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Giving the information

Posted on 16 Feb 2018 @ 9:43pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: Mission 4: Day 65-6


After Donovan had left him, Paul headed towards the bridge to speak with the Captain privately, He had taken his notes with him to show Somers what he had indeed found from the data that they had recovered just before his crash. However; he had been placed on limited duties and had been grounded from flight duties until he had spoken with Counsellor Walon, Which he planned on doing shortly after he had spoken with the Captain.

Upon finding the nearest turbolift and entering it, Paul hoped that something could come of this as he hated sitting around twiddling his thumbs, whilst everyone else was working their butts off. as the doors began to close as he continued," Bridge,"

Sheela yawned as she entered the turbolift, just as the doors closed as a male voice gave the command for the 'Bridge'. Her hair was a mess, rumpled black tank top that didn't hide her feminine physique one bit. She stuck her hands in the pockets of the black cargo pants she wore, just as rumpled as the tank top. One sandal sticking out of her cargo pocket on the thigh and the other on her foot. "Belay that... Kitchen..." As she flopped back to lean against the safety railing, yawning widely with eyes squinted shut, followed by a few smacking of the lips as her thoughts drifted to breakfast.

As Paul watched the small petite officer enter the lift, Paul suddenly had the thoughts of Lieutenant Aya coming back to haunt him, as he held on to the datapadd that was in his own hand and not the artificial hand. he asked, "Are you ok?" He finished," I'm Lieutenant Winchester the Tomcat's CAG"

"Just hungry." Sheela opened one eye as she looks him over. "Why isn't this box moving?" Other eye opened as she glares about the Turbolift as if sheer will would get moving to her destination. "Nice to meet yooz, Lieutenant. Iz Sheela." As an afterthought. Eyes close, "Lounge?" Smiles as the lift begins to move.

- Bridge -

Jasmine was back on the bridge and watching the stars as the bridge crew went about their tasks, this was the worst part for a ships Captain, she had to sit on her ship while others had all the fun, she looked over at the doors of the lift opened and Winchester and a ruffled looking Sheela she was in civilian attire and looked like a large ball of fluff as both exited the lift, she had to hide a smile.

"Ah, Commander Swiftpaws sorry if our trip through the looking glass awoke you from your hibernation cycle earlier than expected, but it seems that our aspiring intelligence officer has some things to go through with us," Somers said, let us go to my Ready Room, where we can talk better" she added.

As Paul stepped out onto the bridge and pleased that his bridge clearance hadn't been revoked and noticed a young flight officer about to get up from the helm position, however; Paul raised his artificial arm to let the young officer know that he was well but not cleared as yet to fly the ship. but what amazed Paul was what the Captain had just said about an aspiring Intelligence officer? and was she talking about him? and could it be why the file had not been looked at as he had just found out that the small petite officer had been in hibernation and had just woke up?

Somers just simply looked at them both as she sat forward in her chair.

"This ain't the lounge..." She moved a bit sluggishly as she moved through the bridge and approached the Replicator and got herself a large Orange slushy. "This better be good." Then she took a deep drink. A look of pure contentment stole over her face. "Squeeeee..."


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Acting Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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