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Enroute To New Xindus

Posted on 01 Mar 2018 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant JG shakram Coro
Edited on on 01 Mar 2018 @ 7:39pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Shuttle
Timeline: Mission Day 66-0


Once we got permission, Shakram took us out of the Shuttle Bay and laid in the course. We took a long arching course to prevent the sensors on New Xindus from tracking back to the Tomcat. Everything was working good and all systems were responding like normal. The modifications made no effects in the handling of the shuttle. She looked at Shakram.

"No communications with the Tomcat unless we are under direct attack or it is for we have been located and need assistance."

As we proceeded I noticed an asteroid on our starboard side. "Shakram, what if we fly close to the Asteroid till we get close to New Xindus then break away to finish our flight to New Xindus. It could help conceal our travel some.

"Hmm, you think like a Klingon," replied Shakram, she continued," A sound strategy Doctor," as she altered the course to fly near to the Asteroid, She finished," Just don't turn into a Romulan or I will have to kill you," with a bit of a laugh.

Dr Cahill smiled, "I was posted to an assignment on Q'onoS. I learned a lot from them about their flight tactics and also ground tactics as well. General Marfof made me part of his family of the fact I saved his Daughter during childbirth and his daughter as well."

"I know him, he Over saw my flying Training," replied Shakram Looking back at the Doctor, she continued," he was very disciplined and reminded us all that if we felt the Officer above us was not Pulling their weight, we could challenge them," although the Challenge that she was going to give Paul was going to be one hell of a challenge.

I know, we are getting close to New Xindus now. Let's try to use the planets moon to hide our approach. I want to try and get in without being discovered.

If this goes according to plan I want to fly over the area at night and use darkness to cover our presence from people on the ground from seeing us. It could cause a fear issue if they see us. They may think it is an attacker.

I estimate we are about 45 minutes from New Xindus.

We arrive and take up position luck is with us. Not only is it dark, But it is cloudy and they cannot see us from the ground. "Engineering beam down all the pallets along the outside of the village. "

She looks at Shakram, "let's get out of here before we are discovered."

"Roger that Doctor," replied Shakram as she knew that she needed to be back home in case of any problems, but she knew that she was getting a bad feeling in her stomach but she didn't want to say anything to the Doctor to freak her out.

Dr Cahill smiles, "When those Xindi ships passed I was able to gain a little intel the Captain needs. was able to tap some of their communications channels. this will let us track them and also know what is going on near us. Let's get back Warp 1.2 engage.

Great Job everyone, get some rest if you are not needed. Also, let's get ready for the next thing we need. And that is home to the Tomcat."


Lieutenant JG Shakram Coro [NPC: Winchester]
USS Tomcat


Lieutenant Cdr Alexanderia Cahill MD
USS Tomcat


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