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Medical and Sheela's Away Mission

Posted on 02 Jan 2016 @ 4:48pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Medical/abandoned Class M Planet
Timeline: Mission day 12 0900


- Medical -

Sheela arrived in sickbay to recieve some innoculations for her mission down to the first planet of the UnExSys 2355874, Sheela had arrived and looked around for the Doctor.. "Doc! Iz need a full spectrum anit-radiation shots!" She sounded out as she moved deeper into the Infirmary.

Cahill came out carrying the auto-injectors and is surprised when she came out the door from the lab.

"Hi Sheela, I just finished making these up." I give her one. "You need to take one injection every 24 hours to make sure it is effective." I smile "and how else can we help you today" Cahill said.

"This be all," Sheela smiled back at Cahill. "Squeakies," She took the injector from Cahill after receiving the first shot. She packed it away carefully in one of her many pouches on her vest. "Iz may need more when Iz get back." Giving Cahill a quick hug and then scampering off.

Sheela darted through the ship to the shuttle bay and looked over the gleaming shuttles. Seeing a Delta Flyer, she nodded and made arrangements for it to be prepped. As she waited, watching the shuttle crew prep the Flyer and move it to the ready pad. She checked over her gear once more to include the injector. She was ready by the time the Delta Flyer was ready.

She boarded the Flyer and was soon streaking to the planet below. Everything shimmered as she flew through the hazy strands that engulfed the planet. As the Flyer penetrated the haze of strands that surrounded the planet, two feet band of static electrical sparks shimmered and danced along the hull from the front to the rear. The Delta Flyer disappeared as the band of sparks collapsed closed behind the Flyer.

- Planet : Antain Hill -

She blinked at the view opened up before her. ~~Squeeee... Sterling was right about these being could be from a different dimension...~~ She thought to herself.

What she as seeing was something way different from what the Tomcat was picking up on their scanners, vid cameras and what else the ship used. This world was very fertile and active. Small hills rose up from the ground about the size of the Sol-3's pyramids with 4 wide paths, each leading off in the 4 cardinal direction then in concentrated circles path connected each of the main 4 paths like a huge spider web. As the paths got farther away from the pyramids, smaller they became, except for the 4 main paths as they were the major artery of travel between the pyramids.

She took notice of an Ant like creatures moving along the paths and tending the plots greenery. Some were pausing to look up at her ship as it flew over them to find out what caused a strange shadow to pass over them. She zoomed in with the camera to get a better look at what she going to be facing.

They walk on the four hind legs with two pinchers for traction and climbing, then bend upward so the two forelegs that had evolved into arms with pinchers like fingers. Three pinchers fingers arranged to grab things, to manipulate things. The two arms can act as legs when not carrying something to move faster and be more streamlined. The mandibles that bracket their mouths can act as pinchers to defend themselves, carrying things and to eat with.

Sheela looked out the view screen to notice one was on her Delta Flyer and looking into the view screen at her, "Squeak?!" Sheela was startled at the appearance of it on her Delta Flyer. She slowed the craft down as not to harm the Ant that landed on her Delta Flyer. She studied the Ant and took notice of the sparking caprice shell it had.

They both studied each other as she flew the Delta Flyer. She could see the intelligence in the eyes as it looked at her. Then it flew off on gossamer dragon fly wings leading her as it looked back at her to make sure she was following. Sheela followed since there was no reason to be stealthy anymore. In an open patch of ground off to the side of one of a major pathway that lead to the pyramid and out off into the distance, Sheela landed the Delta Flyer.

Once she had landed, she could see there were more of these Antlike creatures, but were armed keeping the other Antlike creatures back, with the exception of the Subqueen and a few other Antlike creatures. She ran checks on the air to see if it was breathable to her without harmful effects. Sheela smiled as the air was compatible with her physiology. She opened up the hatches and while she secured the Delta Flyer.

Sheela used the frequency that hopefully Sterling was monitoring as that seamed to be the surefire way of communicating with the ship. She sent the vids of what she had seen and the Delta Flyer could pick up back to the ship. Then she linked her com-badge with the ships communication and tracking system.

They watched her with a steadfastness that gave her an uneasy feeling as she exited the Delta Flyer. She hit a switch and the hatch closed behind her. She looked over the group and the what was now apparent were soldiers by their height and bulkiness keeping the other Ants away. It seamed that whole community had turned out to greet her. One from the sky.

The winged Ant moving forward with two Soldiers brandishing weapon flanking her. The Winged Ant towered over her by at least a good three feet. Soldiers by another foot. They came to stop several yards from her.

Sheela moved away from the Delta Flyer and coming to a stop out of their reach. She looed around, taking note several of the Soldier Ants had approached from the sides to cut off her retreat from her aircraft.

The Winged Ant began making a clicking and snapping sound while gesturing with her limbs. Then paused waiting for a response back.

Sheela moved her arm slowly with the wrist computer and replayed the clicking and snapping from the Winged Ant-like Being. She suddenly smiled and slowed the clicking down to begin cyphering the Ant Language. They used a mutated form of the Morse Code. Once she figured it out, she quickly made a translator program to be understood and to understand them. She sent a copy back to the Tomcat using the Delta Flyer as a relay and booster to the signal to get it back to the Tomcat. Once getting that chore out of the way. She nodded to the Winged Ant.

She gave a quick bow to her. "Greetings Queen. I'm Sheela Swiftpaws." So much for the covert infiltration as she found herself in a First Contact Scenario. Letting the speaker from her com-badge give the translations of what she said in the Ant's Native form of communication.

The Winged Ant nodded then waving her arms to motion the Flanking Soldiers back from Sheela. She moved forward to take a closer look at Sheela. Amazed at such intelligence coming from an animal looking creature. "I'm Sub Queen Antilles, leader of this community of Antians. Is there more where you come from?"

Sheela waited for he translator to cypher what Antilles had said. "There are more where I come from and of different species that are just as smart in their own fields of expertise."

Sub Queen Antilles waited for the translation after Sheela spoke, then nodded. "You travel by flying crafts. Which is interesting. You must be well trusted to act independently from your Hive Queen."

Sheela gave a soft squeak/giggle, then spoke, "Wez have rules and our moral code in which wez lives by, Mez Lady Antilles." Sheela took a step closer to Queen Antilles. "Iz am a scout for the rest of the Intelligent Beings Iz work for." Her head camera picking up what she is seeing and transmitting them back to the ship to include audio.

"Are you the one that Queen Mother had sensed from the sky?" Queen Antilles looked at the pyramid behind the Delta Flyer. Her antennas waving and wiggling as Sheela watched.

Sheela thought for a few long seconds as one of the entrances to the pyramid spewed forth a bunch of Antians carrying several chairs and followed by others carrying refreshments. Sheela shook her head no, as her ears picked up the rustling of many feet on stone. She looked to see the entourage of Antains with their load coming towards them. "Probably not. What do you mean sensed?"

Queen Antilles tapped her head gently. "Telepathy." turning her attention to the group arriving carrying the stuff. The 4 carrying the two chairs were of the Worker class and those following were about Sheela's height that were carrying platters of food. Once the chairs were set up. A table was brought by an average sized Antians from a different direction, along with several more who quickly put up open sided pavilion for Queen and her guest to enjoy out of the blazing sunlight.

Sheela looked thoughtful as she spoke, "Mez Species Kin are not Telepathic as majority of Spacefaring Beings are not. Wez do have a few telepathic Species on the ship were Iz came from." Sheela moved from her Delta Flyer to sit in the offered seat under the Pavilion facing the Queen Antilles in her backless chair. She was running covert scans on those around her and sending the information to the ship to be studied by Tomcats Science / Medical Teams.

- USS Tomcat -

Dr Cahill is looking at all the information Lieutenant Sheela was sending back and was looking at it in a medical frame of mind when she saw something that catched her eye. She hits her Commbadge and replies. =/\= Cahill to Somers; Captain the telepathic signals affecting Major Donovan are similar in frequency to the ones affecting her. It appears Lieutenant Sheela is near the source of the signals making Major Donovan ill.=/\= Cahill paused before continuing.

=/\= Perhaps Commander Sterling is better able to track the source now with Lieutenant Sheela there using her communicator without causing any danger to her. If we can find the source it can be controlled and then we can find a way to block it and then allow Major Donovan to return to duty. I feel we need to get her back on duty to help us out here.=/\=

Jasmine was on the bridge reading reports when her Commbadge came to life; she tapped it to make the connection and her CMO began a long report, she waited till the doctor had finished before responding.

=/\= She is on it, but how the Major was affected is of some concern to me, she was a strong telepath, stronger than any known Betazoid, that fact that she was rendered catatonic is worrisome indeed, but see what you can do El tee and keep me appraised =/\=

=/\= Thank you doctor, Somers out =/\= With that she closed the link and turned to Sterling. "Maia see what you can find out will you please, the more info we have the better the doctor will be able to combat whatever is happening to the Major."

"I'll get right on it Captain", Maia replied. Commander Sterling adjusted the sensors to scan for any Hi residual radiation, what she got was very much like a symphony of graviton pulses..

- Planet : Antain Hill -

Sub Queen Antilles nodded as she listened to Sheela. "Are your telepaths rulers of all?" Taking a small round fruitlike seed and popping it in her mouth.

Sheela shook her head no. "We are too many to let a Telepath rule and have a sense of fear of them. Or I should say, a distrust of them. So we subdue them if they use their telepathy for the wrong reason. You can focus on so many, before you're overwhelmed." Sheela picked up the same fruit like seed that Queen Antilles had eaten. She scanned it and to her surprise it was a grape variant and edible. "Precautions," And ate the grape variant. Eyes widen at the burst of flavor and juices it contained. "You communicate with other communities via telepathy?"

Sub Queen watch Sheela, nodding at her reasoning. "Yes we do and also by runners." She looked up and her antennas waved a bit. Those that were watching, scattered back to their duties, Leaving a few guards to protect the Sub Queen.

"Isn't it limited by distance?" Sheela asked as she nibbled on another fruitlike seed.

"We have The Array that we're are tuned into. Which your craft flew through to get here." Antille spoke turning her attention on Sheela.

"Is that how you... Antians... detected one of us on the ship I come from?" Sheela spoke before the Sub Queen ask a questin of her own.

"We wasn't 'aware' of your ship had Sentient life on it till we got an echo back in mental distress. We though it was another attack from our neighboring planet sending another of their nasty gifts our way. We are new comers to this Galaxy in hopes to escape persecution and form our own colony. As this planet is big enough to host comfortably 5 different Hives with Queen Mother as overruler. She is old and beyond egg-bearing, Yet revered by all for she had brought us here to flourish and wields her power with matronly wisdom." Sub Queen Antille softened her clicking and snapping. "It came as surprise to her and us she had detected a Life form with Telepathy. But the damage was done was in the protection of our species."

"Is there a way to reverse this Mental Overload?" Sheela asked in a respectful tone.

"My new space descended furry friend. I wish we could help you. If your Telepathy Capable Shipmate is strong in his / her discipline. This will be a hiccup in time for them. But we could stimulate the growth of neural damage we've caused. If this Being is of great importance to you."

Sheela made a few muzzle wrinkles, ear wiggles. "The person is a valued crewmember of the ship Iz serve on. We may not see things eye to eye or mind to mind. But we would go great length to see each other survived our encounters to strengthen our personal relationship, whether it turns out good or bad. As a team, we're all that much stronger when we bring all of our talents and skills together to rise above our personal petty dislikes of each other." Sheela smiled as she continued. "I am sure my ship captain... Queen... would appreciate the gesture of friendship."

Sub Queen titled her head to the side. "Sounds like you and this other crew are at war with each other?"

"Iz wouldn't say war as in actual physical battle. It's a matter of trust and a way of doing things." Sheela gave a smile. "It's as different from light and darkness in a matter of the establish morals, rules and the individual perspective."

"Call your ship and have them bring down the afflicted one the same way you came. You are a brave one to bring help to a rival." Sub Queen motioned for Sheela to make the call.

Sheela tapped her combadge, knowing the link had been established. =/\= "Captain Somers, Bring Major Donavan and a selected few to the planet to my coordinates by shuttle." =/\=

On the bridge Jasmine was working away on some reports when her Commbadge sounded startling the hell out of her, she tapped it to make a two-way link. =/\= understood El tee, Somers out =/\= when she had closed the link she looked over to Sterling "Commander you have the bridge" With that Jasmine left the bridge and headed for Medical.

"Understood Captain", Maia replied.

- Sick Bay -

Dr Cahill was doing rounds in Sick Bay she was monitoring Major Donovan's condition. She was doing better now with the neuro block in place and the blocking of the transmissions with the shields up but there was still no way to come up with any ideas so far to make a more medical fix to allow her to return to duty. Dr Cahill was trying to come up with more ideas as she was making notes about the condition of her patient.

Jasmine Entered with two Marines from Bravo Unit and looked at Cahill "Lieutenant you are with me, get Major Donovan secured into a portable bio-bed and meet me in the shuttle bay, we are going down to the planet where I sent Lieutenant Sheela, apparently she has come across some natives of that planet who may be able to assist the Major, so get her ready for transport and you and a Nurse meet me in the main shuttle bay" Jasmine said.

Nodding her pleasure "Excellent see in in twenty minutes doctor" With that Jasmine and her two escorts exited sickbay and headed for the main shuttle bay via the armoury for personal side-arms only.

Dr Cahill was doing what she could to stabilize Major Donovan and keep her resting quietly. Captain Sommers came in and told her to prepare Major Donovan to go to the planet surface. She looked at Assistant Cheif Nurse Jackson and told her to ready their patient for transport in a Bio-chair. Once done they went to the Shuttle Bay and placed Major Donovan in the medical sections of the shuttle so she could be monitored during the trip to the coordinates they were going to.

Nurse Jackson had gotten all medical supplies needed and also Dr Cahill's medical kit and her hand phaser if it was needed. She checked everything out and then when satisfied took a seat near her patient for the transport flight. Nurse Jackson continued to monitor Major Donovan while they waited.

She was interested in seeing what Lt Sheela had found and was also wanting to see what was going on from a medical point of view so they could prevent it from happening with future missions involving telepaths.

Sheela waited with the Sub-Queen for the arrival of Major Donovan, Somers and who ever would be providing escort.

Sometime later the shuttle bearing Major Donovan landed near where Sheela was, the ramp lowered and Jasmine was first out of the shuttle, followed by Doctor Cahill and some Medics, behind came two marines of Bravo Unit.

"Well done El tee, you made a successful First Contact" She said to Sheela

Sheela watched the shuttle arrive with those she requested to arrive, under the pavilion with Sub-queen Antilles

Nodding and turning to the other being there "Greetings, I am Captain Jasmine Somers Commanding Officer USS Tomcat, to whom do I have the honour of speaking too?" She asked the being standing next to Sheela.

Antian Sub-Queen Antilles nodded motioning for them to join her and Sheela in the shade. "I'm Sub-Queen Antilles. Queen Somers of the Hive Tomcat. It is an honor to meet such diversity of your hive." Came the translation through Sheela's Com-badge and the others.

Smiling congenially "It is my honour to meet you, I apologise that I cannot use telepathy to communicate, I hope our language is easy to understand?" She asked. "I have brought my Chief Medical Officer and my Major who was a strong telepath and is currently the one lying on that stretcher" She added.

Sub-Queen Antilles stood up and moved over to the one on the stretcher. "This is the afflicted one. The Rival of Sheela, the furry one. I must have time to focus. While I work on Wounded One you call Major. Please enjoy the refreshments with your advance scout." She lowered herself down and gently inserted each of her Antennae into an ear of Major Donovan. She became still, except for an occasional wing flutter.

Sheela sat in the shade, nibbling on some exotic looking fruit that was in the shape of a banana, and the insides were like an orange. She watched the proceedings with great interest. She nodded to Captain Somers and Cahill.

Dr Cahill nodded as she was introduced. She discretely used her tri-corder checking the food to see if any of it may be dangerous to the crew. As she did she also checked out the the signals to get a better reading of the what was being sent to caused Major Donovan so much trouble.

She saved all the information so it could be further examined later back at the Tomcat. The information could be used to perhaps come up with something to protect telepaths in the future from what was affecting Major Dononan.

Dr Cahill found it interst how the Queen was examining Major Donovan and watched with interest. She tried to find out what was going on without interferring.

Jasmine sat down next to Sheela with a nod of greeting and took a bite on something sweet and juicy, after swallowing.

"So El tee, what is your make on these Antian's?" She asked observing Cahill watching silently at what the Sub-Queen was doing.

Sheela spoke softly as she kept watch and observing, "I think they are a peaceful species. Within their society structure it is very Caste strict." Finishing up the fruit and licking her fingers and claws clean from the juices. "They aren't a threat to no-one. Except to telepaths."

"Excellent, keep those observations down low and put them into your mission report. So apart from encountering these Antian's, did you find anything else of interest in these ruins? Going by the sub-Queen, she and her people did not build these ruins, did you ask her if she has any knowledge of the species that existed on the surface years ago?" She asked.

"Iz haven't been inside of them. Just jumped at the chance to help Donovan recover." Sheela smiled with hint of mischief to it. "It'll be a sore spot for Donovan."

Looking at the Mousian with a smile of her own "Lieutenant, if Donovan had a go at you on lots of occasions, it means she likes you, what I know of her species, is that if they like someone they usually annoy the ones they like, however this is just suspicion, no one truly knows what passes for her parent species in the way of emotions" Jasmine said.

Sheela just shook her head and let the matter drop. Watching the Sub-Queen at work on Donovan.

Sub-Queen Antilles wings on occasion would flutter, but remained still and connected to Donovan. After a while she removed her antennae from Donovan's ears. "Major should be fine." Shifting back from Donovan. Seeing Cahill watching intently. "Synapses needed to be restarted. Shock of Telepathic waves caused the synapses to shut down of the higher functions of the mind."

"Move Major into the shade." Sub-Queen Antilles ordered as she moved into the shade with Sheela and Somers.

The crew members moved Major Donovan to the shade and Dr Cahill smiled, "you see our technology only allows us to wait till the Synapses to heal on their own. We are working on technology to be able to do this but it takes time. I am glad you was able to repair her Synapses to where she can soon recover. And thank you very much for your help."

I hope one day we can advance our technology to be able to do this as well. I pull out my tri-corder and show her how we are able to do medical scans without causing additional harm to the patient as well and we have even more advanced medical technology on our ship as well. We take great pride in doing everything we can to help and species and do everything to make their lives better." Cahill continued.

Stirring from what seemed like a death sleep S'arila opened her eyes and squinted at the bright light, a medic handed her her specilized glasses, she thanked them and sat up rubbing the back of her head "Ow, what happened?" She asked, then as if she noticed something she looked at all those around her and striaght at Jasmine.

Looking back at Donovan "Whats wrong S'arila?"

Looking a little lost "I cannot hear anyones thoughts its all silent" She said smiling then looking at the Sub-Queen "Thank you your Highness, while I have lost things that I will miss, I will not miss my telepathy, again thank you" She said bowing her head in a shallow dip of respect.

Sub-Queen Antilles nodded, "You still have it. I just trained your sub-mind so you could control it better. Sub Queen Major."

Looking back at Jasmine "who else do I have to thank for finding these being who helped me?" She asked.

Indicating the Mousian besides her "Lieutenant Sheela made first contact" Jasdmine said and watched what happened next with great interest.

Donovan got up off the streatcher and stood a moment to gain her balance and to allow the place to stop spinning before walking over to Sheela and giving the Mousian a Big friendly hug "Thank you Sheela" She said standing back.

Somers was shocked, this was the first true human-like emotion Donovan had shown, but too see the Mousian's look was worth it, Jasmine hid a smile.

Sheela ears extended fully as her eyes widen with her jaw slightly dropping, tensing up till she realized the hug was from the heart, not the mind. She tentively returned the hug with an 'awe shuck' look as she spoke. "squea..squeak...squh! Come on, Iz done what ever anyone else would've done. Anyways whoze would give mez any competition to keep mez skill in top form."

Dr Cahill was amazed when she saw Major Donovan get up and was even more shocked when Major Donovan gave LT Sheela a hug. She removed her tri-corder and did a complete sweep of her and found she was all taken care of. She smiled, Major Donovan I want you on limited duty for a few days to be sure there are no longer lasting effects of what happened to you. I look at everyone. And then the Sub Queen, Thank you your majesty.

Perhaps we should get Major Donovan back to the ship so she can rest as I motion for the remaining crew members that came with me to return to the shuttle. We take off and soon return to the ship. We then return to our normal duties.

Standing groggily after stepping away from Sheela she looked at Cahill "whatever you say doc" Then generally speaks "I have lost my telepathic ability" There was some resignation in her voice but she headed back to the shuttle.

Dr Cahill smiled at Donovan I think your telepathic Ability will return in a short period of time once the synpase finish healing Major Donovan. As she entered the shuttle for the return trip to the Tomcat.

As the Marine Major was helped up the ramp "No doctor it has gone forever" she mumbled.


Captain Jasmine Somers
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Commander Maia Sterling
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Major S'arila Donovan(PNPC -Somers)
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Lieutenant Sheela Swiftpaws
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