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Arrival Part 2

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 @ 5:14pm by Captain Jasmine Somers

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Various
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 66
Tags: Sombra


- Shuttle Bay -

Taggert wiped her brow with her sleeve, getting some grime and sweat from her brow. She had her long blonde hair in a ponytail, frazzled random hairs standing up a bit on her head. She was in a jumpsuit that failed to hide her curves since it had plenty of pockets for tools and equipment needed to get the stealth panelling together; her sleeves were rolled up and the front unzipped almost halfway down to let her cool off. She had worked with Dodd and the other engineers pretty much 17 hours straight. She had just finished the final adjustments inside the shuttle minimizing stray interior signals, comm signals, light, heat, etc. Isolinear chips had been swapped out; she used her own PADD with a keyboard attachment to it, sitting on the floor, swapping chips in and out of the Padd, the navigation system, the engine control systems, and the life support systems, leaning over the PADD device. She added custom-built machine components under the flight control console and between that and the co-pilot seat to the right to help make sure the engines kept a low emission, wavelength, subspace, and heat signature while on the mission.

They had the shuttle lifted with a crane so they could adhere the bottom panels and the panels for the landing gear hatches (better to have retractable landing gear that has the panels on the bottom get damaged and compromise the stealth). The window hatches were made opaque with passive sensor elements that allowed the interior to display what was happening outside, but prevent stray light from the interior escaping to outside observers. The panels all were non-reflective and did not reflect sensor signals back to their sources, to over 99% efficiency, thanks to Taggert and Tjaansz and Dodd's work. The seams were down to the micron-level, practically seamless.

She smiled at their work and wiped her hands a few times. "Hey Pril, can you give me a hand getting some of this stuff out of here?"

"Sure, Lieutenant," said the young lady as she entered the cabin of the shuttle. "What is all this anyway?"

"A little of this, a little of that," Nikki smiled with a chuckle. She wiped off some sweat from her cheek as she knelt down and picked up some of her equipment. "A PADD I reprogrammed myself to bypass a few of the standard Starfleet safety protocols. They're great but can get in the way a little. A few custom hacks help the shuttle maintain a low profile. Some subspace comm minimizers that help compress and minimize the data used by our comms. It's kind of like that really old file people used to use to listen to music...what was it?....MP3? MP4? Something like that. Basically, take the audio from perfect fidelity to a compressed fidelity and cut out the video feed to minimize data, and reprocesses it through a radio transceiver to come out as background radio signals. Most every spacefaring race won't even think to look for the reads as simple galactic background radio noise. And those," she pointed to the tubes, wires, conduits, power cells, and other components in the box, "are what I used to jury rig the insides here. Almost every signal from the inside is minimized to be almost undetectable. Since we can't unhook the Klingon device from engineering, this is practically the next best thing to get in and out safely here in this whacked-out alternate reality."

"Do you think if this is an alternate reality, there's another me here? Another you?" Pril asked as the two exited the shuttle from the aft compartment.

Nikki laughed a little. "Maybe another you, but I highly doubt there's another me here. I'm one of a kind. Let's get this dropped off. I have shuttle duty in a few minutes."

The two young ladies exited the shuttle bay while Lt Dodd continued with the other officers he'd been working with for nearly the last day.

The crew that had been working on the stealth covering for two shuttles had finally completed all the work and testing. The shuttles were ready to go be deployed for their mission. Dodd had checked over the work after Taggert advised him the status.

=/\= Dodd to Captain Somers =/\= Dodd stated into his commbadge to advise the captain of the status of the shuttlecraft.

Looking up she tapped her Commbadge to make the two-way connection =/\= what is it, Lieutenant? =/\= Somers asked, wondering what this call was about.

=/\= Ma'am, the shuttlecraft is ready for the mission. All of the stealth coverings have been applied and the exhaust and other harmonics have been masked with some improvements to the shuttlecrafts' systems. =/\= Dodd replied.

=/\= Understood, good work, assign some personnel to load the humanitarian supplies onto the troop shuttle =/\= Somers said.

=/\= Understood, captain. I will have it loaded in few minutes. Dodd Out. =/\= Dodd stated in reply.

Looking around he noticed his staff still in the shuttle bay, so he figured they would be appropriate assistance.

"Hey there, Pril, Jaxson, Johnson, Nable, Spoak, and Tollar. I need to get you to assist in loading all the gear here on the troop shuttle. I will even join in to help," Dodd ordered of the six engineering staff that just helped in modifying the shuttle for stealth operations.

The seven of them started and it and made quick work of getting the humanitarian aid supplies on the shuttle.

As the doors opened and Lieutenant Coro came in looking at the shuttle and noticed that it was being loaded, she walked over to the crowd of officers and asked," Who is in charge of this?" she asked looking around as she knew that whilst Paul was on the injured list She had been drafted in to run the department. as she didn't want anything to fall back on her.

Dodd turned and noticed an upset female lieutenant. "I was advised by the captain to load the troop shuttle when I reported it was ready for the mission. Since all the supplies were already stationed here and I had the help, I followed her orders. Besides, I know what the manifest was to be because I had to use weights of all possible contents to calculate the formulas for the stealth materials and the other readings that could be affected but any little thing." Dodd replied to her.

Dr Cahill arrived on the Flight deck, she was going to check and help load the humanitarian relief supplies but they were already loaded. She heard someone ask who was in charge of the Humanitarian Relief supplies.

She spoke up, "I am in charge of the humanitarian relief mission LT Coro. It is authorized by Captain Somers. I will oversee the delivering of these supplies myself with a extremely small detail. Beyond that, it is classified. Understood, LT Coro?"

With that, Dodd then excused himself to head back to engineering.

"I think Not Doctor, I am the one that is going to fly this bird or it does not go at all," Shakram looked back at the female Doctor, She continued," You are keeping this flight Department in the dark and I for one am not in a good mood as it is," She finished," Now fill me in" as she bared her teeth.

"When the time comes Lieutenant Shakram, and you are being insubordinate to me. Me a Lieutenant Commander and also 2XO on the Tomcat. For your information Command staff can use the shuttles without notifying you or Winchester."

"I was going to get you to fly the mission. The CAG is grounded at this time and is not on duty. You will stand down and from now on when I tell you something you will not try to go around me ever again. Is that understood Lieutenant? Also, this is a mission that only a few need to know the exact details. I will brief all involved once we are in flight to the destination" Cahill said making sure it was clear on who was in charge.

"Then why not call for me and fill me in Doctor of your plan?" asked the female Klingon who stood with her arms folded across her chest, "If you ever need me to fly for you, come and ask me Or Group commander Winchester," as she looked back at the Doctor.

Cahill smiled and took a deep breath. "Sometimes I as 2XO will do things on small missions. And do it so if there is any backlash from Star Fleet it stops at me. I feel that if Star Fleet objected to this Humanitarian Relief mission. It is my duty to take the responsibility for it. Because it was my idea. And there are times you will do things to Protect LT Winchester from something too. S I hope we can return to like it was before and all of us get along like we did before. Sound good LT Coro?"

"Very well, I accept your proposal Doctor, but if you do drop Lieutenant Winchester in the dung heap, you will find your self on Rura Penthe, understood," as she looked back at the Doctor as she knew that Paul was not going to like what she had done and had offered her terms to protect Paul.

Cahill responded, "If anything does come down I plan to take full responsibility for the mission. It was my idea and I am responsible for it and anything that may come will fall on me. And I Plan to cover anyone helping on this mission as well. You were all just following orders."

"Very well, Doctor," replied Shakram as she looked back at the doctor.

The Chief medical Officer simply nodded and went about her duties.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Shakram Coro [PNPC: Winchester]
Squadron Leader 101st Squadron
USS Tomcat


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