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The Captain Meets the ACMO

Posted on 31 Mar 2018 @ 12:16pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Tomcat/Various
Timeline: Current
Tags: Luuna, Sombra


After meeting with hir direct commander and meeting with Mister Winchester, Doctor Aldana 365 stopped briefly to reward hir companions for good behaviours before moving on.

"Computer, what is the location of the Captain?"

The computer dutifully replied, "the Captain is currently on the bridge."

Aldana stood and led the way toward the nearest turbo lift. "You guyzos wanna meet the head 'alpha' of this ship?"

~oh goody more new people?~ Sombra asked excitedly.

~Does he have clearance?~ Luuna inquired.

Aldana pressed the 'call' button and chuckled at her companion's remarks. "Yes, I'm sure he has more than enough clearance to meet with us, silly."

The lift car arrived and Luuna checked for 'all clear' as the other two more or less ignored her entering regardless. The lift doors whisked shut with the trio inside and after Aldana announced their destination whisked them away.

It wasn't long before the turbolift arrived on the port bridge entrance. Aldana dropped a hand down as the canids barely stepped off the lift enough to clear the door yet still back in the recess of the doorway. ~Luuna, I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the captain's rules here yet are, and this is his territory. Stay back a moment. Sombra, since you're my PSA, stay on me. You should be fine as long as you act like you belong here.~

- Bridge -

Aldana stepped forward onto the bridge. "Excuse me? Captain? Do you have a moment?"

Looking up from her PADD, she looked to see the new ACMO arrive with two canids, they looked a lot like dogs, but something told her this was not exactly the case. "No problem Lieutenant, but next time you come up to the bridge kindly leave your canids below decks, understood?" Somers said.

Aldana swallowed, but s/he made up hir mind, s/he was going to stand up for hir rights, "Actually sir, about that..." S/he thought it best, however, to bring it up privately, "May I see you in your ready room, sir?"

At Doctor Aldana's side dutifully paying attention to his charge – whom which he was now making himself available to by bumping hir free-swinging hand to remind hir he was there for hir. His coat, tri-coloured, was muddled with almost no rhyme or reason was called a ‘panda’ pattern for one reason or another. It was much like the coat of a calico cat, except not on a cat. He was of a type that might remind Terrans of their own Canis lupus familiaris of a German Shepherd Dog or Alsatian variety or similar breed. Though this particular individual may or may not have been specifically from Earth. It was most decidedly a domesticated predatory-type mammal and thus now an omnivore.

Upon the animal’s back, however – despite his specific species – was a working vest indicating via embroidered ID patches, the animal’s status and right to be there. Also embroidered on either side of the vest were Velcro labels “working, please ask before petting.” Across the middle of the back was a clear vinyl pocket with a small PADD inside with further personal ID as well as certificates, emergency contacts, and a prescription for the requirement of the animal on it.

Luuna sensed a shift in the air and she wanted to step forward, but she constantly conscious of even the slightest movements from 'Alpha' remained in the side alcove the turbolift door was tucked into.

~I've got this, stand for now.~

Looking at Aldana "okay, bring them" she said to the Doctor and left the main bridge.

- CRR -

Then she entered her Ready Room with Aldana and hir pets following when they were in, Somers did something unexpected, she crouched down and in a friendly manner enticed the dogs to her *clucks a few times* "here girls" she said to the dogs.

Not being vested Luuna knew she wasn't on duty, but she still looked to 'alpha' for guidance. ~Does this one have clearance?~

Aldana smirked at the phrasing and nodded, responding, ~go ahead.~

Luuna, the female Canidae craned her neck forward, but the woman was just out of reach. Tentatively she stepped forward, flexing her nose, trying to gain the stranger's scent.

Meanwhile Sombra the male Canidae -- sporting his working vest with such patches like 'Working service animal, please ask to pet,' and 'licensed service animal, protected under law,' on it -- peered longingly up at 'alpha' with every canid's secret weapon, 'the puppy face.' ~Pleeeeease?~

Amiri responded, ~you know you're on duty, let's see what happens first.~

In the meantime, Luuna was satisfied with the scent she was getting from the one she heard 'alpha' call 'captain.' She finished her approach more boldly pressing her head into the woman, looking down, presenting the back of her head and her shoulders to her.

Jasmine took the reactions of the dog as acceptance and she made more of a fuss, she looked up at the other dog and made a motion to come to her, with her right hand, while her left continued making a fuss of Luuna.

Aldana looked down at Sombra and spoke out-loud to him for the benefit of both. "Well, Sombra, you know you're technically on duty, but I'd say that's close enough for the captain to 'ask to pet.' Go on, go ahead."

With that Sombra wuffed quietly, yet excitedly as he play-bowed briefly and then approached, head low, ears out to the side, doing his 'Yoda impression'. He then dipped low and gently crashed his shoulder into Luuna, nuzzling her.

Jasmine adjusted her position to account for Sombra, and with her other hand made a fuss of him, by gently scratching the back of his ear, she did the same with Luuna, then without looking up "Lieutenant for future reference, your sidekicks can or helpers can go around with you everywhere else, but on the Tomcat I do allow no pets on the bridge, regardless of how cute they may be. If there are a medical emergency and help is needed on the bridge and both you and Commander Cahill are otherwise occupied then in an emergency they can come onto the bridge" Somers said finally looking up while still making a fuss of the dogs.

"Actually sir, with respect, the thing is Sombra there -- the male -- is not a pet, he is a medically prescribed service dog, and a service dog must be with their handler at all times they are prescribed and required to be there." S/he gestured to Sombra, the Panda-colored male, "That is why I brought him up here sir, so you could meet him, and get used to him. I'm glad you're saying 'hello'." S/he swallowed hard, but s/he was well aware of hir rights, and was going to stand up for them. "As for Luuna, she is not usually with me. She is however licensed and certified in search and rescue, she may come in handy if we were responding to a distress call and debris were preventing the away team from getting to the trapped crew. You might be surprised how agile and flexible this species can be. They can get into some very tight spaces in order to get to a trapped victim. However, yes, under normal circumstances, sir, I would not bring her up here."

Looking from Aldana and speaking to Sombra "my apologies little one" she said as she continued making a fuss of him, then she looked over to Luuna "and you young lady may be cute, but you will fit in nicely with a Marine SAR team that is assembled as and when required" she said to the dog and wondered why in the hell she was talking to the dogs like normal people, she mentally shrugged.

She looked back up to Aldana "Doctor, you will need to train and get another handler up to speed with a Marine handler, as you will not always be able to accompany both dogs all the time. So find a marine to train with Luuna, do not use Major Donovan, she has an allergy to dogs, so do not expect her to make a fuss of them, she can be near them or in the same place as them, but she cannot physically touch them, something to do with her unique gene-engineered body. But I was unaware of Sombra's status, so unless it is an emergency he and Luuna are not to leave your side, nor is he allowed on the bridge during normal ship operations, only emergencies, these are my rules, understood?" Somers said, she wanted to make it clear that the dogs would only be allowed on the bridge in an emergency, but they could go to other areas of the ship.

Aldana enjoyed how much of a fuss over hir guyzos hir CO was giving them. However, the captain was giving the doctor a lot of information. S/he tried to absorb it all in, but something about Sombra not being allowed on the bridge struck a nerve. At first, Amiri Aldana felt defensive, s/he thought she'd meant 'at all', but then s/he thought about it.

Sombra forced himself away from the fuss that was being made over him and his sister. He sensed something coming from Alpha. He went to hir; pressing hid crown against the side of Alpha's calf.

S/he still needed clarification. "Do you mean 'un-escorted' captain?" Amiri asked in an even, monotone of voice.

Luuna remained blissfully unaware; "designate: Alpha's Captain" had found one of those secret spots that dogs don't ever want to give up getting rubbed or scratched. She began to let out a long deep moan or something that animals who can't purr, do, called a 'murr.'

Noting Sombra pulling away, she let him as she seemed to have found the sweet spot behind the dog's ear, she looked up at Aldana "It is simple Lieutenant, all areas below decks your companions can have free reign, except for Engineering and any static clean rooms. They can only enter Engineering escorted, at all times, this is for their safety more than anything. If all officers are incapacitated and Sombra and Luuna are the only sentients still conscious then they can render what aid they can to key members of the crew, Un-escorted as in alone, but only in an emergency" Somers responded.

Aldana hefted a sigh of relief. S/he rubbed Sombra's cheek and then 'Ok' for him to return to getting fondled over with his sister.

As the male returned for attention, Jasmine adjusted her position and did an un-Captain like thing and sat on the floor, if only to ease the pressure on her knees. She still continued to make a fuss of Luna and then again Sombra and found the sweet spot on him, she looked up from the dogs again "So have you any other concerns Lieutenant?" Somers asked.

Aldana smiled. "Just one. Who is providing therapy to whom?" s/he kidded. "Seriously, perhaps in addition to servicing me, Sombra would make a good councillor's assistant?"

Looking down at Sombra who seemed to be enjoying the ear rub, then back up at the Doctor, "Which puppy-dog are you on about for a Counsellor's Assistant? Remember Lieutenant Walon is Chief Counsellor and your secondary profession is Counsellor, but if you wish to use one of your companions as a Counselling Aid to help people, I have nothing against you doing this, just remember Major Donovan is allergic to dogs, so if she ever books a session with you, I would suggest neither of these two little beauties should be in the room" Somers said.

"I, of course, would bring it up with Lieutenant Walon before I implemented anything, sir, but I was thinking of using the one you currently have your hands on, the tri-colour one. The male." For emphasis, Aldana joined hir CO on the floor and started loving on Sombra too. "Sombra is very patient and very gentle. He's laid back, and will tolerate a lot of touching anywhere on his body, even his feet and lower regions." S/he started to play with each of his feet in turn.

It was then that Luuna, the sable female became just a bit jealous wined, pawing at Alpha's arm trying to pull it over to herself.

Aldana smiled at Luuna and circled to face Luuna more in order to turn hir attention on her for a bit. ~Yes, you're patient too.~ "Of course the final say would be on an individual basis from person to person. Donovan or any other always has the right to choose their provider, and if they choose to use me, Sombra will be there, though he will not approach or interfere unless called upon; and of course there are temporary medical treatments that can allow a person to interact with a dog on a short-term basis" Aldana began massaging Luuna's shoulders.

*nodding* she allowed the dogs to get attention from their owner, as she stood up as she could not recall the last time she had done this oO Must be getting soft in my old age Oo Somers thought. "So apart from this, is there anything else you need to talk to me about?" she asked.

Doctor Aldana looked thoughtful for a moment before adding, "lots of people find after some time to process that they have a lot more questions about service animals and SAR animals than they realize, sir, I want to encourage you, and anyone who may come to you, to come to me with any questions they may have at any time. I'm very open-minded and love to answer questions about mine or any canidae in general." The Kazarite took a breath before adding, "I am a strong advocate for individual rights, so if there is any that comes to you and you think I can help, please feel free to send them my way. Lastly, I would appreciate, should the need arise, if you would help me stand up for my rights. Thank you."

Somers looked at hir "if they come to me with questions about your puppies, I will send them your way, if I have any further questions as for your rights, you have the same rights as everyone on my ship has. Now if there is nothing further speak to my Yeoman and Lucy will get you setup with quarters for you and your two companions" Somers said walking over to her desk and presses a button.

=/\= Lucy could you come in here? =/\= Somers asked.

=/\= On my way Captain =/\= Came to the reply and a moment later a half Human/Bajoran blonde in a red uniform and showing Master Chief Petty Officer First class rank enters with a cheery smile and looks down at the dogs who looked her way as she entered the room.

"Lucy sees to it that Doctor Aldana is assigned quarters for the Assistant Chief Medical Officer and make provisions for his two canine companions, they will all be in the same quarters as the Lieutenant," Somers said.

Smiling "Yes Captain," Armitage said then looked at Aldana "If you have nothing else for the Captain Lieutenant, would you please come with me so we can get you set up!" Armitage finished.

The doctor winced slightly at the improper pronoun usage in reference to hirself. S/he tried to take offence to it. Amiri would have to try and find an appropriate and subtle way to remind her of the unique set of pronouns the Hermat Directorate uses, for now, s/he'll just swallow hir pride.

Amiri admired Ms Armitage and smiled. "It is nice to meet you," s/he commented as s/he and hir canines followed the Yeoman.

*Smiling* Likewise Lieutenant, now if you just follow me we will get you set up" Armitage said and led them out of the Captains Ready Room.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Counsellor
USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat


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