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training with the new arm

Posted on 18 Mar 2018 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on on 01 Apr 2018 @ 2:37pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-7


Being as he was on limited duties, Paul thought that it was better to see if he could handle the Helm with his new arm before he even tried it for real, So here he was standing outside the Holodeck looking at the list of Programs that were available to him. As the Tomcat's Group Air commander and chief Helmsman, he needed to know if he could still pilot a ship and what better way to find out was here on the holodeck. He thought oO Better start off easy, Oo as he said, " Computer, Open flight 0.1," as it was a shuttle program that went around a course marked up with Rings. as he read the instruction that each time he completed a circuit it got harder and this was the sort of thing he was looking for.

The computer replied," Enter when ready,"

As the doors slid open to reveal the cockpit of a type 8 shuttle, Paul knew that this was going to be fun, as he knew that he was going to have to record this training simulator as he had to show the captain that he could still pilot the Tomcat. He walked towards the console and found the chair and sat down, He said,"Computer, Please record the training sessions for Captain Somers," as the computer gave a chirping sound. He thought oO Well here goes nothing, Oo as he brought his Artifical hand up to the console and started to tap commands into the panel.

But still Paul knew that he had to keep his mind off other things, however; Things were changing in his life, he had lost the duties of an air group Commander, but still retained his duties as chief Helmsmen. He thought to himself oO What is the difference flying a Starship than to a fighter? Oo as he set the course for the first gate. as she Shuttle came up upon the gate Paul noticed the second gate not far away and placed a string of commands for the computer to carry out, this he knew would be the best course of action. Just then the holodeck program ended and the Holodeck returned to the yellow and black boxes, Paul turned around to see who had switched off his programme. He found that it was Commander Swiftpaws standing there.

He said," Commander, May I help you?"

Sheela stood in the Arch of the holo-deck looking at the screen. "Yooz like to take up others holodeck time, Lieutenant?" Not bothering to look at Paul for the moment as she watched the data scrolling upwards on the screen.

"Excuse me, Commander, I thought you were heading back to your hibernation cycle," replied Paul looking back at the petite officer, as he knew that things had changed for him and that the Captain had moved him into intelligence. He asked," Or are you going to teach me what you know?" he finished and, "for your information Commander I had booked this holodeck 2 weeks ago,"

"Squooo.. yooz did." She looked at the reservation time. "Iz must've gotten the wrong magic box then." She turned and looked at him as she activated his program in mid-flight. "First of all. I just hold the title of fleet rank to fit in with the crew a lot better. Iz am 100% civilian contractor holding this job as an intelligence officer. Do to mez unique skill set would land yooz into a Penal Colony. Hated by the rest of the crew. If Iz was to teach yooz. It would get you killed."

She turned back to the Arch and typed in commands at a fast furious rate. Then holo-projection of Winchester's Fleet Dossier appeared floating in mid-air. "Squeeee... A man with a family." She brought up his Academy history and zeroed in on him getting into trouble. Sheela turned and looked at him. "Care to explain this?" Pointing out the Disciplinary Action against him.

"Oh you mean that," replied Paul looking at the report in front of him, He continued," I was on the verge of getting married when the bridesmaid talked the woman I as due to marry out of it," as he looked back at the officer in front of him, he finished "and after I found out that my bride to be had left the ship, I vented my anger out on the bridesmaid,"

Sheela nodded as she went through the rest of his fleet Dossier. She had one ear towards him to show she was listening to him.

"and as for Paula my sister that is a personal matter," replied Paul who now had come to terms with how Paula lived her life, but in the years before he had been rather against her. as he remembered how he had been upset at the time and felt betrayed that he had been protecting her like a brother should only to find out that he had been lied to by his own Sister.

"Squee.." Sheela finished up with the dossier. and turned towards the exit. "Yooz going to crash." Knowing she was in the safe zone of the holodeck, she exited out of the holodeck into the corridor. Her tail weaving slow 's' curves behind her.

Paul turned back to the viewscreen and thought oO oh no I'm not, Oo as his fingers darted across the console and started to make the adjustments, The shuttle lurched to one side and then back again through the gate, Paul knew that he had been distracted by the Intel officer, He asked again," Are you going to teach me how to be an Intel Officer?"

Sheela paused in the doorway of the holodeck. "Iz think about it." As she looked over her shoulder at him. She sized him up. "It's all being observant and remembering things. Whot I know and skilled to do is totally different than yooz typical Intel Officer does." She studied him some more, openly staring at him. "Whot yooz position on this ship?"

"I was the CAG until I lost this" replied Paul looking back at Swiftpaws as he raised the prosthetic arm, he continued "and now I'm having to be retrained" as he knew that he was soon to be put through his paces by the Lieutenant Commander. However, he was ready for anything she threw at him.

Sheela stood there just staring at him for a length of time. Not even moving a muscle, except for the slight rise and fall of her torso when she breathed. "When yooz duty shifts end. see mez intel office." She turned and left, letting the door close behind her.

Paul stood there looking at the doors close in front of him, he knew that something was not right here, however, he knew that he had been transferred to intelligence and was Commander Swiftpaws his new boss. But that was for later as he resumed his training with the new arm.


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat


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