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An angry CAG

Posted on 28 Jan 2018 @ 7:44pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-4


Having stormed out of Sickbay and headed to the bridge, Paul was not happy about being left out of the loop, as he stood in a clean uniform that he had struggled to put on and had Cahill try and stop him as he found the nearest turbolift and stepped inside and said," Bridge," Whilst inside the turbolift, Paul started to fiddle with the remote that went with his artificial arm as he tried to find the correct settings.

As the arm started to move slightly and continued to fiddle with the controls, Paul tried to bend his new arm until he found a setting that worked, and now the settings for his fingers had to be sorted next as the lift continued on its journey, Paul didn't say a word as he was still fuming that he had been left out of the loop. he looked down at the fingers and noticed that they started to move freely and noticed a switch on the side of the remote that said Lock, and pressed it as the setting on the remote turned green.

Cahill followed Winchester to the turbolift. Once they were on the Bridge both went to the Captain's Ready Room. When they were inside, they waited. Cahill then took the time to set him straight.

"Lt Winchester, I am the 2XO and Command Staff on the Tomcat. We kept you out of the loop because of your injury. Medically especially you are unfit for duty and I hereby order you to return to Sick Bay at once. As Chief Medical Officer I can have a security detail return you to Sick Bay and post guards to keep you there."

Cahill paused...

"I made the decision to remove your arm to save your life. If I had not you would have bled to death. So I saved your life, LT Winchester. I did my job as a Starfleet Doctor."

"Fine, you saved my life," replied Paul looking back at her "and thank you, but I would have liked to have been asked first," he continued, speaking to the Doctor, "here's a question for you doc, Say something goes wrong and you need to get out of there in a hurry and your injured," He sated still keeping his eyes on her "how are you going to get back?"

Cahill looked directly at Winchester "I understand it was that you were loosing so much blood you were about to bleed out and the loss of blood made you incoherent to things going on around you. I did everything I could to save your arm but it was to badly damaged"Cahill responded paused and then continued.

"As you know we are never guaranteed a return from any mission. If I was left behind I would make do as best I could with the outside chance a rescue team could return later to get me. We all take chances on every mission" Cahill rejoindered.

"Also so you know, this is a Humanitarian relief mission to aid the remnant of Starfleet and its allies on the planet New Xindus. We were keeping it quiet to keep a lot of others from knowing and to help keep it under the books so to speak. When we get back to our time rift Starfleet may not approve the fact we did this. So don't spread it around to other personnel" Cahill finished and paused to let Winchester speak.

"I know the rules on classified material Doctor," replied Paul looking back at the Doctor, Paul Continued," but I'd still like you to take Coro with you as backup as she is the best Pilot apart from myself that we have downstairs," as he started to flex the artificial arm in front of the Doctor. as he now was starting to get the hang of the machinery that was his new Arm, He finished, "and by the way Doc, I might not be able to fly yet but I still have the smarts to run the flight deck from control,"

Cahill then responded "I have no problem with you being on limited duty. But right now you need to get things right and also learn the use the new arm. As long as you don't fly I can let you run the deck" she said then smiled at him, See all you needed was some motivation to make the arm work for you. In the time it will react like you have had it a long time before you came" Cahill said and again paused as she inhaled.

"And I do plan to take Coro with me, I cannot fly the shuttle and oversee the mission as the commander of the mission as well. I know I need to be free to take part in all the mission. Sometimes I forget I am not a one-woman show. And for reference, we are doing this so only a few know about the humanitarian mission as possible.

After all, was set in motion Jasmine was sitting in her Captain's chair when she heard loud talking coming from her ready room, curious she stood up and entered the room, she walked in to see her Chief Medical Officer and Commander Air Group staring daggers at each other, she cleared her throat.

"What the bloody hell is going on here, explain yourselves?" Somers demanded to look extremely upset.

"Captain, as you are aware I can not fly but can run my department from Sickbay until I am allowed to leave correct," Paul replied looking at the Tomcat's Commanding Officer, as he was not happy about how he hadn't been briefed about this mission.

"It is my understanding that I have been taken out of the loop on this Humanitarian Mission that involves the use of one of the Shuttles," he continued ," and that Not even a flight plan has been filed with my department," as he looked once more at the Doctor, he finished," and to top it off the Doctor here want's to fly it, but I have said that he takes LT Coro or it doesn't fly,"

Cahill replied, at the time the mission was talked about Lt Winchester was still in anaesthesia and had not come out of it enough to be brief because he was not totally coherent. And I had planned to take Lt Coro on the mission, You authorized the use of a pilot, security, and engineering enlisted NCO to be taken on the mission. And I made the point that If needed I can fly a shuttle where I was trained in the academy like of officers are during their course of training.

But I did plan to have a pilot so I can concentrate on Command of the overall mission.

Dr Cahill explained it to him by explaining that "Starfleet may not approve of what we are doing with the Humanitarian Relief Mission and we kept the number of people knowing about it to a minimum."

"So, Let me get this straight, you are going to take the fallout if you get caught for this?" asked Paul looking back at Cahill, as he just wanted to be sure about this.

"No Lieutenant as much as I appreciate it the Doctor will not be taking the blame and to be honest I do not think the same rules apply as in our reality, and I am just obeying the basic rules" Somers replied.

Paul turned to the Captain and responded," then all three of us take the rap for it then correct?" as once again he flexed the artificial hand, he continued, "as long as I am aware of it," as he again looked at the Doctor.

"No Lieutenant, with everything the buck stops with me, it will not be the first time I faced the possible music, so trust me you and the Doctor will not be blamed," Somers said.

"Captain, as the group commander here, I will stand with you," replied Paul as he looked back at her, he finished, "even if it means me not regaining Full Lieutenant for a while longer," as he knew that it was something he had wanted and had worked hard for the last few years.

*smiling* "Thank you, Lieutenant, good to know, but not required, I am sure all will work out well in the end" Somers said "well I have to be going, got duties to attend to so I will leave you in the Doctors capable hands" Jasmine finished and nodded farewell to those in the room and left Medical.

"Thank you Ma'am and I also want it noted that I am so sorry doctor," Paul replied as he turned to face the Doctor one more" For being a jerk to you for saving my life," as he knew that the Doctor only did what he had to do.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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