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Cats and Dogs (back post)

Posted on 26 Jul 2018 @ 2:12am by Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Chief Warrant Officer Luuna C.G.CA/U & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA
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Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Counsellors office
Timeline: Current


In a rare moment of pure frustrated anger Iria told Tamara Jorie and the rest she needed some quiet. She was still upset over the tantrum they had in her office. Her office was a second home to her and they’d trashed it. Iria paced around the inside of her now clean office she paused near her desk and shifted to her feline form. She started walking around slowly eyeing the room trying to decide on what to bring back in and what to leave out.

The Kazarite hybrid and hir duo of Canidae were headed down the corridor along the ‘medical meters’ – the nickname for the section of the ship that seemed to have several doorways all leading to either main sickbay, the CMO’s office, chief councilor’s office as well as several medical labs all right in a row – they were passing one door in particular when Luuna perked up and darted to the left. She started sniffing eagerly at the bottom of the door.

~What is it, Love?~

Luuna was too distracted to answer.

Sombra came over behind his sister scenting the air too. ~I think someone needs me in there.~

Aldana 365 noticed the plaque on the door. “Guys, it says ‘councilor’ on the door.” S/he looked down and ruffled Sombra’s lobes and gave Luuna’s rump a light tap to snap her back to reality. “C’mon they might be…” just then the doctor noticed a small variable plaque above the door chime that read ‘not’ and one immediately next to it that said, ‘in session’. “Well, I guess if they’re not in session, it might be okay.”

Aldana activated the door chime.

Iria jumped up on her desk at the sound of the chime and hissed a moment before she stalked across it and under it to shift back to her human form. She dusted off the few hairs that she shed and brushed them into the trash can beside the desk and walked to the doorway. She straightened her uniform as she walked. She left her boots off for the moment. The carpet under her bare feet helped calm her annoyance a tiny bit.

She blinked at the trio on the other side. “Hello, can I help you?” she was surprised and embarrassed but doing her best to not let it show visibly.

Aldana admired the female councillor for a moment and smiled. The first thing s/he noticed wasn’t her hair, but her eyes. She had heterochromia like hirself and Sombra. ~Look Sombra, she has a green eye like you do.~ “Hi, yes, I’m Doctor Aldana 365; we’re here to introduce ourselves. I’m the new ACMO, I’ve been co-assigned to your department.” Aldana placed a hand each on Luuna’s and Sombra’s head each in turn. “These are Luuna and Sombra.”

Since Aldana was, hirself, a bit of ‘free spirit’ s/he hadn’t noticed or even cared that the councillor had not put on her full uniform, she was missing her boots and wore no socks on her feet at the moment, coming to the door. S/he behaved perfectly normal and natural like nothing was out of the ordinary. Amiri figured maybe this was a modern 24th-century scientist, perhaps she did her research and discovered Kazarites had fur over a large portion of their bodies, therefore – Aldana supposed – perhaps she was running an experiment to gage hir reaction.

Iria’s dual coloured eyes (copper brown right eye and jade green left eye) went wide a moment then she nodded slightly she backed up to let the trip in the office. “I usually offer up tea or something when folks come in but some of the other staff members broke my tea set, so, it is the replicator for now until I can get a replacement set.” She motioned for the three to get comfortable and stood near the replicator to get whatever was requested.

Aldana noticed there was a couch. S/he sat on it and without hesitation Sombra crawled into hir lap whereas Luuna took the point, sitting in front of them on the floor. The Kazarite hybrid smiled at Sombra’s antics and wrapped the hir tail around him almost as a throw pillow while reaching forward and gently beginning to knead Luuna’s neck. “I could go for something cool and sweet, how about a milkshake? You’ll also see a listing for ‘dog water’ it’s fortified with minerals the guyzos don’t get in their usual diet, it comes in bowls, could you replicate two?”

“You do know there are about 200 flavours of milkshakes? Which one would you like?” Iria asked as she got the specialized water for the canines. She set down the two bowls and walked back to the replicator and waited for Aldana’s request and called up a peppermint milkshake for herself.

Luuna was up and at the water, starting in on it, almost before it was set down.

“Hmm, it’s been a while since I had a peanut butter one.” S/he let Sombra go as he slinked down to the floor to investigate the water bowl.

Iria asked the replicator for a peanut butter milkshake and a peppermint milkshake after they shimmered into existence she walked over and offered Aldana hirs before Iria settled down with her own. “Here’s hoping the replicator got it right.” She said softly, while mostly joking there were a few times the replicator had let her down on an order. Not too often to have to request repairs but enough it was a small worry when guests were around.

Amiri accepted the ice cream stein full of peanut buttery ice creamy goodness. The aroma overflowing hir nostrils with joy. S/he picked off the maraschino cherry and hummed with enjoyment as s/he enjoyed that first. S/he raised the straw to hir lips and just before attempting to take hir first taste peered mischievously over at the analyst “You know, I shouldn’t even think about this, in this body, who knows where it’ll end up.”

Luuna finished her water. She knew better than to beg no matter how enticing the peanut butter smelled. She went over to another cushioned chair, hopped up and curled up inside the furniture, and ‘harrumphed’ poking hir head over the edge to ‘guard’ Alpha, but not beg. Scheming.

Sombra meanwhile wasn’t exactly begging if he climbed up onto the sofa next to Alpha and rested his head in hir lap. He was supposed to be with hir at all times. He couldn’t help that he happened to have ‘Bambi-eyes.’

“You’re not sure where your milkshake is going to end up? How’s that a concern?” Iria asked baffled by the idea. She sipped her own milkshake enjoying the way the peppermint woke up her taste buds like always. Iria eyed the canines, “Do they need more water or a special type of treatment that way no one is tempted by the baby eyes looks?”

“I mean diet wise; I wouldn’t want this to go directly to my hips.” Amiri looked at each of the dogs in turn as if noticing them for the first time. “Hmm… I dunno,” s/he exaggerated, teasing hir guyzos. “They’re pushing a bit, they might not deserve Popsicles.”

~You guys sure are beggin’ for gettin’ denied a snack, you better show the nice lady your manners.~

Luuna yawned to relieve tension, and lowered her head down, turning away.

Sombra did so too, setting his chin in Alpha’s lap and closing his eyes.

“Ah,” she knew that worry all too well but since she did not indulge that much she wasn’t that worried yet. Mostly. “So, what can I do for you and your canines today?” she asked softly curious as to why they had chosen this moment in time to come to see her.

“Well Luuna seemed to find something interesting to smell coming from under your door, so I figured ‘why not;’ it seemed like a good time to introduce ourselves.” Aldana paused for a moment. S/he realized s/he hadn’t even asked Luuna what had attracted hir attention yet. “What was the sent you found so interesting?” s/he asked out-loud for the benefit of hir host too.” After a moment Amiri Aldana looked up at the councillor. “Something about the family of Mammalia Felidae? Does that mean anything to you?”

Iria blinked and looked at Aldana then the canine she called Luuna she wasn't certain of what to reply to that revelation. "I will have to check on that." She didn't mind folks like the Captain, Remington or Donovan knowing she had served with them long enough to get a sense of trust towards them. She would need time to get to see if she felt the same way about Aldana and hir canine companions.


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