side where the Dominion F.O.B was situated, as the shuttle settled down, Donovan began to switch things off and what had to be on was placed into low power mode, then thinking on that they too were turned off. If the enemy was as advanced with sensors in this reality as they were in Dodds. then the less chance of the shuttle being found if there is not excess power beyond the doors.

As she continued shutting down the power she spoke to Dodd "okay Remy get your gear together, the moment I have finished here, we will head out. Hope you are up for a trek? I had to land us about two miles outside of the enemy base to cut down on the chances of being spotted" she said.

"I understand the reason for what you did when landing the shuttle. I am up for a hike, as I have some steam to burn off and the hike would do me some good. All my gear is ready as it is all in my pack. Just to let you know, the shuttle's computer will not be able to beam us out in an emergency when it is fully in stealth power mode. So we will be risking it all to get this data." Dodd stated. He finished inputting a subroutine to hold the engines in a low powered mode that would allow them to get them up to par in a hurry once they made it back to the shuttle.


Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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