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The Freighter data?

Posted on 04 Feb 2018 @ 3:16pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Ensign Lauren Jordan

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Paul's Quarters- USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-5


Paul sat at his terminal looking at the Picture of his sister and Niece and wondered how freaked out they were going to be when they learned of what had happened to him, But he could not just sit around and do nothing and being grounded didn't help matters, He tapped his Commbadge =/\= Winchester to Ensign Jordan, =/\= as he once more kept his eyes on the picture.

=/\= Jordan here Sir, How can I help you?=/\= She asked as her soft voice came over the com, as Paul listened to the question that had been put to him. as Paul could hear the clicking of her nails on the keyboard inputting the data that she had as in the pilot flight evaluations that had been done the other day.

He replied =/\= Has that data from the freighter been looked at yet? =/\= smirking to himself as he noticed a bit of poetry in what he had said to her, He continued, =/\= and please inform the pilot's that I am doing fine and not to worry, =/\= as he knew that they had been informed of his injuries and the loss of his arm. as Paul sat there flexing his new hand and getting used to folding the fingers back and forth as well as rotating the arm as if he was trying to work the kinks out.

=/\= No sir it hasn't, would you like to review it? =/\= as she asked him another question as he wondered if the intelligence department hadn't even bothered with it at all, but Paul waited a moment to speak as she finished =/\= and I will let the Pilot's know you're ok, =/\= as she started to click on the terminal's keyboard once more to find the files that had been transmitted by Paul and his flight team just before Paul had crashed.

Paul replied =/\= Send it to my terminal in my quarters as I am going stir crazy here with nothing to do =/\= as he started to scratch his head with his artificial arm and hand, He realised that Cahill had been right about this as it felt like it was a natural action to do. he finished =/\= And if anyone asks I am reviewing reports, Got it =/\= as it had been a true and not a lie as he was reviewing a report.

She responded clearly =/\= file sent sir and understood, Jordan out =/\= as the channel closed. Paul turned his terminal on and the screen came alive with a picture of his folks, he thought oO how are they going to react to this news Oo as he typed in his command codes and started to open up the file. Now Paul was no analyst, but he could spot things that stood out like the ships flight plan had caught his eye from where it had been to where it was going to and the projected course it was taking.

He picked up the PADD that lay next to his terminal and started to tap notes on, as he would use the star map to trace its base and its destination, but what also caught his eye was the ships listing as it showed a large number of Gul's and their Slaves, Paul thought to himself oO Could this be a Slave ship? Oo and if it was no wonder why they didn't answer the hails and did they know that the Tomcat was even here? as he took down the coordinates that were shown, he knew that this had to be investigated as it might lead to information about a way home, but first he had to speak to the captain about this.

He opened a channel Once more he said,=/\= Winchester to Somers, I have found some rather interesting information, =/\=

On the bridge of the Tomcat Jasmine's Commbadge came to life, she tapped it to make the two-way connection =/\= Somers here, what is it, lieutenant? =/\=

=/\= Ma'am, I have just reviewed the data that I retrieved from the freighters computers before I crashed,=/\= replied Paul as he looked back at the screen, he continued,=/\= although I had sent it to Intel, it seems that the file has not even been opened till I myself did,=/\=

Looking a little puzzled =/\=Interesting what is the problem Lieutenant? =/\=

Paul responded,=/\= It seems that there is something at these coordinates that the freighter was heading to,=/\= as he knew that he had stepped on Intel's toes by looking at the file but if the file was just left dormant and then opened when they got home, it would be worthless.

=/\= Sound intriguing Lieutenant, tell you what, why don't you bring what you have up to me and we will go through it? =/\= Somers said.

=/\= Ma'am I do have a meeting with Major Donovan to gain some information about this reality from which she hails from,=/\= replied Paul, He continued, =/\= When I am finished, I will bring all this information to you,=/\= as he leaned back in his chair.

=/\= Understood Lieutenant, but I do not know how receptive she will be to pulling on memories on a traumatic past, but proceed with caution, Somers out =/\= with that she signed off to allow Winchester to do his task.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Ensign Lauren Jordan [PNPC: Winchester]
Aide de Camp
USS Tomcat

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat


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