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The names Winchester, Paul Winchester

Posted on 10 Apr 2018 @ 8:59am by Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on on 29 Apr 2018 @ 11:02pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Mission Day 67-7


Paul had woken up to begin his shift only to find a message from Commander Swiftpaws, who had arranged some training for him on the Holodeck. As he continued on down the corridor, he remembered from the message that he was to meet a young an Ensign waiting for him outside the Holodeck. As he flexed the artificial arm that had been replaced after the accident, He also remembered that he was to lose the group to which he once commanded. Now coming to terms with his transitioning period from being in command of a flight group to one being an Intelligence officer. His thoughts began to drift back a couple of days he had been making his way to see the Captain. He had met Commander Swiftpaws the Tomcat’s Intelligence Officer, Which he remembered back to when they had met with the Captain, He had noticed that she was not in the right frame of mind at the time.

“Morning Sir,” she said looking straight at him. She continued,” Your training starts now,” as she turned to face the screen and began to upload the first program that he had to complete. As she started the upload the program to the database, She stated,” This is a simple Mission, one that you should complete easily,” the computer chirped as the upload finished and turned back to face her superior officer. She concluded,” The program will change every time you start it,” Paul stood listening to his briefing,” all this is,” she said looking back at Paul, “a Simple retrieval mission”

Paul thought to himself oO Simple she says, I’m a complete novice at this, Oo he asked,” So what am I retrieving?” as he wanted as much information as he could get on his main objective, However, he knew that this was the first time of trying this and he was going to make mistakes. But he also knew that it was the only way he would learn the trade. The young Ensign looked back at him, “Your mission is to retrieve the stolen plans for the new Ship of the line of each of the federation and its allies,”looking back at Paul she finished,” Don’t worry we all make mistakes when we start something new,” as she gave him a smile, as she walked past him she said,” good luck,”

After the doors had slid open, allowing him to enter the holodeck, Paul found a suitcase sitting on a table. As he moved towards it he found instructions on how to open it, after a few moments, he opened the case to find a phaser, three sticks that looked like old-fashioned USB sticks, each one held a different colour, the first one was Red that held a skull and crossbones on it which told Paul that it held a computer virus. The second one was green which told him that was the one to download the files on to, and the blue one had a big C on it that indicated that it was the one that broke the security codes. He also found a belt that held three slots for the sticks and a holster for the weapon and the other various things that were in the case.

As he left the table, the yellow and black squares disappeared to be replaced by a set of big boulders and a set of trees that were in front a gate. And the gate was big, In front of the gate Stood a Patrol that walked back and forth, Paul quickly dived behind one of the boulders for cover so that he could work out his plan for getting past them. But the question was how? As he opened up one of the pouches on his belt, He found a small silver object which when he flicked It, it formed a blowpipe. He thought oh cool now he had to work out how to get past the guards.

From where he was hiding, Paul looked from each side as he started to formulate a plan. As part of that plan, he noticed that there were more rocks that he could get behind, but the first thing he had to do was the time the patrol so that he knew when to move to the next rock. As he watched them disappeared around the corner, Paul took his chance and ran towards the furthest rock and dived for cover just as the patrol returned to their posts. Now all he needed was a distraction or for one of them to leave the other on his own.

Just as luck would have it, Paul noticed that some bushes opposite him had begun to move and the guards went over to the bush to check it out. This gave Paul an opportunity to move to the next set of rocks whilst the guards checked the bush properly before returning to their posts. Now all he had to do was get even closer to the guards so that he could knock them out with the blowpipe. He knew that this would take time and not rush things as this was a stealth mission to be accomplished.

-20 minutes later -

The door to the facility opened and two new set of guards exited it, Paul knew that this was a shift change and also knew that this could benefit him. As the two officers signalled to the officers to take a break, the first set of officers nodded towards their counterparts and proceeded to enter the facilities entrance. After the first pair had gone inside, Paul noticed that the two remaining officers moved off to start their patrol, this opportunity that had been handed to him would see him get closer to his objective.


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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