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Humanitarian Relief

Posted on 23 Feb 2018 @ 9:01am by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant JG shakram Coro
Edited on on 23 Feb 2018 @ 9:00pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Shuttle Cochise
Timeline: Mission Day 66+


Dr Cahill had her team together, Along with LTjg Coro as her pilot. She had Petty officer Davis and also Chief Petty Johnson from security.

Davis was an excellent engineering NCO and she had hopes he would apply for officers training. She was the last to load up as she always felt the commander should see to their crew first. She took up a position in the co-pilots seat.

OK Lt we are ready to go now. When we clear the shuttle Bay, The door closed. Take us to the planet Xindi. This is humanitarian relief mission. The shuttle is coated with a special compound the reflects sensors and should keep us from being detected.

Our mission is to get these supplies to the humans on Xindi and return without any contact or being detected. We will beam the supplies to the planet with the transporter. Also when we arrive it will be dark and should be no moon to aid them in detecting us.

" I have none Doctor," replied Shakram as she looked back at her as she knew that the way she had forced her way onto the team would be a bounus if things went pear-shaped and what better to have a spear pilot if something did, " But I would like to say thank you for what you did for the Group commander and I do know he can be cranky,"

Dr Cahill smiled, I did a lot of stuff for everyone here on the Tomcat. And I did it, not because it is my job. But everyone on the Tomcat is my family. And I do what I do to help because I care about everyone.

And I had planned to ask you along, even though I am qualified as a shuttle pilot. As the one in Command I need to be free to take in the whole mission. Not just fly the shuttle. And you are the best shuttle pilot on the Tomcat.

LT Winchester has had a lot of trauma from his injuries. I did everything I could to save his arm. Now he just needs time to recover and get use to the new arm. And a lot of support from his friends.

"and he will," replied Shakram looking at he Doctor, "The best way to get Paul to do something is not blackmail him, but make him feel at ease," as she kept her eyes on the Doctor as she finished " and remind him of family obligations,"

I see what you are saying and play to try to work better with everyone here on the Tomcat. Sometimes I forget that my patients have feeling wen I am treating them and look at the disease or whatever else is wrong and go from there. I hate to loose my patients or any part of their bodies on a personal level.

Also I recommended this mission to the Captain, I plan to do it and if Star Fleet objects. It will stop with me and I will take all responsiblity for it being done. That way the Captain is protected.

We need to maintain radio silence and only comunicate with the Tomcat if totally necessary. By my best thoughts we should arrive in 2 hrs at the planet Xindi. What is you thought on the eta?

"It depends on the load we are carrying," replied Shakram looking back at the Doctor, as she was not sure about how the work that had been done to the Shuttle would also effect the time as this was not now a standard shuttle.

My understanding from Engineering is that it will not affect the flight controls or any other things. As I understand it the just added an additional skin to it and the flight of it should not be effected. But I guess we will find out soon.

"Verry well, Doctor can we get this show on the road as Lieutenant Winchester would say," replied Shakram as he moved towards the shuttle and hoped that Paul would keep his word about seeing the Counsellor.

"Ok let's fly Shakram, Shuttle Helios requesting permission to leave shuttle bay."

"Once we are in flight take a course that deviates for the Tomcat. So if we are discovered they do not know exactly where to look for the Tomcat. You can take off when we are given clearance Shakram."

"Aye Doctor, that I will do,"

Dr Cahill taps her Communications device. " Bridge do we have permission to take off from Shuttle bay?

A Bridge Officer replies =/\= Permission Granted Doctor, safe journeys =/\= then there was silence.

=/\= Aye, I will promise to bring the Doctor Back=/\= replied Shakram as she gave a slight smirk, as she looked at the Doctor and continued with her pre flight checks.

Take off when you are ready Shakram.


Lieutenant JG Shakram Coro [PNPC Winchester]
Rebel 1
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat


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