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Away team Docked Part 1

Posted on 12 Mar 2018 @ 4:34pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Akuhl K'Tel & Ensign Angelica Wright & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin
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Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Deep space between USS Tomcat and New Xindus
Timeline: Day 59 - 64


The faux freighter Lady luck docked and sealed.

"Okay people, keep alert, tend the wounded if any, and let's get this ship up and running. Keep your weapons hidden," Maia said.

Maia led her team through the lock to the other side as it opened.

"Hello I am Captain Maia from the Lady Luck, Are you the captain"? Maia asked.

"Greetings, I am Jenn. I am not the captain so to speak, I would say that Nicci would be our captain. We are glad you stopped to assist us." Jenn stated when greeting Maia and her team. "Let me go and get Nicci for you."

Jenn then left Maia and her team on the bridge and went to get Nicci.

Back in the Lady Luck, Lt. Taggert verified the seals and picked up a civilian-model tricorder, a custom model she made with a larger screen, but all the same innards as the standard version from Starfleet, her type-1 phaser, which she hid inside her belt, and a tool case with the most common tools one would need to fix things.

She wasn't in the greeting group with Maia, but she followed in once she got the all-clear that it wasn't hostile.

Walking into the docking area, she walked over to the bridge area, where Maia and the others were already, and got the shock of her life. She saw the one thing she never thought she'd see...herself walking into the bridge of the Merchantman style ship.

"Hello, everyone from the Lady Luck. Here is our captain." Jenn said as she and Nicci entered their bridge.

Maia took her hand amazed that this person Nicci looked like the spitting image of her engineer. However, she had been warned by her captain that this possibility could occur.

"Hi, I'm Captain Maia what happened to your ship were you attacked? Can I have permission to have my people try to stabilize your systems?" Maia asked.

"" Nicci said to her doppelgänger on the ship. She was staring. Her eyes wide, her mouth slightly agape in surprise. She was in tight black pants, combat boots, a tight black shirt with a tool belt, her blonde hair up in a ponytail, but the Other-Nicci was not so clad as she was. Other-Nikki, as she was thinking her to be, was in tight leather pants with thin, translucent fabric flowing front and back, a tank-top that showed off her toned midriff and cleavage. Her hair was curled and probably twice as long as Nicci's. She had plenty of makeup, eyeliner, and lipstick, and her lips and bust looked fuller than Nicci's. She felt a twinge of jealousy at that, which she silently cursed herself for. She was definitely all-in on being a knock-out.

"Hello," she said back in surprise.

Maia looked at her doppelganger, What's your name?" She asked the incredibly sexy version of herself.

"Jarlee, although before the Dominion occupation my name was Aurora M. Sterling. I used to be a Starfleet officer, believe it or not, a Starship Captain."

"That's very impressive, Jarlie," Maia said.

"Well, parallel universes," Nicci said to her double. "I'm Nicci Taggert."

"So am I," said Other-Nikki. She shook her other self's hand while looking her up and down. "So I take it you ran into the Bellringer Station?"

"Yep," replied Nicci.

"I guess you got out before they finished their project," Other-Nikki continued, gesturing at herself. "I've been a courtesan at Terok Nor for the past year or so."

Nicci was flummoxed; she was at a loss for words taking in the implications of that. "I'm so sorry," she finally said.

"Don't worry about it," Other-Nikki replied, trying to slough it off. "Some parts are a lot more pleasurable than others. At least I get fed well. But I'm sure you're not here for that."

"No, you are right beside rendering aid we need you to tell us the historical background an the current political situation in return we will repair what we can and try to get you on your way," Maia said.

"Well, luckily Terok Nor is a pretty well-connected hub of activity," Other-Nikki answered. "I've had quite a few politically connected clients."

Nicci winced a little at that.

Other-Nikki continued, "The Federation's been gone for well over a decade or so in this universe, the war with the Dominion lasted maybe five years before the Federation fell. Cardassia and the Breen became semi-autonomous Dominion regions, which while nominally in control of their own affairs, are really 'guided'," she did air-quote fingers to emphasize the point, "by their Dominion 'advisors.' Humans in our universe have had several dozen colony worlds, New France, New Germany, New Indus, Prussia, Nova Roma, Nova Russkaya, all of them were taken over by the Dominion. Earth's defences stripped and the components taken to be used in Dominion ships. Cultures across Asia, Africa, and South America were wiped out for Earth's role in resisting the dominion. My friend Chandran, from India, is one of maybe a few dozen thousand Indians left in the Universe. Without the Federation, the Romulans and Klingons fell as well. Resistance was futile, to borrow a phrase."

"The Dominion made a systematic purge of people who could resist," Other-Nikki continued. "Anyone who didn't bow to them was slaughtered publicly as an example. After a few tens of thousands of slaughters in public, most planets capitulated; Vulcan, Andoria, Betazed, even the Nausicaans. The Orions, ever the galactic entrepreneurs, sided with the Dominion with their genetic experimentation to make themselves wealthy and cater to their now galactic clientele without the Federation stopping their slave trade...well, indentured servant trade, to use the nicer Dominion-friendly term. Humans, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Betazoids, none were outside their grasp to be 'enhanced' for sale, as it were."

"The only relatively safe area that we could find was New Xindus, owing to the remnants of The Expanse. My mother and father escaped there to prepare the way for me to arrive. They were also Starfleet here, a Commodore and a Commander, a CMO, who had luckily stolen a few old ships from some museums - a Constitution class refit from 2289, a Bozeman class, two Miranda class, a Centaur, two Excelsior variants, two NX refits, four Potemkin class carriers and modules to haul refugees, some Saladin, and a few others. Nowhere near enough to begin to stand up to the Dominion, but enough to escape. I was on a shuttle trying to get to an old friend to safety when the Orions attacked and beamed us off for Bellringer Station. Your Nicci can probably tell you what happened, but for us, Bellringer was in full operation, and I suffered the full brunt of its changes. Human women were in high demand, so even men were genetically altered to meet the demand."

"We were made genetically perfect humans, or at least, what they thought of as such," Other-Nikki continued. "Tall, buxom, and very 'receptive' to men's pheromones, and we put off plenty of our own, to make sure they're ready for us, shall we say. But we also have practically eidetic memories, and the Orions used some of us as spies. I was intended to be an infiltration agent for them, so they gave me some self-defence knowledge, and they gave me plenty of Dominion and Cardassian technical knowledge. Political winds changed, and the Orions moved their operations and they seem to have forgotten me, or I just forgot to keep them up to date. The Dominion now is trying to build up planets now that they've been sufficiently broken. Every planet has at least several armies' worth of Jem'Hadar stationed there, and there are ketracel white production facilities in eight sectors now. I thought at least I could rescue a few people, make some semblance of a life for myself. I can't fight back against the Dominion, but not being a slave, and not being a slave to my 'enhancements'," she gestured to her bosom, "is worth the escape. So I found an old Merchantman ship, and used the computers to take it off their database, and built up a small network of allies who wanted out, and we 'misplaced' various pieces of technology to fix it up and get out of there. About two days or so ago, the warp core went critical and we had to eject it, which you probably picked up. I pushed the ship harder than it's supposed to be pushed; a warp 3 ship was never meant to be going warp 7. There could be more wrong than just a lack of a warp drive, after that explosion. Some rooms are reporting colder than usual."

"Nikki and I have been trying to keep the engines and other ship's systems functioning. A couple of the room has been sealed off due to the fact that they can't be kept warm enough for anyone to stay in there. The internal sensors were not our top priority when we were departing so we are thankful for your offer to help us." Timmy said as he was preparing to head back to the engine room.

Those around them simply nodded at hearing this...

"She's right. If you don't mind, we'd like to take a scan of your ship, see if we can help you reach your destination," Nicci offered. "We picked up evidence of a warp core breach not too far off."

"Nicci! Nicci! Nicci!" came a familiar voice, as a purple blur came and hugged Nicci, let go, then looked back at Other-Nicci, then Nicci, then back again. Her excitement resembled Abbi from NCIS. "Woah. Two of you? Wait, how's that possible? I thought you were one of a kind!".

Maia stood there nonplussed. well, actually astonished. She felt the woman Jarlee staring at her in wonder.

Jarlie held up a scanner of some type and gasped. "You have a different quantum signature. You are me from a different universe". Jarlee said.

Maia smiled. "Perhaps, however, we are here to help," Maia stated.

"Captain, should we tell them?" Nicci whispered to her commanding officer.

"We are under orders not too, LT.." Maia replied. "But under the circumstances, no harm can be done. They already know," Maia said looking at Jarlee. Let's get a damage control check and stabilize their life support and power systems, I want a full structural check as well". Maia ordered. "Captain Taggert, we can also render Medical assistance". Maia added,

Lt. Goodwin had come aboard the freighter from the shuttle and approached Sterling, "Sorry to interrupt, Captain, we got a signal from the Royale about the structural integrity of this freighter. It is completely covered with micro-fractures and there are several that are large enough to be venting atmosphere into space. It arrived via a tight beam transmission. Also, sensors are picking up some alien vessels in the area that could be Dominion ships."


"I'm sorry ladies I must contact my comrades," Maia said. Maia went back to the bridge of her ship.

She tight beamed a scrambled code to the Tomcat.

=/\= Lady luck to Casino Royale, come in, please. We have answered a distress call for a freighter that is badly damaged found a crew full of women that need not only a new ship but medical care as well, they were apparently attacked, Do I bring them as a rescue? =/\= Maia said.


Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Akhul K'Tel [PNPC: Sterling]
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USS Tomcat

Ensign Angelica Wright [PNPC: Dodd]
Flight Control Officer
USS Tomcat

2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin [PNPC: Winchester]
Marine Officer
USS Tomcat


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