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Giving the Information Part 2

Posted on 21 Feb 2018 @ 2:50pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission 4: Day 65-6.1


- Ready Room -

As all three entered the Captain's Ready Room and she offered them a seat and took one herself, looking at the "okay, what is it people?" she asked.

Paul handed over the PADD that he had used before his talk with Major Donovan including the notes that he had made during that talk and handed them over to the Captain, Paul said," this is what I found," as he took his seat in front of the Captain's desk, He continued," also I have interviewed Major Donovan for an insight into this reality from which she hails from,"

Jasmine took the Padd and looked it over "yes I am familiar with Major Donovan and her history and what went on before she arrived in our reality, so Lieutenant, what can you tell me about your little recon flight?" Somers asked then looked at Sheela "can I get you a Klingon coffee Sheela?" She asked.

Sheela sat in the comfortable chair with feet tucked up against her. Eyes closed as she listened. the only sign that she was paying attention was her ears moving to take in the most sound of those speaking. "Iz fine." Holding up her Extra Large Orange Slushy. Her remaining sandal sat on the floor in front of her seat.

"Ma'am, also on the PADD is the data from the freighter and the information on it held the flight plan of the ship," He recalled, looking back at both of them, He continued," there are a set of coordinates that have nothing showing on the charts of that sector of space, But I think there is something there," he finished " or why would a ship stop there?"

"Meeting another ship. It happens all the time." Sheela spoke softly, letting her mind drift. "Whot was the freighter hauling?" She opened an eye halfway to look at Paul as she took another drink of her slushy and then yawned with her eyes falling shut. Her ears were still alert and still listening.

"That it might be" replied Paul looking back at the Captain, He continued," but if you are on a long journey, would you not want to keep your crew happy? as he knew that would be correct. He finished," and in my assessment Ma'am that this is a station and with information that might help us get home,"

She gave Winchesters information serious consideration before she responded "That may be the case, but we need better information before I even act upon it, I will give the matter more consideration after the stuff at New Xindus and the Away Teams are back" Somers said.

"Ma'am, Maybe I could take a shuttle to those coordinates and find out what is there?" Paul started looking back at Somers as he felt like a spear while sitting around and doing nothing like he had been. And also having the visit of Sombra had been a joy, He just wanted to get back to work.

Looking at him "Lieutenant, you have not been cleared for flight duty, until cleared you are grounded, please remember that" Somers said looking at his arm. "I said we will deal with that after we have dealt with the other stuff that is currently ongoing" Somers added then looked at Sheela. "Commander, do you need to return to your hibernation cycle or will you be able to wake up?" she asked.

"Ma'am, I have been attending sessions with the Counsellor," replied Paul as he looked back at her, He continued," also I am getting used to the new limb just as Doctor Cahill said I would," as he knew that things would go back to how they were before the crash. He concluded," I just feel that I am just sitting around doing nothing," as he had to keep his fitness up.

She looked at him sadly "Lieutenant, you will never fly a fighter again, even the best prosthetic replacements cannot make up for the real thing, there is still that variance on reaction time. No even after your new arm has been fine-tuned I cannot allow you to sit in a cockpit again and endanger your pilots because your reflexes will be off by a fraction of a second. But you will be qualified to fly shuttles and the Tomcat, just not fighters" Somers paused.

"Despite her rank and seniority Commander Sheela has a unique skill set that did not fit in with her position as Chief Intelligence Officer, but for the short term she is acting CIO, and as you are now not allowed to fly fighters, I will be transitioning you over to intelligence, Commander Swiftpaws can bring you up to speed on the finer points like how to cultivate sources and such and other things that she does that makes me nervous, but be warned no algorithm she can do will conceal her data, I choose not to look at it unless I have to, this gives her a modicum of confidentiality to do her job, she is a rebellious spirit, but she is my rebellious spirit" Somers said somewhat affectionally looking at Sheela.

Sheela sat there listening to the conversation, looking more asleep, awaiting her answer to her question which seemed to blow off or forgotten. "Whot.." pause, "Was..." another pause. "The..." followed by another pause. "Ship..." Eyes open to stare at Paul, then to Somers and back again as she paused yet again. "Carrying?" She stood up lazily and moved to the replicator and got herself a huge mug of orange slushy to drink.

Sheela smiled at Somers and spoke. "Anything Iz don't what anyone to see. Iz doesn't put in the ship's computer databanks." As she returned back to her seat and gotten comfortable again. "Iz think Iz will return to mez hibernation cycle.. Unless there is pressing matters that Iz need to attend to?"

Paul looked surprised at learning that he was moving departments and the department he was being transferred to was Intelligence which was a shock in itself, Paul said," So looks like I'm back at school then?" looking at Somers.

Sheela threw her hands up in the air and the mug of orange slushy flew from it. It hit one of the walls and sent the contents all over the place. "Squeeee... No. He cants even answer a simple question." Sheela waved a paw-like hand and walked out of the Ready Room, leaving the mess behind her untouched. She had more important matters on her mind. Food, then sleep.

Paul looked back at the Captain for a moment and knew that the commander was not happy about having to train him, He said," Oh boy she does not sound very happy about it does she?"

Jasmine looked at the departing Mousian "hmm, that is interesting Sheela has left the building! I do not know if it was because her hibernation was interrupted or something else" Somers said looking at the mess, she signalled her Yeoman to get someone to clean the mess up, then she looked back to Winchester. "She is Sheela, but you will need to learn to answer questions when asked and not go around the mulberry bush when asked them, Sheela has her quirks, but she is good at what she does and that is why she is given a lot of lee-way where data gathering is concerned. We will try again when she has finished her hibernation cycle, but for now you need to self-study, there are plenty of lessons on how to be an Intelligence Officer in the database, read through them, for the present though you will remain CAG/HCO I am not going to put you into a Department before you are ready, think of this as a transitioning period" Somers finished.

"Aye Ma'am," replied Paul as he knew that this was something he now had to learn and learn quickly, he thought the best way to learn is by the holodeck and put the manuals into that and learn that way, He asked," Ma'am, do you think it would be easier to learn using the Holodeck?" as he asked the question.

Looking back at Winchester "It would help facilitate things Lieutenant, there is a lot of educational material on intelligence duties in the Databanks Search the Fleets database, there is bound to be something that helps" Somers responded.

"Will do Ma’am, replied Paul looking back at his commanding officer, he asked," do I need to change my uniform?" as he knew Intel wore a greyish colour uniform as he was now changing departments, He also knew that when he started his training he would start with simple things.

"For the moment no, you are still in training, you can command the CAG from the ground, so, for now, all you need do is learn a new trade," Somers said and fell silent.

"Very well Captain, Id better get back tot he flight deck," He stated as he still hadn't tested his arm out on the console to see what settings might be needed for his arm, he finished," if you need me you know where I'll be."

Smiling "Got it, before long you will not really notice the difference with your arm" Somers responded.

"I know that Ma'am," replied Paul looking back at her, He continued," it was the shock of waking up and finding it there," as he lifted the Prosthetic Arm. He finished "and I am sorry if I took it out on you Ma'am and Doctor Cahill," as he turned and headed out the door and headed back to the flight deck.

With that she watched him leave the room, she sat back in her chair and sighed heavily, she missed the days when she was a Marine, putting this to the back of her mind she stood up, straightened up her tunic and left her Ready Room.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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