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Winchester; Meet Your New Alternative Therapy Therapists

Posted on 18 Feb 2018 @ 11:45pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.
Edited on on 23 Feb 2018 @ 9:14pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Paul's Quarters- U.S.S. Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-6
Tags: Luuna, Sombra


The Kazarite and hir pair of companions had not long ago left sickbay after their meeting with the CMO in her office. They had all decided to take a short walk, so they were taking the long way along their way to their meeting with the CO. The triad were headed down a corridor with quite a few sets of quarters when one of them stopped suddenly. Sombra perked up and alerted toward the left with a faint whine. ~Alpha wait.~ Intuition told him, someone needed him.

Sombra veered toward a door in the back of the sickbay, but the door would not part for him.

~Wait-up love,~ Aldana called, though s/he had little to worry about. In general ship's door sensors were only programed to respond to adult-sized humanoid-shaped objects in order to help prevent pets and wandering toddlers from escaping.

Luuna picked up on whatever it was too and her empathic side came out for a change ~I sense no danger~ as she joined her brother by the door.

Doctor Aldana caught up with hir companions as s/he wondered over to the door and read its label aloud. "Winchester." S/he looked down at the two canids. "Is there someone in there? Alright, let's go." S/he activated the chime.

Paul had been home for some time now after his meeting with the Captain and had been relaxing and chilling out when he heard the door chime sound, He thought oO Who the hell is that? Oo as he looked at the timer on his desk.

He called "Come."

The door parted, ~ wait here a moment. ~

Aldana stepped a padded foot into the door. "Hello, I'm Doctor Aldana, and Sombra here sensed... er... something from you, and we thought we'd check to see how you're doing?"

Paul turned to look at the Doctor and replied "Sombra, who the hell is Sombra?" as he flexed his new Artificial arm as he started doing his exercises and also getting used to the mechanical version of his lost limb. as he started to rotate the shoulder blade and then scrunching the Hand into a fist again and again as he knew the more he got used to it the more he would forget that it was a cybernetic arm.

Aldana wasn't sure where the stranger's hostility came from. "I'm sorry if you don't want visitors, and well-wishers we can go." The doctor turned to leave. "C'mon guys..." out in the corridor, but with the door still open, s/he knelt to comfort the male canine with the 'panda' coat. S/he placed a hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry Sombra, some people just don't want our brand of comfort or empathy at a time like this."

"Excuse me but you never answered my question Doctor?" replied Paul looking back at the officer in the blue uniform as Paul continued flexing the arm, He continued, "just who is Sombra?" as he was confused as he hadn't heard of anyone on the ship called by that name.

Aldana rose with a renewed interest which s/he hadn't really lost. S/he knew form experience with hir veterinary patients, some of them just needed a little... different approach. S/he could still hear by the tone of his voice, he was just checking himself, but s/he gave him props for effort.

S/he stepped forward into the door sensor to keep it from closing in their faces automatically, but not quite blocking the exit so not to make the pilot feel closed in.

Gesturing to Sombra who was squirming and fighting the urge to goto the man Aldana said, "this," and ruffled his ears, "is Sombra, he's a trained and licensed," s/he had to check hirself too, omitting the 'psychological' part of psychological service animal service..." s/he hesitated to continue all together some people like this started to hear things like 'service animal' or anything to do with 'therapy' and they immediately shut everything else out. "He helps me. He's eager to meet you," s/he intoned with a positive upbeat almost as a question.

Luuna nudged Alpha, ~and me. Do me next,~ she intoned as she let out a short simple whimper with her nose.

"Shh, not all at once, we don't want to overwhelm him." The Doctor accidentally let out verbally, though Luuna understood it just the same.

As Paul sat on his sofa and looked at the black, brown and white dog that entered the room, "Oh, please let him in," replied Paul as this was something new and hadn't seen the dogs before. "Hello Sombra," he said gently as he looked back at the dog, he held out his own hand in greeting as to ask the dog for its paw so he could say hello. As Paul decided to go down to his level and slid onto the floor.

Sombra entered the man's quarters and padded over to him at a lazy lope. He sniffed the offered hand and decided he liked the man since he was greeting him on his level, and must be a dog person.

~He's from Earth, he wants to shake your paw. It's a Terran greeting.~

Sombra sat and placed his paw on the stranger's hand. ~Does he have a name?~

"Sombra wants to know your name."

Luuna saw how well mannered the man was with greeting her brother on their level. She nudged at Alpha again. ~Me too.~

"Oh and this is Luuna, she wants to meet you too," Aldana added as s/he reached down and ruffled Luuna's ears.

"And hello to you too Luuna," replied Paul as he continued, "I am Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester the Tomcat's CAG and chief helmsman," as he shook Sombra's paw in greeting as Luuna padded over to him and nuzzled against him, Paul started to scratch the female dog with his artificial hand as he hoped that nothing would go wrong with it.

"I'm sorry, all these acronyms I lose track of them sometimes, I'm not sure I've heard that one before, what does it mean?"

"Oh sorry, It means that I am in command of the fighter squadrons and all small craft," replied Paul looking back at the Doctor as Paul let go of Sombra' s paw and continued," and as for this," lifting the Artifical arm up gently as he could.

Sombra, squirmed, and set his foot back down. ~Does he want to talk about what happened?~ He whined and lay down, setting his head in the man's lap and gazed up at him that way that dog's do.

"Sombra is asking me what happened. That is if you don't mind talking about it."

"I had a Malfunction with my throttle on my Fighter and I came in to fast and crashed," he said looking back at the Doctor, He continued, "Doctor Cahill had to remove the damaged limb and attached this one to give me a chance to live a normal life," as he squeezed the fingers back and forth.

Luuna yelped and pulled away, the pressure was just a little too much, but primarily it was the feel of the man's touch that threw her off.

~You alright?~

~Feels funny.~

~It's not his fault. Try and get put up with it, he may be a bit self-conscious. He might need some encouragement.~

Luuna gave his hand a single lick.

"Don't be scared Luuna," replied Paul as he put the Metal hand down gently on the floor so she could lick it, Paul continued, "it seems Sombra is comfortable here with me don't you think Doctor?" he asked the question.

Luuna sniffed the hand. She wasn't quite sure of the object, though she was going to try to not resist the man's interactions with her if he attempted again. She waited to see what he was going to do next.

"He's just always been comfortable with everybody. I guess that's part of what makes him so good at his job." Aldana paused noticeably as s/he 'listened,' and repeated Sombra's question, "does it hurt?"

"Oh you mean the arm, no it doesn't," replied Paul looking back at the Doctor, he continued, "It is something that I am just getting used to," as the whine of the servos moved as he placed the hand upon the floor hoping not to scare Luuna again. He finished "I wasn't very happy in the beginning when I woke up to find this,"

Both Luuna and Sombra picked up on the sounds, and tilted their heads listening. Lunna sat again scooted forward and nudging the one called 'Paul' brushing up against the front of his shoulder. Meanwhile Sombra murred at the attention he was getting from the man's right hand. He rolled on his side, relaxing.

"But now I am starting to get the hang of it and I'm sorry if it scares Luuna," He replied as he turned to face the dog, He continued," I just haven't got around to having the covering put on as of yet," as he started to scratch Sombra with his own hand behind the ears.

Aldana chuckled at the voices in the hir head, "Luuna says she's not scared, she's alert. She's not a puppy anymore, she's tough. She's just protecting. Meanwhile, I'm sorry for your loss, I'd like to let you know I'm available to help you readjust, and if you ever want to talk about anything I'm here, or Sombra is."

"That is good to know Doctor," replied Paul as he continued stroking Sombra, he continued," I could get used to this," as he turned to Luuna and said," Come on Luuna lay down so I can make a fuss of you," as he could see himself making a lot of fuss over these two.

Sombra murred, which needed no translation.

Luuna stood, turned her back to this Paul, and sat again, playing hard to get, yet inching back toward him still. "No, not till you apologize for calling her 'scared'," Aldana translated.

"(One of her sweet spots is right there at the root of her tail.)" Aldana hinted by way of a whisper.

Harkening back to something Winchester said earlier; "I am fully qualified to help you with your coverings if you'd like."

Paul lifted his artificial left hand and gently placed it upon Luuna's rump and started to slowly move the fingers back and forth as he made sure that Luuna did not yelp, Paul replied "I'm sorry Luuna for calling you scared," as he continued to scratch her rump and also scratching Sombra on the belly.

Luuna perked up and instantly turned around, licking the Paul on the cheek. No translation was necessary. She leaned her elbow on the males lap dangerously close to the middle, even edging her brother out a bit with a grunt. She placed her head next to the Paul's belly.

Sombra grunted. Sister could be a bit rude to him sometimes. He slid his shoulder off of the male's lap onto the floor, but he still managed to roll over, exposing himself to him.

Observant, Aldana chuckled. "Looks like you two have made up with each other, you both seemed to have made two new friends today. Anyone who can manage to get past Luuna's security and make a friend, is alright in my iPad."

"I never thought a dog could relax me like these two do," replied Paul looking back at Aldana as he continued to make a fuss of both dogs, He thought oO Maybe I should get one Oo as he looked again at Luuna who had now closed her eyes as if to say that she was comfortable where she was. but Paul knew he had to see the Captain, He said," I can not sit here all day you two, I have to see the Captain,"

"Oh, I'm headed there next, we were just taking the long way to stretch our legs after a long shuttle flight." The pair of Canidae were so attuned to their mate, that with just the slightest of non-verbal cues, they were up and alert and at hir side. "You're welcome to join us."

"No, I have to finish up my reports for the captain," replied Paul looking at Aldana, He continued, "including some sensitive information that I found," as he gave both dogs a final stroke and said, "Be good you two on the bridge," as he gave Aldana a smirk.

Just as the trio turned to leave Aldana hesitated and turned back. "You're Terran aren't you? You know you wouldn't believe the remarkable amount of research done by your people through out your late 20th century, through still today, 400-years later. You might be surprised, if you were to get a large Canis lupus familiaris the therapeutic benefits they could bring to your health. Not only that, but medical as well. Reductions in blood pressure and stress just to name a few. If you'd like more information later feel free to swing by anytime, and I'll be glad to help."

Waiting out in the corridor, Luuna and Sombra sat patiently. Sombra nosing Luuna playfully/affectionately.

"Yeah, that I am Doctor," replied Paul as he could see both dogs playing, He continued, "I might ask the Captain if I could have a dog," he continued looking back at Aldana, he mused, "bet it would need a good reason for me to have the dog here," as he lifted the artificial arm behind his head and began stretching it.

"Let me know if you need help. I might have a few ideas."

"Yeah that might be a good idea if you could recommend it to the Captain that it would keep me mellow," replied Paul looking back at Aldana; as he had loved having those two lay on his lap.

"I'll see what I can do." With that the door hissed shut and the trio were off to see the... wizard? No. Captain.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Amiri Aldana 365 MD DVM
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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