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What reality we are in?

Posted on 16 Feb 2018 @ 9:41pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Paul's Quarters- USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-7


After he had contacted the Captain about the information that he had gathered, Paul remembered that he had asked Major Donovan who by chance actually came from this reality, and to top it off knew what had gone on here and had offered to give him some information about this universe that they were in.

He tapped his Commbadge, =/\= Major Donovan, would you please come to my quarters for that talk,=/\= as he leaned back in his seat, As Paul looked at the information on the screen, He thought oO Maybe he can shed some light on this information before I see the Captain Oo as he waited for an answer.

- Donovan's Quarters -

After leaving Medical S'arila returned to her quarters and as she was getting to second base with her partner he Commbadge went off, she actually made a convincing sounding growl as she broke off and grabbed her badge and activated it.

=/\= Major Donovan, would you please come to my quarters for that talk,=/\= came Winchester's voice, she sensed that it was about the talk she said they would have, she silently cursed his rotten timing.

=/\= Acknowledged Lieutenant, I will be with you in fifteen, Donovan out =/\= she closed the line went over to the refresher station and made herself presentable then walked back over to collect her jacket and planted a kiss on her partners mouth "see you later" she said and her partner simply smiled and waited till Donovan was gone and she slumped back and sighed vexated, but she had to return to work.

- Winchester's Quarters Fifteen minutes later -

As stated a well presented Major Donovan arrived outside Winchester's door and pressed the buzzer and waited for the invite in.

Paul looked at the information that he had been reading trying to glean more information out of it when he heard his door chime go off, He said, "Come,"

As the door opened Donovan had to practically bend over to get past the door height which for her was too short, as she stepped into the room she stood up to her full 7-foot height again and looked down at the shorter CAG. "You asked to see me, Lieutenant?" Donovan asked.

"Yes Major I did," replied Paul looking at the marine, he continued," Please take a seat," as he rose from his own chair and headed towards the replication unit to get a drink, Paul needed to know as much about this reality as he could get from the major as this was the reality that she hailed from. He asked as he got near to the unit "would you like a drink?"

Taking the offered seat S'arila sat down "yes please, Raktajino please milk two sweeteners" Donovan responded and waited for Winchester to return.

As Paul tapped the orders into the replication unit and Paul wondered if he should record this interview so that if he missed anything he could then return and retrieve what he had missed as the unit started to hum. he asked," Major, would you mind if I was to record this interview?" whilst the machine continued on its work.

Looking at him with a raised eyebrow "no, I figure you would ask something of this ken as if something is missed then you can replay it" Donovan said.

"So Major," replied Paul as he picked up the drink and carried them both over to the table and placed both mugs down on the small glass unit and then tapped a command upon his terminal to start the recording, "So what can you tell me about this reality that we now find ourselves in?"

Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, then looks up "where do you want to start El-tee?" she asked, then she decided "I will start at the beginning I think, this is always best, I will give highlights for the most part" she finished.

*a long pause*

"It started close on a decade back by your timeframe, you see this reality is around six months ahead of your reality, so when I arrived in your reality I went back in time six months, but nothing was the same in your reality that was in mine. So the temporal rules did not apply, but Starfleet intelligence especially was interested in the possibilities on how things turned out" she paused.

"Anyway like all wars, it began with a misunderstanding and the first shots fired were from the Dominion, for some reason they did not immediately advance after the first salvo was fired. But when the Klingon's were attacked and declared war upon the Dominion and just like the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand by a Bosnian-Serb prior to 1914, this started the First World War and brought the British plus other western countries into conflict with Germany due to treaties and Alliances. The same happened when the Klingon's declared war on the Dominion in the wake of their attack on a Klingon Outpost, as in 1914 the same events happened in the mid-2380s in this reality" Donovan answered then paused again to take a sip of her Klingon coffee.

With a far-a-way look, she continued to relate the rest of it, "The initial attacks took our outer colonies and Starbases by complete surprise, we pushed back at Bolius. The first few years of the war we were holding our own and even won a few battles, but the Dominion had years to prepare and were equipped for a prolonged war. *pause* The Cardassian's came in on our side, as did the Breen, that was a surprise, then we found out how much the Dominion had changed, they turned around and wiped out all life on Breen and Breen Colonies, to this date the Breen are extinct. *pause* The Romulan's or what was left of the Star Empire after Hobus was about to side with us until the decimation of Breen, they signed a separate peace accord with the Dominion and retreated behind their borders" Donovan took another long pause to let what she said so far to sink in and to allow Winchester to ask any questions if he so desired.

Paul sat back down in his own chair and asked," So the Federation was left to defend itself against the dominion then?" as he looked back at the Marine, He continued, and did Starfleet try and talk the Romulan's into helping us?" as he knew that the Romulan's in our own reality had been tricked by the Federation and by Benjamin Sisko of DS9.

"All diplomatic channels were tried even sectors the Romulan's once had an interesting were offered if they entered the war on the side of the alliance, but they were firm and became reclusive once again. The Federation had the Klingon's, Cardassian's and the Breen until the Breen homeworld was rendered lifeless, those Breen remaining threw their lives away to make the Dominion pay" *pause* she went silent as she took a sip of her Klingon coffee.

Paul picked his own drink up from the table and took a sip of the drink, He then asked," So what happened to the Klingon's and the Cardassian's?" as he looked back at the Major. Paul knew this must be hard for the Major to find yourself back in the reality that you came from and seeing the Federation fall like it had. He thought oO Maybe we can Learn from this and protect ourselves from it happening in our reality Oo as once more taking a sip of his drink.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Acting MCO/Bravo Unit Commander
USS Tomcat


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