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The first session is the hardest

Posted on 20 Apr 2018 @ 7:52am by Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on on 29 Apr 2018 @ 10:59pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: counsellors Office
Timeline: Mission Day 66-1


Paul had finally given in and knew that he had to do this as he walked along the corridor passing Sickbay and finding his destination and entered the outer office and finding the young Ensign sitting at her desk. She asked," May I help you, Sir?"

Paul replied," I'm Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester," as he smiled back at her and continued, "I'm here to see Counsellor Walon," as he knew that now he had asked for the Counsellor there was no going back.

"I'll let her know your here Lieutenant," replied the young woman as she opened her intercom and said,=/\= Lieutenant Walon, I have Lieutenant Winchester here to see you,=/\= as she looked back up at Paul.

Iria walked to the doorway, and gave a smile to Paul, "Come on in Lt Winchester, I was about to make some hot chocolate if you would like some?" she had a busier morning than usual and the idea of some hot chocolate was too much to resist right then but she never got a drink or food without offering to others when they were around.

"No thank you Counsellor, but I will have a refreshing cold drink if you don't mind," replied Paul as he had gotten around to holding a glass yet, as he walked into her office, he continued," I am here not out of choice but I need to get cleared to go back to work," as he still hated just sitting around doing nothing. he wanted to be doing something but not sitting here talking. this was the one thing he hated about the accident and that was talking about it, Even Shakram understood the difficulties that a pilot faced and the aftermath of it all.

"Refreshing, would that be ice tea of a berry blend or would you like lemonade, or something else?" Iria asked with a smile, she got most pilots didn't like sitting either did she really it was why when she was not seeing someone she was usually pacing. "If you want we can go for a walk, or just walk around the office if you like? I know this is not easy for you and I are glad that you came on your own and not by having to be dragged in. it shows you are at least willing to try." she said softly. as she regarded him.

" I'd like a coke please," replied Paul looking back at the Counsellor, He continued, "and I don't mind if we go for a walk," as he still getting used to the arm, although his anger had subsided, he was just getting used to picking things up with it and he found it frustrating at times.

"Oh a soda, a classic coke?" she said with a delighted smile, she actually enjoyed soda too but she didn't drink it on duty because of the tendency it gave her for gas and burping during a session with someone would be one embarrassing and possible to accidentally offend someone. So she avoided it on duty. After duty though was fine.

"Thank you," replied Paul as he sat down and waited for the drinks to come, He still hadn't started his Intel training yet and he hoped that he hadn't started taken on something that was too much for him, but still

"Where would you feel like walking Lieutenant?" she was leaving the choice to him it was his session after all and she wanted to make him the most comfortable with being willing to talk.

"Well I have to start my Intel training on Holodeck 1" replied Paul as he hoped that the Counsellor didn't mind walking there, He asked, "Will this remain confidential counsellor, as I don't want any more rumors about me circulating and?" as he had heard some of the crew talking in the mess hall about his crash and his reaction to the new arm.

"I wasn't aware you were taking Intelligence training, no it won't be a problem." She paused and added "Everything we say during a session is confidential. If there's a breath in that from any of the counselling staff besides you're being with an in right to press charges the offending person will lose their license among other things." Iria retorted with a frown. She didn't know who was gossiping or spreading rumours but if caught them among her staff there would be words. Plenty of them.

"Thank you Counsellor " replied Paul looking back at Iria, he continued," The reason I am doing this training is that I have now been Grounded for good" He looked back at her and continued speaking " and I found some intel just before my crash and I reviewed it since I just found out our Intel officer is in or was in hibernation,"

"I am sorry you're grounded. They're sure you won't be able to fly?" She said quietly, as far as she knew Star fleet medical advances in prosthetic limbs had improved not gone back to being the parts made even basic daily life difficult. Though they were in a different reality when the accident happened perhaps there was a reason he was having difficulty with the interface between it and his brain? Or the device the Doctor chose was perhaps defective? There were several areas to explore and test before giving up all hope or so Iria figured but if he was about to undertake a different career path with an open mind she had no reason to not help him with that. "What would you like to start off with Lieutenant?" iria asked evenly regarding him with curiosity.

"Well, I will have to let my Sister know about it when we get back to our reality," replied Paul as he remembered how strained their relationship had been, after all, he had been his choice not to speak with her for five years. He still loved his sister very much and still hadn't sat down wither properly and talk it out with her.

As he knew that things might start getting back to how they should be, He also had come to terms that Lisa Creed was going to be apart of his family and he had to get used to it and that he hadn't even sat down with her yet and had a heart to heart with her.

"I take it you haven't talked to her for some time?" Iria asked softly, family relations were always complicated blood relations, marriage or adopted. Still family was important. In her opinion, they might drive you batty at times but having folks you knew cared besides folks you worked with was a comfort. Though not everyone felt that way. Some folks preferred to be alone but the human condition was to seek out some form of companionship.

"I did spend some time with them on Memphis Island before I went to my last posting," replied Paul looking back at Iria, "But I would speak to her when we get back home," as he wanted to set things straight between them both. But would she be willing to listen to him, that was the question.

"How long has it been and was the last conversation on good terms or no?" she asked as they arrived at the holodeck and a program loaded. She let him get settled as he reacted to the training program. Iria had done her best to avoid intelligence training during her time at the academy though many of her professors had expressed she would be a good officer for it. She disagreed personally she didn't agree with sneaking into places where she wasn't supposed to be let alone planting bombs or the like. She was happier helping folks out not causing mischief.

"Since two Christmases ago" replied Paul as he looked back at the counsellor, "And that was on R&R I had stored up" as he watched her load up a programme. He asked" Whatcha doing?" as he looked at her and waited for her to reply.

Iria nodded towards the doorway, "Setting up a program that will let you practice talking to your family or you can use it to just blow off steam as they say. You can come here to rant or whatever you decide but once you're ready to talk about what is bothering you I hope you will let me know." She said lightly the program adapted to each person as hey interacted with it. It did not replace her need to be there or willingness to help once she was asked for help.

"I am to wait here from Commander Swiftpaws team," replied Paul as he knew that Swiftpaws wanted to test his ability to do the required job, then he would find out if he had passed. he looked back at Walon.

"Then we'll reschedule for your next session. Iria cancelled the program she had started then regarded him, "I wish you good luck with your intelligence training."

"Thank you Lieutenant" replied Paul as he watched her leave, now all he had to do was pass this intelligence agency exam and the move department was on.


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