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Paul's new arm Pt 2

Posted on 28 Jan 2018 @ 5:34pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG shakram Coro & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Sickbay-USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-4


Paul laid on the bed still angry about what had been done to him, but after the Major had been here and the Captain, of course, followed closely by Lieutenant Coro, Paul decided that it was the better part of valour to concede defeat on the Matter of the counsellor and have one session with her so he could get back to work. He Called, "Dr Cahill, May I speak with you please?"

"Paul looked back at the ships chief Medical officer and replied," You Win Doc, I'll speak to the Shrink, but 1 Session and that's my offer" as he looked back at the female physician as Paul waited for the answer to come, as he hoped that this might be the way to get out of here.

I will notify Lt Whalon of you wanting to speak to her. I know you will have a lot of feelings and I know talking will help you a lot, LT Winchester.

"Doc, you took my arm without consulting me and then gave me this," he replied looking back at the Doctor, He continued," and you still haven't given me the damn remote for it so I can adjust the settings," as he gritted his teeth to try and lift the arm.

"It was that or an infection, I am a Medical doctor Lieutenant, I am sworn to save lives, so I was well in my right to save your life, now if you have an issue with that, then take it up with the Captain" Cahill responded.

Just then his commbadge chirped and Paul opened the channel, He said, =/\= Winchester here, Go ahead,=/\= as he looked back at the Doctor, Paul knew that whatever it was must have been important enough to contact him.

=/\= This is Lieutenant Coro Sir,=/\= Came to the voice of the Klingon woman who not long had left him after yelling at him about the Counsellor, now she was contacting him about something else. she continued, =/\= I'm down in the shuttle bay and Lieutenant Dodd is loading a troop transport with supplies,=/\=

Paul replied, =/\= So what is the problem Lieutenant?=/\= asked Paul looking back at the Doctor who now was waiting to speak to him, this looked like the Doctor was not happy with him at the moment.

Shakram replied over the com =/\= They are taking a modified Shuttle out, but have not filed a flight plan with Ensign Jordan, and nor do they have a quaffed pilot=/\= as she knew that one should be on this team.

"One of the shuttles is on a Humanitarian Mission I am doing LT Winchester. And the mission is to be identified to only the personnel involved in the mission. And also as you know I am qualified to fly all classes of shuttles we have on board. You check me out when I first arrived. The mission needs to know, that is why there is no flight plan filed. Captain Somers authorized the modifications to the shuttles and that is all that is needed to know to" Cahill said.

"While I am the CAG around here I am informed of everything that is going on MY Flight Deck, Am I Clear Doctor," replied Paul as he looked back at him, he finished, "And I expect to see everything including a flight plan and it is cleared through me," as he knew that this had been kept out of the Loop and was not happy.

With that Cahill handed the remote to him "here is the remote for your arm so you can adjust it. The reason you were not informed is that you have not returned to any duty level. You are a patient in Sick Bay. You have no official duties now. Till I release you to limited duties. Till you are cleared for full duty by LT Walon you will remain grounded. As CMO I determine one's fitness for duty" she said.

Then continued "you remember one thing else I am also the 2XO. That makes me Command Staff. And sometimes Command staff will do missions with shuttles and other things on this ship without your knowledge" Cahill explained to the irate Pilot.

"You gave me this damn thing Doctor and I have to live it and will do, " replied Paul looking back at her,"and as for flying this mission you take Coro as back up in case of problems," as he looked back at the Doctor as he finished speaking "or you don't go," as he raised his own hand at the CMO.

Cahill actually looked cross and sounded so "don't you ever raise a hand to me and for your information you are not able to perform your duties till I sign the paperwork for you to do so? And that will not happen till you have completed counselling and I feel you are physically able to do your job. And one more thing I give you the orders as 2XO of the Tomcat, not you giving me orders. The Captain decides how the Tomcat Assets are used not you."

"As I said, Doctor, I am still the CAG here, even if I am injured I still be kept in the loop, Now get out of my way as I need to get back to my flight Deck," as he swung his legs off the biobed and walked over to the replicator and ordered a new uniform he finished," and I have said I will speak with The counselor," as the uniform appeared and he started to get dressed.

"As CMO I have removed you from all flight duties per Starfleet Regulations and you will not return to duty till I make the final decision. And that also means you are relieved of your duties as CAG."

She paused...

"You are ordered to reframe from all official duties until further notice. And I have spoken of your condition to Captain Somers and Commander Sterling. They will stand behind me in my decision."

"You got what you wanted Doctor," replied Paul looking back at her," I have agreed to see the shrink," as he finished getting dressed "But I am still going back to my Office after I have spoken with the Captain." He finished as he walked back to the bed and picked up the remote and then turned on his heels and stormed out of sickbay,

"Be careful in future Lieutenant" Cahill quietly said to herself


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Shakram Coro [PNPC: Winchester]
Rebel 1
USS Tomcat

LCMD Alexanderia Cahill
USS Tomcat


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