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Reporting on Winchester to the Klingon

Posted on 26 Jan 2018 @ 10:04am by Lieutenant JG shakram Coro & Ensign Lauren Jordan
Edited on on 26 Jan 2018 @ 11:32pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Flight deck- USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-1


Lauren had left sickbay and had returned to the flight deck and her desk when the sight of the female Klingon that was Lieutenant Coro dressed in her flight suit, Lauren knew that she wanted an update on Paul's condition. although she knew that there had been some friction between the pair and didn't want to know what it was between them, and as far as she was concerned that was it.

"Ah Ensign," Shakram said as she approached the young woman's desk, " I just wanted to find out who Lieutenant Winchester is doing?" she asked looking back at the young lady behind the desk, She knew that Paul was going to be stubborn as a mule with his rehabilitation and that someone was going to give him a kick in the backside. as she could see that Lauren was worried herself about Paul and who was in charge whilst he was on the injured list.

Lauren looked up at the Klingon pilot and replied," He is out of surgery and now had an Artificial arm," as she leaned back into her chair, She continued," And he is being difficult about seeing the ship's Counsellor as he is refusing to see her at all," as she knew that the Lieutenant would be going to see the CAG in Sickbay.

Shakram replied," So our esteemed leader is being difficult then is he?" she remarked as she knew Paul was going to get a very bad-tempered Klingon in a few hours after she had finished her shift, she continued," Leave him to me Ensign, I'll have him changing his mind," as she just knew what to say and how to say it. as she remembered the call to her father just after Paul had left her and how her father had said that he was not countable.

However; she had argued for him and that her father would take him as her mate and respectfully include Paul in the family although she hadn't told Paul this and she wasn't going to otherwise he would be even madder than he was right now, on the other hand. Lauren looked back at her and asked," What are you going to do Ma'am?" as she knew the formable warrior in front of her would not let him get away with anything even if he was the flight commander.

"Just don't worry yourself Ensign, I will make him be the man that we all know he is," remarked Shakram giving her a smile, she continued, "Just don't be near Sickbay as he is going to get Hell from me," as she turned and headed back out the door leaving Lauren alone at her desk. But Lauren knew that Paul was not going to have a good afternoon.


Lieutenant Shakram Coro [PNPC: Winchester]
Rebel 1
USS Tomcat

Ensign Lauren Jordan [PNPC: Winchester]
Aide De Camp
USS Tomcat


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